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Thank you @therabidmechanic_hvca for the custume build last night Ohmie. @thephillb look I had her done for the goon rda bro! @inked_up_chico_trw_reallife #godhasmyback #japaneseorganiccotton #hvac #vapefam #vapelife @amber_cole

А вот и ватка подъехала))
#japaneseorganiccotton #vapenation #вата

By @mr.cloudz "Wicked 'n ready to go #japaneseorganiccotton

Omg! I just took 3 hits from my new Snubnose RDA by @the__vapors & I fell in love with it already !!! 🔥✨
Just did a simple 24 ga Royal wire by @dryx_93 build, 7/8 wraps ohmed out to .35 ...
Wicked with @japaneseorganiccotton!
UGHMAZING flavor !!! & clouds 😜
If you want to see it in action I posted a few quick videos on my snapchat (JuicyClouds)
Check out my @teamroyalwires_fl for more intricate builds by my teammates 😋

Finally arrived.
The combo rogue + alpine is phenomenal; This atomizer is really a bomb.
Still a thank you for the @ave40official guys, i'm very happy for my winning.

#vapelife #alpinerdta #syntheticloud #ave40 #roguemod #handcheck #ecig #kiloeliquids #japaneseorganiccotton #528customvapes


Starting my morning with a fresh set of #Fraple coils and some delicious #IceyPeachRings from @subzerojuiceco The subtle hint of menthol added to the sweet/sour notes of peachy goodness makes for a fantastic summer vape. Rocking my @lunaseamods #Luna1 paired with my @hyonmods / @hyonusaofficial #Pi2

Happy 4th of July everyone! Spending my day getting ready to move, but at least I have some #IceyPeachRings from @subzerojuiceco and some #JellyFish (regular peach rings) from @majorleaguedripclub Stay safe and sane everybody, I don't want to hear about missing fingers.

P1E • admiral shirt • release date 8.17 • ❤️a good #snapfront #detailiseverything #doubleneedle #japaneseorganiccotton #cmotastudio #theartofutility

Nothing like a fresh set of #Aliens to get your afternoon started right.
Laced these little beauties in the #DrugaRda from @augvapeofficial / @drugaworld and think I have found my preferred build for it.
Dual Tri-Core Alien
3x 26 #N80 cores
Alien with 34 #N80
6 wraps 3mm ID .1Ω

Felt like building with an old school technique today in my @augvapeofficial / @vapeshouse #Druga and was able to get one decent color shot before they went to shit
Dual Zipper Coils
2x Dual strand 26 #N80 twisted
6 wraps (12 total) 3mm ID .14Ω

Beautiful shot from my buddy @joliver2910 rocking my most recent coil shot in his @hyonmods / @hyonusaofficial #Pi2 paired with his @lostvapedistribution #Triade250

Trying my luck with another attempt at a clean macro shot. I put this build together weeks ago but never got around to posting it.
Staggered Fused Clapton Parallel
2x 28 #N80 cores
32 #N80 Clapt / Stagger
Para 26 #N80
5/4 wrap 3mm ID .18Ω

Final shot to wrap up this #FramedStapleAlien build in the @districtf5ve / @mysterymodco #CSMNT I really enjoy the option to install using opposing terminals when building large multi-core coils.

Loving the shift of the purple outside wraps with the blue inside wraps. I think I might have one last shot at this angle to post, possibly followed by either a slo-mo or full cloud clip. Killing bottles of @shijinvapor #PeachLemonade

Purples breaking away to blues on these last few pulses. This was a fun little series that I hope you have enjoyed, so thank you for barring with me 🙏

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