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PRESS PLAY ▶️ Watch me get ready using @tropicisleliving 💛🌴💛shampoo, conditioner and #StrongRootsRedPimento oil. Washing my hair with @tropicisleliving shampoo and conditioner was a great experience. The shampoo didn't dry my hair out. My hair felt super soft after I rinsed out the shampoo so just imagine how great the conditioner felt in my hair 💁🏿SUPER 💣 I used the #StrongRootsRedPimento oil in my roots after I dried my hair which helps with hair growth 😬I've been using it all month y'all and all I can say is that it's been good to me 💛 I cut my hair to allow my hair to grow back healthy and thicker and the #StrongRootsRedPimento is helping me do just that! ❤️Awesome Video 🎥Create by @stephanienadia ❤️#FallintoTropicisleLiving #TILJBCO #JBCO #25YearsOfTl #sponsored

I knew @JamaicanMangoAndLime would make braiding my hair a breeze!!! I used the Locking Gel and Lock Gro. You can also use their products on your natural hair! Stay in the loop:
Instagram: @JamaicanMangoAndLime
Facebook: @JamaicanMangoAndLime
#JamaicanMangoAndLime #JBCO #JamaicanBlackCastorOil #RocYourLoc. 📷: @brileelovely

You know that feeling when you finish your washday and it's still daylight 🙌🏾. To speed things up, I prepoo and finger detangle before washing using the Black Castor from @jamaicanmangoandlime . Then I follow up with their Black Castor Oil shampoo and conditioner and my hair is ready for styling!
Jamaican Black Castor oils is available at Sally's, Walmart and pretty much every beauty supply.
#JamaicanMangoAndLime #JBCO #JamaicanBlackCastorOil #ad

How could one forget ?
#jbco. Big size 8oz -6500. Small 4000. We have limited stock because every summer we buy new ones. So hurry and grab one.
You can ask for Nigerian castor oil as well.
100ml - 4oz - 1500 cold pressed.

@Tropicisleliving JBCO Benefits:
▪️helps with cleansing of toxins from hair & scalp
▪️has the ability to seal in moisture with a protective coating
▪️helps repair & prevent dry brittle hair
▪️adds sheen
▪️stimulates hair growth & thickness

Shop NOW at Tropicisleliving.com and Amazon Prime.
#TropicIsleLiving #BeTheLivingOriginal #jbco #GrowthSquad

@calicurls - Am I the only one who has a looser curl pattern in the front compared to the back? 🙈 I already trimed my hair a few weeks ago but some of my curls were looking a lil sad so I did quick cut touch up. ✂️ I usually don't cut this length off but because my hair has been getting so long & in my face I was just like ehh why not 🤷🏽‍♀️ I still feel the front of my hair is too long & have been thinking about a professional cut but I don't see it as a necessity. Scalp massages are a daily thing for me tho & of course I'm using my favorite @tropicisleliving's JBCO aloe vera & their leave-in/detangler spray. I was cutting 3-5 inches off but only the front pieces of my hair. #GROWTHSQUAD #bethelivingoriginal #jbco #aloevera 🌴💛 Disclaimer: I am not a professional. I am simply showing how I choose to cut my own hair. I've been cuting my own hair for the past 5 years since having heat damage & color damaged hair. Yes, I know I could get it cut professionally into a cute shape but I'm okay with what I'm rockin with at the moment, it's not a priority for me yet. ✌🏽️ Song: @liluzivert - You was right

How cute are @Modelesque_Nic's Summer Finger Coils using #TropicIsleLiving's Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler and the Aloe-Vera Jamaican Black Castor Oil as a STYLER!
Find these products at TropicIsleLiving.com and on Amazon Prime!

Tools of the trade. We shot today in our new studio for the first time. We shot a how to video on how to blow dry your hair using 2 of our new styling products: Jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore blow dry cream and the #jbco styling foam. The 🔑 to blow drying natural hair is to protect strands from excessive heat. A good blow dry cream should provide heat protection without drying out hair. Your #blowout #goal is straighten texture not damaged curl pattern. Can't wait for the video to drop. In the meantime If you want to try these products they are currently exclusive to #sallysbeauty

Linea Jamaican black cástor oil de @sheamoisture
Excelente para todo tipo de textura y porosidad, hidrata, reconstruye y promueve el crecimiento.

Disponible en nuestra tienda online afroliterd.com o vía DM
#SoyAfroLiteRD #afroliterd #sheamoisture4u #JBCO


I am seeing soo much new growth since I started oil scalp massages month ago. This time of year my hair usualy stops growing and shedding is out of control so to see these results in just one month I am super impressed. There are baby hairs all around my head like postpartum when your hair stops falling out and starts growing again, plus my shedding is noticeably reduced which (again) is impressive for this time of year. Coconut oil with regular castor oil was cool and I saw results, but I have to say I am starting to love Jamaican black castor oil more and cutting back on coconut oil for massages. I do this approx 2 times a week. So start simple - organic extra virgin coco oil, get into habit and then start experimenting with different oils. The best remedy for weak, thinning hair with excessive shedding.
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Don't be ashamed of who He has created you to be, young simba

Get your loc, braid & curl fix by following our other #JamaicanMangoAndLime accounts! #JBCO #JMLPureNaturals #ExoticOil #MyUniversalVIP

Excited to use my #JamaicanMangoandLime products on my daughter and myself for wash day!!! 📷: @justabrooklynmom #JMLPureNaturals #JBCO #JamaicanBlackCastorOil #MyUniversalVIP

A little late than never. These are the products I took with me to Jamaica. Now just to say that I love all these products but they did not work in the humidity in Jamaica. The funny thing is I don’t have a problem here in #nyc . The morning I left for #jamaica my curls were poppin lol but after that smh lol. This is just to say just because the products did not work in another climate does not they won’t work in another climate. It is all about trial and error. The two products I made to bring with me are @sheamoisture #jbco #leaveinconditioner and @aussiehair #3minutemiracle 10x. I knew I would go in the pool and chlorine with definitely dry your hair out. So I made sure I had products that would moisturize my hair after washing. #sheamoisture #aussiehair #mydevacurl #frizzfreecurls #blueberryblisscurlcontroljelly #curlyhair #haircareproducts #haircaretips #naturalhair #naturalhaircare #naturalhairdoescare #curlyhairdoescare #everythingblogger #lifestylebloggers #traveltipsforcurlygirls #blackgirlsswim #afroswimmers #fab41 #blackgirlsblog #mixedchicksblog #sharingiscaring

#TeamMango it's time for another giveaway! So the first 10 people that share this photo will receive a free full-size Eucalyptus Jamaican Black Castor Oil from #JamaicanMangoAndLime .. Your profile cannot be private 💚 Good Luck! 💚 #JBCO #SallyBeauty #Giveaway #JamaicanBlackCastorOil

Promote hair growth, seal in moisture & add shine with #MyDNA line of Jamaican Black Castor Oils #NaturalHairDoesCare #JBCO #MyUniversalVIP

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