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From Inland Empire to San Diego - then expanding to Orange County...and other events coming up these next few months; the work is being done, much more than what you visibly see. It's nice to see comments like this- it confirms that James and I are on the right path. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ we put our all in what we do and nothing less, ever.

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I'm the trainer that's so passionate, I have a potty mouth - and my athletes don't mind it what so ever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ almost to the 20lbs mark with my girl @megan_bissell and she's not stopping anytime soon. PROUD PROUD PROUD!!! love you Megan! Let's keep going Mama πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ thank you for giving it your all.

A consistent work in progress - but please take a look, link is in my bio 😊 much more content is underway! A huge thank you to my cousin @remilla for her patience and hard work to get this off the ground running. Cover photo by none other than my @seeleyfit family πŸ’ͺ🏽 #seeleyfitathlete - next, a YouTube channel! Is there anything you'd like me to go over, share or discuss? I was thinking of sharing the remainder of my prep in detail with you: the experience and how I do it while running my household and my businesses. Let me know & comment!


From 2013 to 2015, I had the competition bug, BAD. I competed about every 3 months & threw countless hours into training, posing practice, meal prep...as well as the physical and mental dedication it required. Why? I was in love with the process of challenging myself. May of last year, I swore left and right that I'd be hanging up my bikini and heels for awhile. Thinking that my time on stage had come and gone- that I would never have the conditioning, my loose skin hurt my chances, or it just wasn't meant to be. I took 6 months to gather myself, focus on the success of my business and most importantly, my family. It was a much needed hard reset to the indigenous prep life I'd become so used to living. Something snapped inside though..."why give up after years of investing your time?" I never stopped loving the stage or the art of competing. I knew I was capable...so I thought, why the fuck not?! I'm in a better place and not hung up on my past anymore. I gave it another go and blew all my previous performances away. The difference? My heart, mind and body were 100%. I was in tune with myself. It's absolutely true: when you're in the right state of mind, and have full control of your actions, thoughts and emotions, you can do anything. This is me in the best state of my own being as a competitor. I was aware of myself, confident and most of all, HAPPY.

And for those who are asking, yes...I will be back on stage this year, because this is going to be greatest one yet. What is my why for competing? I love it, and expect nothing out of it because the journey itself is the true prize. Whatever comes of it, is just a result of my passion for this sport. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ™‚ @teamedge1 @ingridromerobikinis @cosmetae_beauty @evogennutrition @all_that_glitters_gems @cheatthebeach_bikinisnmartinis @theshoefairy_ @simply.prepped @musclecontest @spectrumfitnessproductions
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Don't fall into the hands of paying an arm and a leg for personal training! Think about what you're spending - total up the amount of money spent on eating out and unhealthy foods vs. investing in a PT, especially one of us at #TheFacility. We tailor EVERYTHING to our people and make sure they're well taken care of! Extreme attention to detail goes into what we do, as we love it! No overhead, no crazy fees. We are our own trainer and can customize anything specific to your goals. I have spots available for in person training as well as online training, both are limited! I love training here not only because I am my own trainer, but because the vibes are amazing and my fellow PTs are the baddest in the Valley πŸ’ͺ🏽 email me at jengaleng@gmail.com

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Ask any of our trainers for a free introduction to @selfmadetrainingfacility #WhereChampionsAreSelfMade www.SelfMadeTrainingFacility.com

Caught in the act of RBF + AM cardio πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ interval work on the stairmaster!

Friday was DAY 1 of my #JENGALENGCHALLENGEv2!! And it will be WEEK 6 of #JENGALENGCHALLENGE on Tuesday! I have so many dedicated and hardworking people doing their best to change their lives and are yielding amazing results from the inside out πŸ™ŒπŸ½ it has been an honor to be a part of so many journeys.

If you are seeking help:
Meal Planning + Guidance
Workout + Cardio Schedule
Supplement Advice
One on One Training Sessions
Small Group Training
(All in person sessions done at @selfmadetrainingfacility and occasionally at World Gym SD)
Bikini Posing Practice + Competition Advice

Email me at jengaleng@gmail.com - I'm seeking motivated individuals that are looking for the change in their life.


