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Hey!!! guys , I am really grateful to you as you guys are liking my imagine so much , Thank you ❤❤❤❤❤
Your p.o.v.
(skip the walk to school) As I entered in my class, I didn't knew anyone because I was new , duh! Then I saw this girl , Aroma who had a bubbly nature and I liked her. We talked for a while. I asked her to sit with me if she can but she rather chose to sit with her friend group. I was searching for the seat in my class but my teacher came in and called me to introduce to children. As I end my introduction , then a boy checked me from top to bottom and then had an evil smirk on his face 😏. I was bewildered , but didn't paid much attention. Then my teacher told me to sit with him and he said "Jason , be nice to her." Ooh! his name is Jason , COOL. When i sat next to him , we chat a little .
J: hey! what's your name?
Y:I just introduced myself in the class . You didn't paid attention.
J:Bad girl, huh! i like it
Y: yeah whatever ...
Our conversation ended and he started to text to some guy.
I kinda peeked in and saw this" I WANT MONEY TILL TOMORROW OTHERWISE YOU WILL SLEEP FOREVER..." I got shocked and he caught me seeing in his phone , so I looked away. We attend our class and everybody left from the class. As I was going out ,somebody held my hand with my wrist and.......
Part-3 will come tmrw ❤❤❤ , tell me how much you like it and comment to get tagged in it 🖖🖖🖖
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Part -1 ... Thank you guys for so many likes on my last post ,you're the best ❤❤❤
Your P.O.V :
I woke up with a beautiful morning, sun shining brightly right through my window making me go balck out for a second. As I jumped out of my bed, I went to the bathroom , brushed my teeth , washed my face ,took a shower, put on some makeup and went in my bedroom again. I opened up my closet to take my clothes. I wore a black crop top and a mini white skirt with white sneakers. I went down in the kitchen to eat something and I found my mom left me a small note and some pancakes.
The note said "hey! Y/N . Sorry darling I won't be home for the next couple of weeks as I have been assigned an assignment and I'll come back as soon as possible
Love you ❤-Mom.
Yes, my mom was working as a cop and she was looking for Jason McAnn the biggest criminal in U.S. As I read the note , I ate my pancakes and left for the school..
Next part maybe today or tomorrow ✌✌
Guys! plz do like it and tell me how much you like it ❤❤❤
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