~ Hey guys 💕! So you all voted for me to do a new theme which I will sometime this week as I’ve had so many good ideas and I’m so excited to show you all and I hope Jamie notices them ! Also in 10 days time I will be meeting Jamie and will tag him in the pictures of me and him words can’t describe how excited I am honestly and kind of nervous ahaha but honestly it’s gonna be the best day of my life @jamie_b10 🙈. I love him with all my heart and I’m glad I made this account when I did because I’ve made some amazing life long best Friends ( you know who you are ) and we all act like one big family like we actually know each other irl we talk every single day and I honestly can’t wait to meet you guys in August like hurry Up already that’s gone be the second best day of my life !!..💋😊And also I just wanted to say all of you are so lovely in this fandom and your all so supportive to one another and we are one big family I love you all so much and I’m here for any of you even if you want someone to talk to I’m here 🌍 Thank you all of you and I hope you like this edit !~ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAG JAMIE❤️ #jamieborthwick #jamieborthwickfan #eastenders #bbc #jaybrown #fanaccount #like4like #comment4comment #eastendersfanandproud #iloveyoujamieborthwick #marrymealready

~The song lyric is so true !!😇~HEY GUYS !! Sorry I’ve not posted much I have been quite busy especially now I’m back at college yayy..😩 . But I hope your all okay and have had a great day and if you haven’t then just admire this picture of Jamie and I’m always here for any of you ..love you all!💓 ~ PLEASE TAG JAMIE TYSM ❣️~ His smile melts my heart 24/7😍#bbceastenders #jaybrown #jamieborthwick #jamieborthwickfan #follow4follow #eastendersfan #iloveyoumorethananything

The 3 Musketeers 💙💙💖 Charlie, Jamie and Tilly in search of a Nandos 🍗🍗🍽 @charliewinter__ @tillykeeperuk @jamie_b10 .
#charliewinter #HunterOwen #tillykeeper #louisemitchell #jamieborthwick #jaybrown #nandos #filmbreak #bbcEastenders

Momma told me that she love to see when we together. I looked and smiled I ain't tell her you the fuckin' devil. Don't need no gun cause when I'm with you, you my heavy metal. I hope you never leave my side, separate not ever. Hope you forgive me for the pain that I brought you. What's in our blood, only us know about it. Don't wanna break up cause I can't go without you. Your love I ain't never thought about doubtin'. You my thug, I can't lie you my lil baby. I'm in jail I won't be released girl you affidavit. Ion't listen to my niggas, they advice I'm never takin'. If you jump up in that water I dive in for to save you - @nba_youngboy. #rocnationdream #apk #theone #faceofcity #newwestorlando #loveeverybody #fearofgodmodel @gotit_lens @julialang #theroyalempiremanagement #southapopka #apopka #orlando #florida #music #betonyourself #jaybrown #BΔK #bakbeyonce #bak #rocnationmanagement #prayup #ivyparkmodel #hardway #hadtoget #takecarefamily #nbaplayoffs2018 #showlovefollow #saturdayposts

~ ✨VIDEO EDIT✨~ Hey Guys this is my new video edit I have been working on 😊 I thought I’d do a short video edit of some of Jamie’s sc videos to the song sweet lovin because it’s a song that always makes me think of jamie.. it’s different and these videos are just so adorable and made me smile and laugh so much !!.. ughh too much cuteness I can’t handle I hope you like it I know it isn’t the best but ENJOY AND 14 DAYS UNTIL I MEET HIM😍❣️ - LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS BELOW AND PLEASE TAG JAMIE OR SEND IT TO HIM PLEASE PLEASE WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TO ME.. ILY ALL!!😘- - @jamie_b10 💘💘#eastenders #jaybrown #jamieborthwick #jamieborthwickfan #like4like #follow4follow #eastendersfans #videoedit #iloveyouwithallmyheart

He is just so god damn handsome .. he drives me crazy 😍💖@jamie_b10 #eastenders #jamieborthwick #jamieborthwickfan #jaybrown #like4like #follow4follow

Cause all I ever wanted was Kodak Moments
📷 : @jaayybrown
🎶”Story” - @odiexyz

~ HATE THE FACT I HAVE COLLEGE NEXT WEEK UGHH SOMEONE SAVE ME PLEASEE 🙃🙂I HONESTLY CANT WAIT TO LEAVE IN JUNE SO BAD 🎊.~ But how young does Jamie look in this he’s so so so so adorable ! 😇❣️~ Everything about him is just perfect his kind ..sweet ..caring ..loving personality and ovbs his handsome face ugh just everything about him ..just wish he was mine !!😍.~ I love you so so so much Jamie forever & always 🌍 ~ PLEASE TAG JAMIE I LOVE YOU GUYS ✨💕~ #eastenders #eastendersfans #jamieborthwick #jamieborthwickfan #jaybrown #iloveyouforever #eastendersfan #tagjamie

Hey guys!💋😌 This is gonna be my new theme B&W .. only 17 days left until I meet @jamie_b10 ❣️❣️ it’s gone so fast honestly it’s madness !😍 Words can’t describe how excited I am and how long I’ve been waiting for this to happen and I seriously hope he really loves the gifts and card I’ve got done for him ! Fingers crossed he will 🤞🏼💕 I’m just honestly so so excited and a little bit nervous but it’s honestly gonna be the best day of my life🙈~ PLEASE TAG JAMIE ILY ALL😘~ #eastenders #eastendersfan #jamieborthwickfan #jamieborthwick #jaybrown #iloveyoulikexo

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