How many times have you fumbled? Can you count every moment you doubted yourself? Or, can you even remember the last time you believed that you could do anything? Do you have a goal? WHAT'S STOPPING YOU? What excuses do you have? WHY NOT?

I hold my head up high and always look back to where I began as a constant reminder. I no longer ache from my past - but use it as a means to show the reality of my struggle. I did NOT give up on myself at the very moment I was about to surrender. I'll never forget this day, looking at myself in the mirror, weeping. Taking this picture had a deep purpose: that I would NEVER let this happen to me again, or let it sink me.

With all that I've been through, I found light. I have a PURPOSE. And there is pure substance, heart and PASSION as to why I do what I do. I walk every step on a mission to provide for others. I share my story - I reveal my every emotion. I no longer fear judgement. I have no desire to impress anyone. I accept who I am and embrace who I once was. Obesity is real, being overweight is real, depression is real: this was my LIFE. If you stand at this similar crossroad, and you're on the verge of breaking...it's time to break FREE.

Transform your life. Take control. LIVE!

My athlete is gearing up for her #NPCbikini debut at @musclecontest #SDChampionships! She converted from lifestyle prep to bikini prep and has progressed beautifully. Let's see what these last 10 weeks has in store for her πŸ’ͺ🏽
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I don't normally toot my own horn but since training with @jengaleng I have toned my stems down THREE INCHES. With that being said TOOT TOOT πŸŽΊπŸŽ‰

Can't sleep...looking at my stage photos and watching the video of my posing. Studying what improvements I need to make! I'm officially back to the drawing board with my new plan in hand. Always working towards my best and enjoying the challenge.
Tip on stage presence: smile naturally, engage with your eyes and let the judges know you're happy to be there! Don't be nervous, have fun presenting your weeks of hard work and sacrifice.

Feeling positive and excited to see what these next 9 weeks will bring! πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ


This is probably the best thing I've seen today that made my heart smile ❀️ my longtime friend turned bikini athlete @itsthe_dre practicing her routine and having my niece record her, that shows so much support! Her voice and laugh is everything. This goes to prove that even in a "One Man" and seemingly selfish sport, we're unable to push to the extremes without the support of our loved ones; especially as a Mom; our own children. So to my fellow Moms out there holding down your fort and prepping: I commend you! πŸ’ͺ🏼
#FitMom #MomOf3 we're less than 4 weeks away from @npcwestcoast! #JJBikiniSquad will be rolling through deep 🀘🏼
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Reviews are starting to go up! Let's make things live on my #Facebook business page πŸ’ͺ🏼
Take a look as things start to expand there!
Visit: www.facebook.com/janejoaquincpt
Thank you @melaniemayann for your kind words. πŸ’ͺ🏼 it's always been a pleasure...since 2015!
To all my past, present and future athletes and clients, please feel free to visit this page.
Much more changes and new things to come!
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Because it's #womencrushwednesday! Who runs the world? #GIRLS 🌎
Surround yourself around like minded people who are ready to take the next step. Whether it be in your career, relationships/networking, physical, or mental/emotional-- always aim high and reach even higher!
Proud to call these women (not all are captured) my Athletes. Not just my #JJBikiniSquad, but EVERYONE I train! You all inspire me to continue to expand my craft as your Trainer/Coach and to push harder as an individual & always grow/improve.
I have always been an Advocate of change, pushing limits and transforming. I've been helping others for the past few years, and it's been nothing short of life changing, for both myself and the women that I've helped.
Today and everyday I dedicate to you...my #BADASSES!
Who wants to be a badass? Push & be pushed? I'm ready; whether you know it or not you are too πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Email: jengaleng@gmail.com
-Personal Training at @selfmadetrainingfacility
-Online Challenges and Training Plans
-Bikini Competition Prep
-Bikini Competition Posing (you won't find anyone quite like me...😎)
[next shows coming up for my girls: @npcwestcoast - @musclecontest - @garyudit]
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Good Morning! Weight and Confidence: how many people feel more confident when their scale reflects a specific number? Can confidence go both ways?
I've been on both ends- left photo was back in 2008 during a birthday boudoir shoot. I was almost 200lbs, and was having the time of my life, not knowing how I physically looked.
Right photo is a few months ago, a day after my 11th bikini competition and weighing in at about 115lbs. I can honestly attest, that I felt equally confident in both, but more at peace on the right; because I consciously put in the effort to better myself and take charge of my health.
Perspective is everything when it come to embarking on a weightloss journey. You can make it subjective or objective. No matter what the end goal is, the focus should be put on your overall well being as a whole.
Obsessing over the scale? Obsessing over having a 6-pack? How about having the health to be able to workout? Or being emotionally happy about making progress, big or small?
Think positive and work hard. I always tell my clients this. Make it a mantra!
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My first test pair of leggings. Logo designed by my talented cousin @goodnoteshop @remilla last year, it has such meaning behind it πŸ™ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ printing some more items before I begin making them for my clients and anyone else that would like a pair that's supported me along the way 😊

