“I was going to clean it as Christmas present for you mommy.” 🎁 🎄 I only wish this picture captures the true #caughtredhanded moment. #boymom #babypowdereverywhere #jediintraining #3yearsold

I remember when I first really started delving into martial arts, my kung fu teacher told me, “All the punch, kick, throw, breaking, throwing people stuff is great, and will make into a confident, capable badass, but the 1000’s of hours of standing in horse stance, and sitting in meditation, that’s the shit that will make you a Jedi.” ☝️😌 It’s something that I’ve only really started to grasp as I’ve grown older and brought meditation more consistently into everything, and especially when you combine it with something paradigm shifting such as the Runes.
I always wanted the Jedi stuff. ✊ Being confident and capable is amazing, and I Iove learning the biomechanics and capabilities of the human body. Especially from such amazing teachers I’ve been lucky enough to have trained with.
But it was the change of state that came with my training, and the space it created in my mind for not only more peace, but this amazing power that seemed to pulse through me. That realization that when I really just sat down and decided what I wanted from life, I could have whatever I pleased if I really applied myself and started moving in that direction with conviction. 🦖

While I still can’t lift objects with my mind yet, (maybe one day), I’m pretty happy with the abilities this practice has given me so far. 😌

It all starts in the body, breath, and the rest is up to that amazing human consciousness of yours ✊

You’re more capable than you realize. You might just need to figure out what you’re fighting style is 👊😉 #jediintraining #ormaybesith #😏 #meditation #mindfulness #selfdevelopment #jeditraining #magick

Happy Saturday from my 💜 to yours!

Thanksgiving is NEXT week 🦃 wha?!? I’m focusing on everything I’m grateful for 🙏🏻 I’ve been journaling my gratitude every morning this month and it has been so lovely ✨ I’m super grateful for this guy right here. My partner in crime. My best friend. He let’s me be my silly self and still makes me feel beautiful every day 💕 Also super grateful for @rebeldarlingstudio for her incredible talent and these incredible photos 📸

What are you grateful for today? 🧡

Earth has some amazing stuff, like this beautiful kid right here! ❤️ #jediintraining #love #myeverything

I felt like Obi-Wan riding a varactyl on Utapau.
Caught a shop boy dancing and he did an encore for the camera.
In Deutschland it's rechts stehen links gehen, opposite in Las Vegas.
#mccarran #lasvegas #starwars #gaynerd #obiwankenobi
#phantommenace #jediintraining #impromptudancing #instagay #movingwalkway #mnemonic ,

Flexin’ on a Friday... duh! 💪🏻⠀
These past few weeks I have seen a lot of muscle definition come back 🙌🏼 I have been working hard and consistently at the gym, but I can tell that the game changer is truly my nutrition. Ever since whole30 my body has just been different. I have a better intuition and can tell what my body is actually asking for. I am much more in tune with my needs. It’s pretty magical ✨ I am so excited to learn from this place and see where my body can go. I’ve been going more research in nutrition and will be sharing more recipes here because I have realized that I just LOVE cooking and I’m pretty good at it 💕 Changing my relationship with food and how I fuel my body has been life changing. This was not an overnight transformation and I will continue learning and growing with my body everyday! ⠀
Let me know what kind of recipes and content you’d like to see! Maybe I’ll share some workouts/ tips and tricks?!? Let me know! I’m feeling fired up and pumped to share 💛

Brincando com meu sabre de luz! Jedi in training! 👶🏼 💙 #jedi #lightsaber #babies #baby #fofura #jediintraining #amordemamae #sextou #starwars @elibigolin

Here is your #thirstythursday reminder to hydrate! 💦 Put down that second latte and pick up a water bottle! You’re skin, your brain, and your bod will thank you 🙌🏼

Hump day latte 💛⠀
Little turmeric latte in my cup this morning 🙌🏼 All about those anti-inflammatory benefits! Thanks @katiebaby11 for reminding me of this deliciousness. Perfect morning beverage to help my sore muscles!⠀
I like to bring a warm beverage with me to work. It stops me from buying a coffee just because I want to hold a cute cup 🤷🏼‍♀️ It sounds silly, but it’s this weird thing in the back of my head, so bringing my own cup of something stops me from overdoing the caffeine and spending unnecessary money 🙌🏼Anyone have any morning concoction commute tips?! I’d love to hear them 💛

Happy Tuesday loves 💕 ⠀
Spending this morning nursing a bit of a hamstring twinge from my run yesterday. I know it’s best to take time off and rest in order to let myself heal. Sometimes this is the HARDEST thing for me! I even attempted an ab routine this morning to make myself feel better about doing something when I could tell I needed rest🤦🏼‍♀️ I love my morning workout routine and I love seeing and feeling progress in my body, but a few days off will not take back all of my hard work! It’s so crazy that that’s how I think at times and I am working on changing that! We can get so wrapped up in grinding and thinking that that is where our worth and our success lie. But we are so much more than that. I’m taking this as a sign from the universe to invest in myself in other ways! Now is time to focus on nutrition and rest 🙌🏼 I’m going to continue gratitude journaling every morning and exercising my creativity 🎨I’ve been feeling pulled to get back to crafting and writing so news the time! Taking more time to work on things that bring me joy ✨⠀

Give yourself some grace today 💕

My little Jedi!! This is one of my favorite onesies from @carters #Jediintraining #KP #Kai #82618

...that day when our youngest became a Jedi and defeated Darth Vader. #jediintraining #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios #lovethiskid! 😂

Jesus may take your wheel, but I'm just fine with Chewie as my copilot. 🤣😂🙌🏽
#starwars #maytheforcebewithyou #starwarsclothing #disney #jediintraining #tattooartist #artist

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