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I fux with the fit #JasperDolphin

Here goes a drawing of @nastyboyjasper that looks nothing like him and of him wearing a Dragonite costume(that looks like a Charizard) smoking an L, riding a dolphin and ready to ride some roller coasters. Been a fan of him and Odd Future since middle school #ofwgkta #jasperdolphin #kindalookslikeDarkShark #artistsoninstagram

Black Man Logan ( NOIR VERSION )


My family is judging me because I'm eat pickles and frosting:/ • •

#tylerthecreator #tacobennett #jasperdolphin #mikeg #hodgybeats #domogenesis #earlsweatshirt #oddfuture #floggwang

5 reasons why Earl is one of the best rappers of the generation:
1. He's smart as hell
2. Talented as fuck
3. Uses metaphors like drinking water
4. He can rap over beats 94% of these rappers don't know how to flow over
5. If you've ever tried to freestyle you know how hard that shit is, Earl's freestyles are better than most of your favorite rappers hit songs
-drop a"👏👏" if you agree

Stop unfollowing me ahahah

What features would you like to see on Earl's next album? (Vince Staples, Goldlink, Knxwledge for me)
- but mood asf rn people get on my nerves😒

Which Earl are you today?😂 (1 and 7 asf)



Dad is finally back on tv again😭 he came so far over these years people on the past making fun of him for eating the roach🙄now he has sold out shows,clothes,tv show with adult swim & vice along with campflognaw coming up😫 he grew as an individual over these years & is only going to get more & more big🌻 love you T💕 see you next Friday🤘🏽

Do you skate? (Used to)

I want cheese fries rn

I dreamt I had this shirt, it was good while it lasted

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