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This past weekend I competed in The Millennium Gold Plate and placed 5th in my division out of 14 ladies 😊

Firstly I would like to thank @amorylandis,my incredible coach and my other half. Thank you for holding my hand through this prep and never giving up on me despite my stubborn body this year. I love you with all my heart.
I would too like to thank my mommy @anapaula9363 and daddy for always believing in me and always coming to watch me at every single show. I'm beyond blessed to have you as my parents and my role models. Love you both very much
I would like to thank @jackthesheriff and my STS team mates for motivating me and for being like another family towards me. You guys truly inspire me everyday to be better ❤love you guys
I would like to thank the beautiful @missmookidd for the most flawless make-up that lasted the entire day. I felt so beautiful,thank you gorgeous 🌺

I would too like to thank my sponsor @ssnonline. Thank you for allowing me to represent your brand and for believing in my potential
Lastly, thank you to all of the IFBB judges for taking the time to be there. Without you there would be no show, and thank you to all the people that came to watch ,you guys rock. It's so amazing to have a full hall of people supporting us athletes
It Was such an amazing experience and I learnt a hell of a lot from it. Despite getting a horrible flu and chest infection during peak week, i really enjoyed stepping onto stage again even with a little bit extra water retention 💪
Congratulations to all the athletes,everyone looked incredible ❤

New goals have been set for the remaining portion of this year. I will be training towards moving up a division😊
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Throwback Thursday to a year ago at WBFF ➡Swipe to See my favourite glute and hammy exercise

Coached by @thecorporate_yogi @ JEDI Fitness and lifestyle coaching in affiliation with STS Sheriff Training Systems @jackthesheriff
Fueled by @ssnonline Whey protein
Don't wish for it, work for it ✅

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Lying leg Curls ▶ This exercise has never been my favourite exercise but ⏩⏩⏩ the Lying leg curl works the hamstrings more directly than any other exercise. The leg curl also isolates the hamstrings and works the knee flexion function of the muscles.
Lying leg curls are most commonly performed with both legs bending the knees simultaneously, as illustrated above(because my legs were so tired at this point 😂). But attempt to rather perform this exercise using one leg at a time Because using both legs simultaneously may result in your dominant leg can taking on more than half of the work while your non-dominant leg gets to take it easy. This can allow larger discrepancies in muscle strength between the two limbs. You can work each hamstring independently and thus address muscle weaknesses in your non-dominant leg by completing the exercise one leg at a time. Lighten the weight accordingly and keep your hips square to the pad as you bend your knee.
Coached by @amorylandis JEDI fitness and lifestyle coaching in affiliation with STS Sheriff Training System @jackthesheriff💦

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Everything you need to succeed is already inside you. Believe in yourself ❤

Coached by JEDI Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching powered by STS Sheriff Training System
4 days until our STS team shoot and 11 days until I step onto stage again 💪

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It's not a race, it's a journey. It may be a slow journey, but quitting won't help speed up the process 👣

Coached by➡ JEDI Fitness and Lifestyle coaching @amorylandis in affiliation with STS Sheriff Training Systems @jackthesheriff 💪Sponsored by SSN Scientific Sports Nutrition @ssnonline 👄Makeup by @missmookidd
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You don't always get what you wish for, you get what you work for 💦

Coached by JEDI Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching @amorylandis ⏩in affiliation with STS The Sheriff Training System @jackthesheriff
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#Repost @virago_girl with @repostapp
We are all so very critical. Myself more than most. I'd rather opt out than risk not putting my best foot forward. I'd rather lay low than be out at anything but my best. It's not always an easy mindset to overcome. In an industry where so much emphasis is placed on your physical - your mental can take a negative knock.
I'm so excited to start my journey with Jedi Health and Fitness. Coach @AmoryLandis taking me through the process of becoming a life coach, manifesting confidence from the inside-out and helping others reach their full potential physically, physiologically and mentally. I have so much more in store peeps - watch this space 🚀
A shoutout to all of my new clients starting with me this week online and in person @thehypelifestyle - we are going straight into it with everything from beginner's fitness and correct form to hip flexor strengthening and building some power for more explosive lifts. Keen guys 🤙🏼💋
#bodygamestrong in these ultra comfy @bodygamesa capri's with cut-out sides for some sneaky quad separation flexing 😋#flexfriday ALL DAY ❤️ Find yours online or visit their shop at the Cape Quarter. New stock just in!
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WCsW ❤
If at first you don't succeed, fix your ponytail and try again. Ladies we need to empower each other 💪
Theses sheriff Vixens have it all- a booty, brains and beauty 🍑🍑 📚 😗 ✅Coached by JEDI Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching in affiliation with STS Sheriff Training Systems ✅Fueled by SSN Scientific Sports Nutrition @ssnonline
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Feliz día de Starwars a todos los fans de la saga! No importa si eres Jedi o Padawan, lo importante es que te mantengas del lado claro de la fuerza!!! 😄
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In the end, she became more than she expected.
She became the journey,
And like all journeys,
She did not end -
Simply changed directions
And kept going. ~ R.M. Drake. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
This is not a 'look at me' post. This is a 'look at what you can do if you don't give up' one 😉💎
Been mildly terrified to post it because it's so far from goal, but thank you to @renier_vdw for the very raw test shoot last month (I was impossible- poor guy😂). No styling, proper make-up or much preparation 🙈 I even took all hair extensions out 😱 This image marks the end of one journey with the BRILLIANT @_teamstackingplates and the beginning of the next with incredible Mentor @amorylandis Of #jedifitness
Anorexia, autoimmune hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, near renal failure, chronic anxiety, reinvention of self more than once... 27 could look worse 😉😂 gotta step out of that comfort zone sometimes ☺️
The goal isn't to look good for a some-day, it's to feel as good and strong as possible every damn day. Let's bring the heat 🔥
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I often get asked why I look so serious when I train. The truth?
This isn't a game.
I'm there to fight. I'm there to push. I'm there because it's a damn PRIVILEGE to be healthy, able and strong.
I know what it's like to not be able to get out of bed let alone complete a session. I once thought none of this would ever happen for me and I've been told out-right that I could never have it. Back then it broke my heart.
Now it fuels the fire 🔥
These are my dreams. They will resonate with those whom they need to ✊🏻 #neversurrender #fuckyourstandards #warrior #hypothyroidathlete #jedifitness #goingforgold

Every weekend I try to get in a little 'down-time'. Not only does the flow of yoga prevent your mind from wandering, forcing you to be present - the breathing ad stretching do wonders for restoring energy. Deep breathing cleanses organs, gets a lot more oxygen into the cells and certain poses can do a lot for mobility too.
I'll be adding a seated yoga cert into my qualifications pretty soon. I'd like to work with those in recovery from illness who might not have enough function to do hectic workouts.
Adrenal fatigue, inflammatory and autoimmune disease require a coach with a gentle and methodical approach.
Just like yoga - know when to push and when to back off. #namaste
@morgsie16 joining me today for her first class 😃😃
#valkyriespirit #pixie 😂

A little on the heavier side since my cut. Focusing on health and balance then we go for round 2! Want to get ripped to shit can't wait 😂😂
Part of my tricep workout warmup @thehypelifestyle before clients😅
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