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Just audio but this is how good @decadent.vegan ‘s cashew mac’n’cheese recipe is. Jaya was singing this as loud as she could and running all around the house when she found out that’s what I was making for dinner tonight! 😂😂 🎶’My favorite mac’n’cheese...my favorite mac’n’cheese...my favorite mac’n’cheese...’🎶 #JayaLove #Vegan #vegankids

We made @edgyveg recipe for rice paper bacon this morning! So easy and so good! And Jaya approved! #JayaLove #Vegan

Dreary day calls for snuggles and Octonauts #JayaLove #JovialAriah #JayaandJovi

Jaya’s been real into picking out her own outfits lately. Today she insisted she wanted to dress like a ballerina and all pink! (I talked her into the black under shirt since it’s chilly today) she cracks me up! #JayaLove #Ballerina

Nephew 😍💪
#Jayalove 😘

I'll start to count your birthdays by smiles, not tears 💕. . . . #jayalove

Ummm who said she could grow up?! Jaya I’m so proud of you! You are strong and independent! Kind and loving! You bring so much joy to our lives! We love you sweet girl! #JayaLove #lovenotestojaya

Jayas perfect bride..
Glamor look..@ जया ब्राइडल स्टूडीओ अंड सलॉन@ call us at jaya bridal studio
#jayamagic #jayabridal #bridajewelry #jayabridal #jayalove #Jayamishra #rajshreemakeup #wheremakeupmeetsmagic

Jaya is excited to give @lifeonpurple a try tonight. #JayaLove #purplemattress

Don’t mind my mom moves and bad sound/video quality. Just having our regular dance party over here. Thanks @mayavorderstrasse for the song inspiration on your stories this morning! Also, Jaya basically says Cito for most of the song but I love it! 😂 #JayaLove #JovialAriah #JayaandJovi #despacito

Jaya loves to go out in the snow and kept asking to go out today. So finally I agreed to take her to the mail box on the new sled that my mother-in-love got the girls for Christmas. They both fell asleep! And then stayed asleep while I transferred them back into the house! So I guess we’ll be going for sled walks everyday! 😂 #JayaLove #JovialAriah #JayaandJovi

Here is my #bestnine2017 I know a lot of people who have had a rough year in 2017 and to say that I had a glorious year would be a lie. It’s been rough even though it may seem from the outside that I have it all together I don’t. But does anyone really have it all together? A year is what you make it. There were several good moments in this year and I’m choosing to celebrate those no matter how big or small they were. At the end of it all I’m alive and well and my little family is alive and well and that is all that really matters to me. The rest is just fluff. So cheers to 2017 and all the good moments and welcome 2018! I look forward to getting to know all your good moments no matter how big or small. #JayaLove #JovialAriah #JayaandJovi

It’s hard to believe that 3 years ago you were born. It’s crazy to think about how you’ve changed me, challenged me and shaped me into the mother I am, and continuing to mold me into the mother I want to be. The night you were born is a night I won’t soon forget. When I gazed at you and said ‘I’ve waited for you my whole life’ I meant it with all my heart! Jaya, you are a leader and not a follower, You won’t settle for second best, you have a heart made out of the purest gold and I thank God for you every single day! I love you Jaya! Happy Birthday! #JayaLove #happybirthdayjayalove

One of my favorite things to give this year were these chalkboards by @chalkfullofdesign Jaya loves them and keeps coming up with new ways to play with them. I loved getting to support a small shop I found here on Insta this year. Seriously though check them out if you have or know any young kids! #JayaLove

Merry Christmas from our plaid family to yours. Despite three of us (not me) ending up being sick today we had a nice time. We feel blessed and full of love, joy and peace. I hope everyone had a great day celebrating with family and has a great New Year! ❤️ #JayaLove #JovialAriah #JayaandJovi

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