Evil dead 2 Japan LD - one of the few LDs where I like the US cover more! Have also added the back of the evil dead sample LD, my other post contains the wrong back for that - sorry

Hot Dog Japanese version
#laserdisc #japaneselaserdisc

Japanese Laserdisc Sample of Sam Raimi‘s The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead Japanese regular edition. Ugly LD, classic movie 🖤

The Hamster factor
Making of and behind the scenes of 12 Monkeys
#laserdisc #japaneselaserdisc

The Brother from another Planet
#laserdisc #japaneselaserdisc

Salute the jugger aka Blood of Heroes
#laserdisc #japaneselaserdisc

Do you read sutter cane? Sealed Japan LD of one of my favorite John Carpenter movies 🔥🔥🔥

After Night of the living Dead, George A. Romero lifted the Zombie Genre to a whole new level. I love the Japan perfect collection, containing the Argento cut as well as the Director’s cut. Which version do you prefer? Comment below!

Work is giving me the creeps at the moment, due to the amount of sleep which is missing I will soon turn into a Zombie 🧟‍♂️ love that Japanese box set of this classic, it contains tons of special features and an interview with the maestro himself 😍😍😍 Must own for a horror LD collector!

Monday afternoon, time to see how Fool is doing 😅 Cravens People under the stairs has in Germany the title House of the Forgotten. Love the Japanese LD cover, really well done!

Sunday is my lazy day. Gonna put some trash movie in the player. The cover of the Japan LD just suits the movie, totally tasteless 😂

Spinning is winning, going with a total classic today - the mummy. Love the universal monster movies, who else does? The Japan LD is pretty nice, especially the cover with the obi

In the mood for a little fun splatter Friday 😊 spinning Bride of Re-Animator

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