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In love with this boy😍 #jbishot #myboyfriendisjustin

Hey!! guys love ya'll so much ... ❤❤❤❤ @albionaloveee @love_justin_forever_x
Your p.o.v.
He pinned me on the wall and kissed me so hard and i kissed him back. It was on 🔥🔥.. fire.Then he started to suck on my neck and gave him hickeys and then found my sweet spot and started to suck on it . I was moaning harder and harder and faster. Then he started to press or massage my boobs and kissed me very wildly. Then he undressed me and i was in a bra and in underwear. He smiled at me and said' baby you're so hot' 😏😏😏😏😏 and i couldn't stop blushing.

Jason's p.o.v.
As i undressed her , she was looking damn! sexy. I couldn't control myself and started tounclasp her bra and started to suck her nipples and she kept on moaning and then she started to call me daddy and i was smiling like a fool. I kissed her on her belly and then again kissed her wildly.

Your p.o.v.
He started to suck on my belly and it made me moan very loud and then i could see his boner and i started to undress him and licked his abs and sucked on his neck and kissed him roughly. Then he pulled down my panties with his teeth and he pulled down his Calvin Klein and put his bad boy in me. It was my first time and i screamed and then he came closer to me and whispered in my ears... MORE IN THE COMMENTS ❤❤❤❤❤👄👄👄👄💋💋💋💋💋💋👅👅👅👅👅👅

hey! guys thank you for all the love and support. You guys are awesome ❤❤❤
Part -5

Your p.o.v.
I was in the bathroom and my clothes in my bedroom , I asked Jason for my clothes and he said ...
J: you want your clothes, cool I'll give it but you have to come out i front of me and give a passionate kiss to your daddy.😏
Y: what, you ain't my daddy.
J: you sure, you don't wanna do that? 🙄
Butterflies started to move in my stomach because i think i started to like him and the way he kissed me before felt like seconds in heaven but one part of me said not to do that . I was very confused. But i asked him to give me my damn clothes and he did that without any arguement. I was confused again. It's like Jason is very confusing man! sometimes he become sweet like honey, sometimes he acts like an asshole. But i started to fall for him, i guess. Then, I came out fully dressed, with some makeup and a messy bun . He kept staring at me with a open mouth and i couldn't control myself and I started to blush . He saw me blushing and licked his lips and then he came closer to me , pinned me to the wall and started to kiss me roughly and..
Part-6 will come soon.. 50-❤ 10-🗨
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Thank you , loves 💞 #justinbieber #j #jasonmaccann #jbishot #fire #lust_for_love #dirty #dirty_imagines

hey!! guys thnx for the love and support, you're the best ❤❤❤
Part -4

Your p.o.v.
I left the class and I was very confused becuase i didnt know what happened and it was all in so hurry . I took a little walk to my home. (skip the walk)
I entered my house and went upstairs in my room and took a shower . I placed my clothes on my bed and went in with just a towel. I heard some noise, like something has fallen down. I ignored the fact .Then I went out and saw Jason.. Jason MaCann on my BED !! 😏😏 I screamed like hell and ran back in my bathroom and then I took a deep breath and asked him from the bathroom..
Y: what you doing here?
J: i followed ya! 🖖
Y: and why mr.?
J: just wanted to know your house and wanted to see you again.
Y: why? why? why? and why?
J: chill, babygirl..
J: okay, sexy 👄
Y: fuck yourself.
J: how about fucking you?
I was scared and didn't know what to do. So , I asked him for my clothes and .... Part -5 will come soon , tell me how was it?? 50- ❤, 10- 🗨
#justinbieber #justinbieber #jasonmaccann #jbishot #dirty # dirty_imagine

hey!!! guys thank you for so much love and i love you sweetie @albionaloveee ❤❤❤❤
Part 3

As I was going out , somebody held my hand with my wrist and when I looked back , Jason Mcann was standing in front of me holding​ me by my wrist and he pulled me closer to him. We were really very close and I could feel his hot breathe and then he looked straight into my eyes and looked in them very deeply. He started to talk
J: tell me honestly, what did you see?
Y: I never saw anything..
J: you sure?
Y: yeah, i I am pretty sure.
J: if you're lying , I have to punish you and you know what I know you're lying and here comes your punishment..
He started to kiss me on my neck and then planted wet kisses. I tried to get back but it was great. Then he pushed me against the wall and we started to make out and Yes!!! he was my first kiss and then I started to enjoy it but I stepped back because he was a fuckboy and I didn't wanted to fall for a fuckboy. Then he asked me..
J: you didn't liked that?
Y: oh no! I liked it but i gotta go ...
Then he pulled me back and started to kiss roughly and slowly whispered in my ear " you don't have to go anywhere" and then I pushed him a bit and then left the class.... Part -4 will come soon. ..
Love you guys!! so much for the love .Like or comment my imagine and tell me if you want more... ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
#justinbieber #jbishot #jasonmacann #j #justin_is_my_life #dirty #dirty_imagine

Part -1 ... Thank you guys for so many likes on my last post ,you're the best ❤❤❤
Your P.O.V :
I woke up with a beautiful morning, sun shining brightly right through my window making me go balck out for a second. As I jumped out of my bed, I went to the bathroom , brushed my teeth , washed my face ,took a shower, put on some makeup and went in my bedroom again. I opened up my closet to take my clothes. I wore a black crop top and a mini white skirt with white sneakers. I went down in the kitchen to eat something and I found my mom left me a small note and some pancakes.
The note said "hey! Y/N . Sorry darling I won't be home for the next couple of weeks as I have been assigned an assignment and I'll come back as soon as possible
Love you ❤-Mom.
Yes, my mom was working as a cop and she was looking for Jason McAnn the biggest criminal in U.S. As I read the note , I ate my pancakes and left for the school..
Next part maybe today or tomorrow ✌✌
Guys! plz do like it and tell me how much you like it ❤❤❤
#justinbieber #jbishot #jasonmacann #criminalnotamonster#jdbimagines #j #justinbieber #jayz #jdb

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