Damn I pulled a Croatia on this one 🇭🇷 Somehow I made it to the finals and for the third time in this comedy tournament I came in 1st place! 🥇

It Took me a handful of days to process the SOLD OUT semi-final show that took place last Wednesday at comedy Bar. I am absolutely OVERWHELMED by the support of my friends and my peers for coming and showing mad love. I would say the same for my family but unfortunately that’s not the case.
My mom would throw sandals at me if she saw me doing standup 🤪

That being said I will be moving on to the finals of COMEDY BRAWL which takes place on OCTOBER 20th. I don’t blame anybody who won’t be coming to the show because it’s 25$ a ticket and we live in a city where the rent is out of control 🏠



PARIS 🇫🇷 BERLIN 🇩🇪 LONDON 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Amsterdam 🇳🇱 I have confirmed my show in Berlin and I’m scheduled to perform in London for a few shows. A hobby is turning into a career and I cannot thank everyone enough. You guys are the fucking best 💙

I love you all and I will have more info confirming Europe later on this week. 🎤

Yours truly,

People “in the know” make sure they identify and sit near exits. Try it for a week. In a large meeting room? Sit near an exit. Movie theater? Be by an exit. In the event of an emergency you will be best positioned to get out quickly. This is one of the easiest personal safety habits to develop.

Do you know where your closest fire alarm is? Quick, do you know where it is at your workplace? Or other places you frequent? You should know. Practice daily by noticing where fire alarms are where ever you go.

Any geeky kids dream wrapped into a movie. !Spoilers! Man I love this movie! The story grabbed my attention and the humor was incredible. It felt like Jason Bourne, Marvel, Transformers, and Star Wars had a baby! I cared about the characters and the plot of the movie. It gave me a villain that I loved to hate! So many Easter eggs that I bet that some still haven’t been found and they will not be found for many years to come. Honestly this movie was just a fun ride with great acting,humor and storytelling. The final battle was easily the highlight of the film with Spartans,Spawn,Nightwing, Overwatch,Chucky,etc. All of these against a giant freakin robotic Godzilla and thousands of robotic minions. Man I can not recommend this movie enough!9/10 #readyplayerone #marvel #starwars #jasonbourne #transformers #bumblebee #captainmarvel #infinitywar

Uno que quería desde hace mucho #jasonbourne #robertludlum

Bourne confessing to Neski's daughter. -
Some criticized Greengrass for the super shaky camera style, but it undeniably works for this action story. And DoPs on a budget still copy it. This last part is most striking because its one of the only ones with no action, but camera style is consistent. -
'The Bourne Supremacy' (2004)
Dir: Paul Greengrass
DoP: Oliver Wood -
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The Bourne Identity (2002)
Jason Bourne ditemukan mengembang di laut Mediterania dan tersangkut di jaring nelayan. Ketika seorang dokter di kapal tersebut memeriksanya ia menemukan dua buah luka yang diakibatkan oleh peluru. Dengan hanya bermodalkan kode tersebut Jason Bourne melakukan perjalanan ke Swiss. Dia mendapatkan akses untuk mengambil deposit di bank tersebut berisikan pistol, uang, dan paspor. Dalam hitungan menit Jason Bourne mulai dikejar-kejar oleh agen pemerintah untuk menangkap Jason Bourne. Dengan berbekal uang 20.000 dollar ia mendapatkan bantuan dari seorang nomadic bernama Marie untuk diantarakan menuju Paris.
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T Rilis : 14 Juni 2002

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