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Já que é dia do trabalhador borá mostrar trabalho, rs.
Filme "The Pretenders" com #JamesFranco #JaneLevy #JunoTemple #JackKilmer 🎥🎬
From the movie "The Pretenders"

Love this scene! ❤️ Love this movie! 🖤 Please don't compare it to the original which is a classic in a class of its own. #evildead2013 #janelevy #gorefest


Movie Review: #DontBreathe
I realize by now that many of you are probably sick of hearing me talk about this film, but I'm gonna discuss it tonight because why fucking not. Now, I may not love this one as much as I used to, but let me tell you that it is still fucking excellent. It's just weird, because even though I've seen this movie plenty of times already, it still manages to get under my skin each time. It also gets more disturbing after each time I view it, like I don't know I just can't explain why. Enough of that, let's talk about the film itself: This soon-to-be modern classic takes the average home invasion film and completely twists and turns it around. You may think that you know what's going to happen, but no you fucking don't. This film throws unexpected shit at you from completely out of the blue, and it is just fantastic. Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette both gave great performances. You care about what happens to them, and you want to see them escape safely. Dylan Minnette is one of my favorite actors working now a days tbh, he's criminally underrated and I'm really hoping that 13RW earns him more work because he is excellent in that, this, and Goosebumps. The real show stealer, however, is obviously Stephen Lang. Holy shit don't ever break into that man's home! You're made to think that he is this helpless, blind war veteran loner living alone. But no, absolutely fucking not. He has some very dark secrets, and I was incredibly invested with his character throughout the film. Not only just the acting, but the musical score by Rogue Baños is masterful, and the directing by the also very underrated Fede Alvarez is exceptional. I do have a couple minor issues with the film, however: I did not give a shit about Money. It's not about the actor who portrayed him, it's just about the character and you can tell from the beginning that he is pretty much just scum. That and the film does lose rewatchablity, but not by very much considering that I still love it an awful damn lot. Overall, Don't Breathe is honestly one of the best horror/thrillers of the decade, and I am very proud to own this near masterpiece. Don't Breathe gets a 9.5/10.

Un regalo de cumpleaños adelantado... Por mi 😍 #dontbreathe #horror #janelevy #dylanminnette #stephenlang #fedealvarez #bluray #loveit 💜

Here's a new poster i finished! Started on it before it was announced that Curtis & Carpenter were returning, so that's how i finished it. (Full version @ Facebook). I'm working on one for the NEW Halloween film. -
#halloween #hall9ween #halloween9 #joshhartnett
#janelevy #nicolebeharie
#michaelmyers #theshape #halloweenH20 #johnstrode #halloweenresurrection
#johncarpenter #halloween1978
#horrorjunkie #IGhorror #michaelmyers #drloomis #horror #instahorror #horrorgeek #horrorfan #horrornerd

WcW #janelevy my love for you has grown over the years. You rockk babe ♥💀

I am generally not one for remakes, but the #EVILDEAD remake is stellar. Go watch it! Jane Levy is amazing in this.
#groovy #hell #bookofthedead #horror #necronomicon #janelevy

October Movie .31
Evil Dead (2013)
[d. Federal Alvarez]
One of my absolute favorites that came out not too long ago. Fede Alverez takes everything crazy about the original Evil Dead and turns it up to 11. October Movie #31. And only at the midway point for the month. Here's to 31 more. Lofty goals. Bwahahahah!

#steelbookmonth 8/30 Steelbook de un remake. Soy muy fan del remake que Fede Alvarez hizo de una de mis películas favoritas. Este Steel me encanta porque es otro de esos en los que no se limitan a poner una imagen de la película. #evildead #theevildead #fedealvarez #remake #steelbook #horrorgram #instahorror #instamovies #moviegram #cinema #movie #gore #slasher #janelevy #sam #raimi #brucecampbell

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