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I am so proud of Justin. His closeness to his mama is what he needs right now. @pattiemallette is an inspirational woman she’s extremely strong, talented, beautiful and lovable. She’s been through a lot, but never gave up. She proved her brave appearance by making Justin the person he is today. In all honesty, I believe That if today, Justin’s a better man, it’s all because of mama brought him up magnificently. Thank you so much Pattie for never giving up.
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|| "I feel your fear surrounded by your skin. You feel my heartbeat vibrate so violent."
Chapter song: Cold Blooded by Khalid ||
(Becca's p.o.v.)
The AMAs just started, and Justin and I sit beside each other. It feels like we’re the only ones in the whole room. Scooter couldn't make it to see Justin win his award, but Justin says he doesn't mind. It's so loud in the building, with the excited audience and all the enthusiastic talking into microphones. At one time, Justin and I used to enjoy these kind of events, parties, award shows, festivals, but it’s gotten so old. The excitement of fame eventually wore off, and now I’ve realized how boring and fake these events actually are. It’s like a script I’ve read so many times.
"We're the best couple in the room right now," Justin whispers in my ear, beaming with pride.
"You think so?" I smile as the show hosts talk on stage, sending excited hollers echoing across the room.
"Yeah. Plus, we're so hot," he flicks his eyebrows at me.
"Don't get too carried away now," I smirk teasingly at him, and he chuckles.
"Should I walk up shirtless when I get my award?" Justin asks, making me snap my eyes to him.
"Why the hell would you do that?" I give him a quizzical grin. I honestly don’t know if he’s kidding or not. Justin’s not afraid to do something like that.
"I don't know. I'm just bored," he cracks up after shrugging.
"When are you supposed to win?" I gaze at his flawless hair, fully aware that he didn’t even try to make it look presentable. He still looks like perfection, whether he tries or doesn’t try.
"In another 30 minutes," he estimates, so I know we have plenty of time to kill.
"Well then, let's get a soda or something," I insist him and stand up from my seat while holding his hand.
"Ok," he follows me up to the VIP lounge, where there's a concession stand. There's lounge chairs and a tv as well, showing the award show.
"It's so much quieter here," Justin releases my hand, walking to the counter.
"I know. Can you get me a Sprite?" I stand behind to study the fancy lounge.
"Yeah," he orders while I watch the show on tv. Bruno Mars is performing right now, so I watch the performance since I'm a fan of him

❥ • 01/15/18 •
Got7 as your boyfriends
Since today is Got7’s 4th year anniversary here’s a little Got7 boyfriend post :))

(Justin's pov)
I pick up the letter on Christie's bed, then read it. My heart pounds so rapidly, and my mouth goes dry. Anxiously, I turn back to her bathroom to see water overflowing from under her door.
"Christie, Christie open this door! Christie!" My heart races so fast. I feel lightheaded with worry.
"Dammit!" I snap before breaking the door open. My heart drops to the floor, drop the hammer against my chest. A lump forms in my throat, as I turn motionless at the sight. There's blood on the floor and an open bottle of pills on the sink. Glass is shattered on the floor, and a razor lies in the middle of it. I rush to the bathtub, where a lifeless body rests against the tub. Is it Christie? It doesn't look like her at all. "Christie," I call our loudly, shaking her and moving the dark hair from her face. It really is her.
"No no no, baby wake up!" I shake her again, but she doesn't move at all. My eyes water in frustration.
"Christie, you better fucking wake up," I mutter while dragging her out of the bathtub and on the floor, where I spread a towel so the glass doesn't cut her. She wears just a bra and panties. Blood covers her arms. Bruises cover her body, which is twice as skinny as it was the last time I saw her. Her hair isn't blonde anymore. Her bones are so visible that they might cut through her pale skin.

Once again I shake her, checking her pulse and heartbeat. Nothing.
"Christie! Christie!" My voice cracks, and I start panicking.
"C'mon baby, WAKE UP!" I bark, pumping on her chest and stomach. I'm so angry and frustrated, so I start to cry in her neck.
"Please wake up," I quickly glue myself together and wipe the tears away. I decide to try one last thing. I hover her over the toilet, and shove my fingers down her throat to make her gag.
"C'mon, c'mon!" I shove them deeper. Finally, she starts to gag, and the pills come out. She coughs and breathes deeply.

|| "No one said it would be easy, but I never knew I'd be so lonely. Now I have you here to hold me." Chapter song: Body by Wet || (Justin's p.o.v.)
What am I supposed to do about Becca? She's all freaked out and scared because of what Max did. She was hoping he wasn't out of jail; I was too. And he somehow found her and now she's scared straight. I can bandage her wounds, tend her bruises, soothe her headaches; however, I can't resolve her anxiety. I can't lessen her fear nor calm her nerves. I've tried it before, when Max and Selena almost killed her. It didn't help, and even when she did get better, it took weeks. The last thing I want is for her to be all paranoid while I'm off on tour.

