Cheek fillers were designed to add volume to the cheeks. As the face ages, there is often facial volume loss. Gravity will cause the face to sag, making the face look much older. Strong cheekbones are a sign of classic beauty, which will help to add symmetry to the face. Cheek fillers can be injected into the cheek area to restore not only volume, but to create a youthfulness that was once there. Cheek fillers offer a non-invasive way to gain back youthfulness and lift the facial area.
Injections of cheek fillers will gently lift and round the cheek area, which will help to balance the rest of the face. The surrounding skin will also be tightened, which will allow the face not to have a too angled look. Only $439/1ml.
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Swipe! (New Vs Old jawline) 😍
My gorgeous patient, and her new defined, sculpted, SNATCHED jawline!
As most people do, my patient wanted a slimmer face, and a sharp contoured jawline.
As you can see from her before picture, the transformation is actually quite dramatic as we have given the illusion of a more prominent and angular jawline.
This truly transforms the face. •
💉 Procedure: Jaw filler
👙 Product: Revolax SubQ (3ml left side, 3.5ml right, 0.5ml in chin - total 7ml)
😴 Anaesthesia: optional
😱 Pain level: minimal
⏰ Time it takes: up to 1 hour.
📆 Recovery: 2 weeks swelling, redness, bruising.
🔨 Method: Cannula and needle
💍 Lasts: 12-18 months
💸 Price: £1500
📍Location: London, Essex, Herts
💌 Email: drsaetta@outlook.com
🌍 Website: link in bio
💣 Caution: must be performed by an experienced provider
Copyright 2017-18 by Dr Saetta MD, and AS Allure Aesthetics •

💋One for the BIG lip lovers💋 This beautiful lady has built on 1ml filler from a previous practitioner and wanted the full lips look! Swelling is present at time of photo and will go down over the coming days. 1.1ml Revolax has given her the big pout she wanted 💋#BigLips #Aesthetics #NurseLedAesthetics #LipFillers #CheekFiller #JawFiller #ChinFiller #KyliePackage #Dermal #DermalFillers #Juvederm #Dermaceutics #SkinBase #SkinCare #SkinPeel #ChemicalPeel #MicroDermabrasion #AntiWrinkleInjections #WrinkleRelaxingInjections #SkinTreatment #LipFillersPowys #LipFillersShropshire #LipFillersOswestry #LipFillersWelshpool #LipFillersShrewsbury #Shropshire #Powys

Botox for a smooth forehead!
My patient is actually raising her eyebrows in the After picture, 10 days post botox treatment, and as you can see, the muscle isn’t contracting and causing lines and folds!
*note, Botox reaches its optimum effect at day 14!)
For my patient, we actually used baby botox as at rest she had a smooth forehead, but when raising her eyebrows the area became very creased. We therefore wanted to smooth the forehead, but still allow for natural movement of the eyebrows to ensure she looks natural when conversing/making facial expressions.
We can alter the dosage of Botox according to how much paralysis you want- some like to still have full movement of the brows, some like slightly reduced, and some like none at all! Aesthetics is not a one-size-fits-all, so we can accommodate according to your aesthetic goals •
💉 Procedure: forehead botox
👙 Product: botox (botulinum toxin)
😴 Anaesthesia: optional
😱 Pain level: minimal
💵 Price: £150
⏰ Time it takes: up to 15mins
📆 Recovery: no downtime
👀 Results: start to see the effects in 5days, full effect in 14days.
💍 Lasts: 3-6 months
📍Location: London, Essex, Herts
💌 Email: drsaetta@outlook.com
🌍 Website: link in bio
💣 Caution: must be performed by an experienced provider
Copyright 2017–18 by Dr Saetta MD, and AS Allure Aesthetics •

My client had been treated elsewhere previously, and felt she had lost volume to her top lip! Volume added to top lip and vermillion border of bottom only treated! She was over the moon with the results! #lips #lovelips #dermalfiller #aestheticpractitioner #aestheticspractitioner #chinfiller #jawfiller #lipfiller #emfaesthetics 💉💉💉

High Definition! 😍 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Created at Faces!
Add volume, shape & definition✨✨✨ .
Note : Individual results may vary according to metabolic rate and lifestyle factors. 👄👄👄