#janejoaquin #jjbikinisquad #anythingispossible #fitmom #personaltrainer #mentor #coach #jengaleng

I've had a long ass day. A great one! From 4am and still going. I've trained my morning and evening clients, checked in with my bikini athletes, attended an all day health expo, worked on emails, now sitting here trying to code my website and fix the issues with our email (resolved as I type). Tomorrow is another 330am wake up call for cardio, then clients until 1pm then back to switching between multiple hats. Did I mention that I'm crazy enough to try and open another another business or two? And open up our kitchen in 2017? I'm nuckin futs. My business ADD is now beginning to surface, and I don't do it just to say I "did it", I'm making all attempts because the chase is in my blood. Working hard, but working smarter, and still managing to progress and grow, getting it done. I want to create something bigger and can withstand the test of time. I'm a Mom, a Wife, an athlete, multi-business owner and lifechanger of sorts. I do everything but can't perform the act of getting each task done by myself. The next step is delegating and building a network to support all of its growth. Everything I'm doing now will pay off in the future, where I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I'm determined, I'm excited, and I'm no where near slowing down. ✌🏼️😊 #wifemomentrepreneurbikiniathlete #janejoaquin #jjbikinisquad #simplypreppednutrition #thechase #passionandpurpose #nonstop #alwayson

This is the current state of jengaleng πŸ™ƒ there has been so much going on since 2016 has kicked off.

I can sit here and name everything but rather I'd tell you that if you have a dream, it's worth the chase. I am always ON-- no matter where or what I'm doing there's a trail following behind of ideas, brainstorms, concepts & things to do or delegate. It's become my life at the moment and although there are growing pains, discoveries and lessons learned, I will never choose another life.

Cheers to people who are always working and never settling for anything less than mediocrity!


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From Inland Empire to San Diego - then expanding to Orange County...and other events coming up these next few months; the work is being done, much more than what you visibly see. It's nice to see comments like this- it confirms that James and I are on the right path. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ we put our all in what we do and nothing less, ever.

#SimplyPreppedNutrition #SimplyPrepped #JaneJoaquin #Entrepreneurship #BusinessOwners

Monday Motivation...to be on the sandy beaches in another country with my mister once again! Until then, our focus is on building @simply.prepped and my brand to a whole new level...all while we raise our kids, both prep for our next show and everything else in between πŸ˜ŠπŸ΄πŸ‘™πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹πŸΌπŸ’»πŸ“· #teamjoaquin

It has been somewhat of an eye opening trip for me, other than the amazing things we've been able to do and being with James - I rediscovered my #weakness and #strength. Being in front of people who are from complete walks of life and in a bikini made me feel somewhat self conscious, but at the same time empowered. I realize that I may not be the most desirable person to get in front of a camera for living or even at all - but I do it to serve as a reminder of where I was in that very moment. I had the pleasure of shooting with amazing friends who are photographers (@seeleyfoto @douglarsonphoto @myronpyatt) on this trip, and am thankful for their passion and efforts to take time to capture moments for those who came along. What they may not know, is what they got a glimpse of - may not have been me at my physical best, but mentally and emotionally, my all time best. Sometimes, I can catch myself with emotions of insecurity, but why? I've come a far ways from my past. Being able to put things into perspective is something I'm so grateful for. It makes me free and much happier.
Thank you Puerto Rico for sharing your beauty and allowing me to open up a bit more. I had a fun time here! Vacations are more than relaxation and hitting the reset button...its to find and fall I love with yourself, and have a refreshed perspective. β€οΈβ˜€οΈ

