Last year I was a participant in the Jabal Shams Challenge and it was all about me and my performance, I was so occupied to pay attention to my surroundings, but this year I was given the opportunity to be on the other side of the race, I was a station guid and I absolutely loved it!
It was an outstanding experience in so many ways. Yes helping out, boosting others moral, and cheering on participants was so rewarding, but I came out from this experience with much more than that. It opened my eyes to how awesome people are, I’ve seen how people are awesome in the goals they set and how they achieve them, they are awesome in their determination and persistence, they are awesome in how they take care of each other and what they are willing to do to help each other.
One of my goals was to inspire people, but I was equally inspired by each and every individual that passed my station, from the fastest to the slowest. I was inspired by seeing how people struggle and cope, I was inspired by listening to people’s stories, I was inspired by whitesesing the different emotions...doubts, anger, tears, euphoria...etc.
It was so moving to see people from all ages, backgrounds, physical fitness levels, and different medical conditions fight to reach the highest point they can.
Saying all that, I must admit that the best feeling ever that made my heart smile was when hours later, I saw people who had doubts during the challenge were smiling 😀 at the finish line with a medal 🏅 around their neck.
Thank you @husaak for giving me the opportunity to be part of this effort to serve our big community.

From the highest point in the GCC At 10,000ft ⛰🇴🇲

هالصورة تعبر عن حالة اليأس إللي حس فيها عبدالله بعد ما شاف بُعد المسافة بينه وبين المخيم وهو في قمة التعب.
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Freaking out in 4/5 of these photos. ⛰


مع الفائزين الأوائل بتحدي #جبل_شمس

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Do we shape the world، or does the world shape us? Should we choose for our children what to do in their free time or should we let them decide what they want to do? Is there a right or wrong answer? #jebalshamschallenge

Jabal Shams Challenge done !!!

At the Jabal Shams Summit !!!

I wanna reach 🌌 sky !!!

Still a long way to go !!!

Jabal Shams Challenge 2018 ✅ 10 km 3000m
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Deliver an experience, not a product - #Husaak #jebalshamschallenge #OneTeam what is next?

“Hey mom, wanna go on a hiking challenge?” “Sure.” ⛰

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Completed #JablShams challenge for the second time (first time was last year)... Thanks @husaak and everyone who helped in organising this challenge for the amazing time... #husAak #jebalshamschallenge #jebalshamschallenge2018

...فتى الجبل والبراري والقفار #jebalshamschallenge #jebalshams
3000m #husaak

‏انطلق صباح اليوم سباق تحدي ‎#جبل_شمس في نسخته الثالثة، بمشاركة ٢٥٠ مشاركاً من ‎#السلطنة ومن دول مجلس التعاون، والذي يأتي بتنظيم مُشترك بين وزارة السياحة وفريق هوساك من شركة الجبال الحجرية للسفر والسياحة
Highlights from The Jebel Shams Challenge 2018, Co-organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Husaak Team, which started today Friday morning, 20th April.
The challenge, which is now in its third year, involves a 10km trek with 250 participants from the Sultanate and the GCC counties.


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