It's so early, but now that I'm awake, I can't go back to sleep. The AMA awards start at seven, but I'm supposed to get there thirty minutes before. L.A. traffic is way worse than NYC traffic, so we should leave by 5:30. Other than that, I'm thinking about taking Becca out for frozen yogurt. It might make her nervous, but she honestly can't stay inside forever. Plus, I know nothing bad's gonna happen. Scooter hired some more bodyguards, since people lately have been rowdier around us.

Becca shifts in bed, stretching her arm out across my chest.
"How long have you been up?" she whispers with her despondent blue eyes looking up at me.
"Not long," I place my hand over hers.
"You look tired." Her other hand daintily strokes my cheek.
"Yeah?" I smirk at how she's not afraid to tell me little things like that.
"But it's cute," she smiles so brightly, it makes me realize that the sun is shining so early this morning. Her eyes are the clear blue sky. Her lips are the roses for sale across the street. Her teeth are the moon covered by all the light of day. Her skin is the warm California air that embraces me.

(Christie's pov)
It's been 2 months, and this is the longest I've tolerated anything. Everything's the same. I still hate myself. I still hate everything. My parents still abuse me. If I do or say anything wrong, I'm dead meat basically. Justin hasn’t left my mind once. There's not a day that I don't think of him.

Today, it's just any other horrible day. I struggle off my bed and whimper as I limp to the bathroom. I glare at my reflection before caking my face with makeup to cover up the bruises on my face. My back, neck, and shoulders are bruised from being dragged up the stairs again by my parents last night. I don't know what I did, but they lashed out on me. In a small way, I can't totally blame myself. They're always drunk, which means they're always mad. My eating disorder still lives inside me. I haven't eaten in 2 days, and my head pounds with pain. After I take some pain pills, I haul my heavy backpack, which almost crushes me. There's only one week left of school, and I'll be spending the summer getting abused by my parents and making up work in summer school. Many times, I've tried to tell the police, but somehow my parents always play it off. Basically, I'm forced to play along, or else I'm gonna get it. Plus, my dad said he would beat the shit out of Justin when he gets in jail. Every time the police leave, my parents tear the crap out of me. I've also tried escaping, but I can't go anywhere without money.

I limp down the stairs and out the door before my parents wake up. When I enter my school, everyone ignores me. Something hits my head. It's a crumpled piece of paper, but I toss it in the trash. I don't dare read it. I already get the message.

|| "Is that why they call me a sullen girl? They don't know I used to sail the deep and tranquil sea."
Chapter song: Sullen Girl by Fiona Apple ||
(Becca's p.o.v.)
Honestly, it's harder than it seems to ignore the hate. It's everywhere, on tv, on Twitter, Instagram, the radio. How can I avoid it? I'm just about the second person Justin's fans keep an eye on, next to Justin. Justin's fans try to get all the information about me as possible. They look for something bad, then use it to attack me. And Selena gave them just what they needed. The only ones who actually support our marriage are Beliebers, Justin's true fans. But unfortunately there's only a handful of them.
"Are you ready babe?" Justin pulls on a grey hoodie as he hurries to my door.
"Yeah." Justin's going to be very busy today. He has AMA rehearsals and a Purpose tour meet up. I'm going to his tour rehearsals, but not his award rehearsals.
"I'm gonna miss you," he pecks my lips in the elevator.
"Me too. I'm gonna be bored without you today," I kiss back as the door opens.
"We should get dinner after all this," he holds my hand, pushing through the front door and into the energetic crowd. "Justin doesn't love you!" "You're a bitch!" "Fake slut!" "Get out of Justin's life!" Like I said, it's hard to ignore the hate. My whole life is surrounded by jealousy and lies that cause anger. All I can do is hold Justin's arm as tight as I can to keep myself sane. He senses my anxiety, and lets me get in the car first.
"I don't want to do this. Everyone hates me," I press my hand into my forehead in distress, my heart beating rapidly.
"Baby, nobody hates you. They can't change anything. Don't let them get to you," Justin strokes my hair to my opposite shoulder.
"But it'll get out of ha—"
"That won't change anything. Just because we're famous, doesn't mean we should depend on what everyone thinks. You're human just like me," he murmurs in my ear as my heart syncs with my breaths. I eventually nod to him, showing that I understand and agree with him.
"I've got to go now babe. Are you going to be ok?" Justin tilts his head to meet my eyes.
"Yeah, I'll find something to do," I nod and look him straight

*wrap your arms around me
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