Having one on one time with James on this trip allowed us to discuss and connect about a lot of things: our marriage, the family, our future. These past few months he's been ready to move forward on creating his own business and asked me to help (of course). Going over the plan, logistics and moving forward as soon as get back stateside. Beginning February, James will be starting his meal prep and delivery services, assisting everyone in the #InlandEmpire, #OrangeCounty and #NorthCountySanDiego! We are staring this up strong and with a solid game plan. Proud of James, going back to his original passion of culinary arts and combining it with his passion for fitness. To inquire about what we have to offer, please feel free to email me or go to my website and fill out the contact us form. πŸ™‚πŸ’ͺ🏽

This video does no justice on how beautiful the sun and sand is here...#bts of our beach shoot day with @myronpyatt - enjoying our last few days in #puertorico #sanjuan and going to enjoy!

Although I have been caught "working" a little here and there, this vacation was needed to unwind and reflect. You only live once...make the moments count and each one of them worth while. βœŒπŸΌοΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡·β˜€οΈβ€οΈ

Flex and Smile! It's contagious 😁πŸ’ͺ🏼 night sessions done and ready to wind down. But first...#lemmetakeaselfie another day in the books! Rocking my @self_made_family_apparel joggers and that side ponytail is on pizzoint! Give me a scrunchie and crimping iron and we're back in the 90s 😎

A year ago I left the #scrublife πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰ I worked in Psychiatry, Cardiology and Endocrinology research for 10 years, and spent the majority of my tenure in #Diabetes. I was the wiz at insulin pumps + infusion sets, continuous glucose monitoring systems + sensors, glycemic clamps, #glucometers, glucose analyzers and #insulin. That part of my life I will always hold near and dear to me for what I've learned!

I loved prepping, working on my health and being an example to my patients and peers-- that they could also live a balanced and happy lifestyle without having to sacrifice much. As a healthcare worker, I wanted to help people in that line of work to "practice what they preach" and lead by setting the standard in self-care, health and well being.

I am on the road to helping local doctor's offices and small medical clinics and their staff to get on the ball and begin working towards optimal health. Hosting in office challenges, providing RD prescribed nutrition plans and boot camps exclusively for them!
If you know or work for an office that is seeking someone that will facilitate a healthier approach in life - please email me: jengaleng@gmail.com for more information. πŸ’ͺ🏼

#MorningHairDontCare Can you see me? πŸ‘€ #JENGALENG πŸ––πŸΌ glute/hammy gains in my @jfitnesswear leggings πŸ‘ breakfast made in the microwave - I nuked egg whites, oats, cinnamon and stevia for about 2 mins (stir after a minute in) and out comes fluffy oats πŸ˜† if I have fats I'll have a half tbsp. of PB - then eat a side of spinach with lemon juice for my veggies. Eating this way requires little effort, just throw you food in a insulated bag (@fitmarkbags is my go to) and voila! Easy peasy. I'm always on the go leaving my house so I hardly eat at home. I make it work however way I can! If you need pointers on how to make life easier with meal prep let me know!

Pushing and pulling big weights today! My #BEAST @sarahtflores getting down on 40s for the first time πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼 @selfmadetrainingfacility she miiiiight be my next bikini competitor πŸ˜‰πŸ‘™

Progress with my #lifestyletraining client Cynthia! We have been working together for 2 months and she has pushed hard even through the holidays πŸ’ͺ🏽 she has lost a total of 12 pounds and 12 inches! A #SAHM of 4, she is doing all her workouts at home while running a tight ship. You don't need a full gym to reach your goals. AWESOME JOB MAMA! So proud of all the work you've done. πŸ’ͺ🏽❀️ keep pushing hard and reach for the stars! ---------------------------------------------
For online or in person training inquiries, feel free to email me at jengaleng@gmail.com

My bikini athlete @melaniemayann drives from Oceanside every Monday to train and pose πŸ’πŸΌ she's 9 weeks out from her first bikini competition! Proud of her progress and all she has done to get this far. πŸ’ͺ🏽 it has been a pleasure working with this fit mom!

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