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Love you baby bro!!! ーー

My sister finally had her baby... little nephew. #itsaboy #imanuncle #jaxton

#jaxton at 8 days. #jace at 11 days. #my2boys

On September 15 at 4:30 am jaxton guy Marlette was born in Grand Rapids mn. He had thousands of people praying for him around the world! He touched so many people in just a little time! He fought his hardest along with so many miracles from god, but god decided that he wanted Jaxton with him, he passed away at 11:30 pm last night, tho it's heart breaking just remember he is in a better place with his family and friends up in heaven, god showed many people how powerful and miraculous he is through jaxton, I'm the most proud uncle anyone could be, this little man showed me what true love is and how short life can be! I love you jaxton guy marlette can't wait come see you one day❤️ say hi to everyone for me❤️❤️ #jaxton #jaxtonisamiracle

Oh. My. Gosh. I totally forgot about Jaxton doing this all the time! He never does it anymore. Miss my chubby creeper baby haha #jaxton #creeperface #chubbyboy #lovehim #toofunny

A big happy birthday to my brother since third grade. Pax, you've been with me since the beginning and I couldn't do life without you (or write the musical we've been planning to write for a year now lol). You're the best friend a guy could have. Love ya, bud! #Jaxton

Today we were blessed to finally meet our baby boy Jaxton Mark Dunn. It was a long day getting you here safely, but it was all worth it .We love you endless amounts.We are so happy ,proud and in love ..Thankyou for choosing us to be your parents 😍💙😘👶🏽 #17thmay #babyboy #Jaxton #family

JaxyBoi gets to hang out with Aunteh Mahnee for the day 💙👶🏽🍼 #jaxyboi #jaxton #behbehjax #jaxxxton


#jaxton at 8 days. #jace at 11 days. #my2boys

love my little man! 💕 #mommyshandsomeboy #jaxton

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