Official visual for FLY AWAY is now available using the link in my bio. Thank you and enjoy!! 🎥: @just.crews 🦋🦋

All yours tomorrow. FLY AWAY!! Film shot & edited by @just.crews 🦋

I’m baaaccckkk. and if i told you what 2018 was gonna look like, you’d think I was crazy lol. but I’ll continue to grind in silence. happy new year! the year of showing your growth.
#2018 #NewEverything #jcrewswtheshot #L5PATL

Chalked up all the lessons from this year and turned them into blessings. We aiming and knocking down all the goals and targets we set for 2018. Thank you to everyone that really supported me and all the songs I shared this year from #EvenOnSunday. I promise there’s a lot more where that came from!! & Oo one more thing, in 2018, don’t forget to live more, love more, and laugh more. Keep going, keep growing. 🦋🦋🦋

23 on the 24th. Thank God for blessing me with another year of greatness and opportunity. Also, thank you to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday. Love!! 🦋🖤

Voices in my head saying keep going!!

"I don't trust the process, how I'm pose to win?" #Unresponsive 🦋

Last release of #EvenOnSunday , Unresponsive, now available for you by using the streaming link in my bio. Thank you & enjoy!! 🦋

Man, I want to take this time to thank every and anyone who supported/helped/ believed in this #EvenOnSunday vision. Just a little over a year ago, it was only an idea & y'all helped me manifest it. All the love that was shown over the course of the series was nothing short of amazing. You allowed me to grow not only as an artist, but also as a person & I'll forever be thankful for that. These past three months of 2017 have been nothing but lessons & blessings for me. Tomorrow, the very last release of #EvenOnSunday , Unresponsive, will be shared with you. Once again, man thank you to all the love that everyone has shown. I hope you continue to support going forward and I hope you continue to be great at everything you do!! See you tomorrow !! 🦋

Aye, sometimes you have to isolate so you can elevate..🦋

This Sunday, December 10th, marks the last release from #EvenOnSunday with a song titled Unresponsive. Big thank you to any and everyone that's been supporting. All the DMs, all the comments, and all the love shown in person is amazing & I thank you for that. We're flying up up & away & I can't wait to share this final release of the series with you, Unresponsive!! 🦋

Keep going and keep growing. Your time to shine may not be as far as you think!! #EvenOnSunday 🦋

Why limit yourself to a cup when you're given a bottle? Plus, this is the birthday month of mine and many other greats in the world. #December24th

"If you off for the night you shou---" yea you know the rest. 🤙🏾

Dear You, with the help of @ja_melodee is now available for you to enjoy using the link in my bio. This makes release number 7 from the series. Thank you to everyone tuned in and listening. I really love y'all!!! #EvenOnSunday 🦋

It's simple. Let go, let God, then look up and smile. New song, Dear You, from me to you tomorrow. Stay tuned!! #EvenOnSunday 🦋

Sometimes we hold onto things, even if it burns, cus we're afraid of the "what if." When this happens we have to try our best to let go of that flame to free ourselves from the pain. With that being said, new release, Dear You, this Sunday. Hope you enjoy!! #EvenOnSunday 🦋

#EvenOnSunday will continue this Sunday with a new release titled Dear You. Thank you for all your support & continue to stay tuned. Love!! 🦋🖤

Opportunity is always knocking. We just have to learn how to open the door & not get in the way of our own blessings.

The universe energy doesn't lie...

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