After countless hours of prep, the 1st #jbcretreat was a success. Thanks for the wonderful memories @jbettcomm team💜

The first #jbcretreat in the books! Team building ✔️Stronger abs from laughing ✔️Broken ankle ✔️👋🏼 @jbettcomm

I spend most of my time with this crew of perfectly insane, hardworking, passionate, hilarious people. Love my work fam! Cheers to the first off-site JBC retreat. To many more! #jbcretreat (shout out to Red Rocket in the back!)

3.5 years, 10 people, countless eyerolls from @maduren, and we're still standing. #jbcretreat

squaaaaad #jbcretreat

Very important team building activities #jbcretreat

Top notch house for the first #jbcretreat

Day one of the #jbcretreat and I got the team a goddam gorgeous sunset.

It's Friday and we escaped the office! #waterloo #thanksron #jbcretreat

beanie babies. #JBCretreat

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