The masseter muscle is a major facial muscle located in the jaw that is associated with chewing and teeth grinding, TMJ or Bruxism. An enlarged masseter muscle can result in a wide, square or bulky jaw.
By injecting this muscle with Botox, the muscle weakens and over the course of times reduces in size. This enable us to alter the entire shape of the face, feminising it to be more heart shape and aesthetic.
Non-surgical jaw reduction is a very popular treatment as this method of face reshaping, without the need for surgical intervention, and thus without the associated expense and risks of surgery.
Botox injections for facial reshaping have become popular because of their cost effectiveness in conjunction with few side effects and for most patients there is no down time after the procedure. •

Gorgeous #VIVALips 😍 Enhanced volume so natural that nobody will be able to tell... Time is running out to redeem our 20% off King’s Road offer! The discount expires on 1st Oct so be sure to call and book to avoid disappointment. Valid on all first time appts at the new King’s Road studio, single treatments only. Tap the highlight in our bio for more info! (0.5ml - £250 / 1ml - £350) #TreatmentsWithDrRupert #VIVASkinClinics

👄Are you considering getting your lip enhanced? 👄.
Are you looking for a qualified, insured practitioner? 👩‍⚕️.
Are you looking for someone you can trust? 💖
I am a registered nurse who has worked in the NHS 👩‍⚕️ I am fully insured with Hamilton and Fraser and have been trained to advanced level in lip augmentation 👄.
Why not send me a message to discuss your lip needs and prices 💌

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is one of my favourite tricks in aesthetics. I have been straightening noses with fillers for ten years now and whilst I could often get a nice result by simply filling the bump, I often felt that it could look a little too straight. What I now do regularly is also add a little to the tip, to increase tip projection - a bit like a rhinoplasty surgeon might add a shield graft. This creates a slightly less sharp, and more natural look, like in this example here. What do you think?

This is a nice case to demonstrate the power of combining toxin and filler in the lower face.
1st image - Masseter toxin to relax the jaw muscle. This has a slimming effect on the lower face.

2nd image - Chin filler to subtly enhance profile
3rd image - Front on image demonstrating elongation of the chin and pre-jowl sulci. An overall slimmer, longer and more angular appearance. - Dr. Chris Hutton #dermalfillers #fillers #beforeandafter #massetertoxin #jawslimming #chinfiller #chinfillers #jawfiller #belfast #doctor #arrayaesthetics

The liquid nose-job!
My patient wanted a very subtle result, as her nose made her ‘her’. I totally appreciated that because as much as we aestheticians follow “aesthetic rules”, patient preference always comes first.
Here we straightened, smoothed and defined the bridge, and lifted the tip making the nose overall more aesthetic.
This gives the illusion of a smaller, more refined, and more feminine nose. •
💉 Procedure: Nose filler
👤 Product: Revolax SubQ (0.4ml in total)
😴 Anaesthesia: Topical & Local
🛠 Method: Needle
😱 Pain level: minimal.
⏰ Time it takes: 30 minutes.
📆 Recovery: 2 weeks swelling, possible bruising.
💍 Lasts: 9-18 months.
💵 Price: £330
📍Location: London, Essex, Herts
💌 Email: drsaetta@outlook.com
🌍 Website: link in bio
💣 Caution: must be performed by an experienced provider
Copyright 2017-18 by Dr Saetta MD, and AS Allure Aesthetics •

Jaw Line Popping 💎 ✏️ Please Note : Results may vary depending on the individuals anatomy, metabolic rate & lifestyle factors. 📱Info & price list available: www.Aurora-Aesthetics.co.uk 🏹Aim: Reshape, Rebalance & Define & Slim ❓How it works: Hyaluronic acid Injections.
🔪 Results: Immediately.
😴 Anesthesia: Topical Numbing Cream
⏱Time it takes: 30 minutes.
✖️Recovery: Swelling & bruising can occur
💷 Average cost : From £360
📅 Lasts 9-12months 📍Bristol 👩🏼‍⚕️ Treatments carries out by a Registered Nurse 💳 A Non-refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure appointments and is redeemed against the final cost of the treatment on the day of the treatment. 🔞Must be over the age of 18, ID May be required
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