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What it’s like to have a warmblood x thoroughbred 😍
She’s pretty speedy and this was from when she was really unfit when she’d just come back off of loan😂
Anyway, I rode Zarah tonight bareback in a head collar just to see how she was and she was amazing! We jumped a 2ft6-3ft course so I’m really proud of her! 💗😝

Lovely day at the yard yesterday in the snow! ❄️
Rode Jaz in the morning and zarah in the afternoon and both of them were so good! 😇
#saharadriftingsands #jamminit #matleysidney

1 year with my heart horse❤️
I love you so much Jammin It😍🐴
I’ll never realise how lucky I am to have such an awesome pony💞
Can’t believe it’s been a year, feels like way longer!! 💗

Tb to summer, what I’d do to have her jumping like she did back then!🙏🏼
Excuse the eq lol, she kept refusing and I didn’t know if she was gonna do it or not so yeah, got left behind a bit ahah😂

Can’t believe I would’ve had this nutter a year a week today!! ❤️
Love this little munchkin so much😍

Happy Valentine’s Day to my little loves!
Who needs boys when you’ve got ponies? 😂
#saharadriftingsands #jamminit

Sorry. Not sorry. Strawberry jam is probably the hardest jam to make. It is notorious for not setting. I am adamant about not using commercial pectin setting agents, something that strawberry jam recipes rely on to get a good set. Whilst my jam is not that thickish gelatinish consistentcy, it is thick with whole stawberries and certainly doesn't slop off the scones. Whew ! Just had to blow my own trumpet cos no one else is going blow it for me ! #crikeymeheadishuge #bitfullonwen #willshutupthen #jamminit #homemade #nothingartificial #bloodygood #pure #centralvictoria #macedonranges #kyneton #ormondpark

Happy 11 months and 1 day (because I forgot to post it yesterday) miss Jazzy Poo❤️
Can’t believe it will have been a year next month!! 🤗
My little girl makes me prouder each day😘

#jamminit 💞

Empresses with manes #jamminit

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