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This is one of the first ALS vehicles I served in. It is either a 1997 or 1999(there was one of each when I officially started RIDING in '99). Regardless the truck was a heavy duty Chevy Tahoe just before Chevy turned The Tahoe into "Mommy" vehicles. These trucks served as the workhorse for Chilton Memorial Hospital MICU ALS 901 until the mid-late 2000s. They served at The WTC Ground Zero Site and responded to countless emergencies and traveled almost 300,000 miles each throughout North Jersey. This Vehicle seen here still serves Chilton( Now Chilton Medical Center under the Atlantic Health System flag) as a facilities vehicle. Stripped of its EMS Livery and all components that made it what it was, it's duties are now limited to snow plowing and running errands. #jayjantzenphotography #iphonephotography #alsunit #micu #paramedic #ems #paramediclife #chevytahoe #battlewagon #workhorse #emslife #stillserving

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