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¡¡Con el gran James Newton Howard!! ❤ Gran concierto en el Palacio Euskalduna #jamesnewtonhoward #bilbaopuertodearte #nosinmifirma

I swear I saw #JamesNewtonHoward on the freeway today getting off on the National exit off the #405. Whoever that was was the spitting image, and unfortunately this was the only shot I could get to show you guys.

Questa foto ha un grande significato per me come per tanti di voi, fan
di Harry Potter. Sono stato a Londra a conoscere #JamesNewtonHoward.
Grazie a @warnerbrositalia ho vissuto una
fantastica esperienza negli Abbey Road Studios . Ho avuto il piacere
e l'onore di ascoltare la nuova colonna sonora di #AnimaliFantastici..
non potete capire l'emozione ...

The Dark Knight Live symphonic concert (Part2)


Solo queda dar las gracias por dejarme participar en este concierto, por tratarme tan bien en todos los ensayos y por conocer a gente con tanto talento 🔝❤😊 #jamesnewtonhoward #BOS #EUSKALDUNA #lacoraldebilbao @andreacomptonn @javier_ruescas

rester saine d'esprit en fin de session. #jamesnewtonhoward

#tbt to 2006 with composer #jamesnewtonhoward whose scores for Waterworld, Wyatt Earp, King Kong, The Fugitive, Alive, Dinosuar, The Hunger Games, The Dark Knight, Flatliners, Falling Down, French Kiss, Restoration, Dave, The Village, Unbreakable, Primal Fear, Hidalgo, Signs, My Best Friend's Wedding, Devil's Advocate, and Prince of Tides are just a few of my favorites. He's a fucking genius and a living well of inspiration.


Are you, are you coming to the tree? TÄVLING: Vill du sjunga ”The Hanging Tree” från The Hunger Games live inför storpublik då kompositören James Newton Howard kommer till Stockholm och Malmö i november? Länk till tävlingen finns i bion. #JamesNewtonHoward #hungergames

"A Watchful Guardian"
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
#hanszimmer #jamesnewtonhoward #score #soundtrack #thedarkknight #batman

Blast from the past 3. James Newton Howard playing in the Elton John Band tour of 1980.
(I managed to saunter up to the stage for this pic without any bother from security).
JNH has gone on to score over 100 films. Has a Grammy, Emmy and 8 Oscar noms. Hunger Games score for example... that's him!
One amazing musician, look him up!
#jamesnewtonhoward #perthentertainmentcentre #musicians #eltonjohnband #analoguephoto #filmphotography #scannednegative

What an honor it was to learn from James Newton Howard last night! His music has inspired so many of us and brought life to so many incredible films. I hope to one day impact lives through composition as he has done. 😊 #lacmofficial


Random Three Legendary Lawyer Movie: Part.2
Did you forget how insane The Devil's Advocte was? I have little to say about this movie but I hope that the less I write, the better the result. 'Cause you know, be a lawyer meaning, it is equivalent to defending the devil. This is not an insult if you know the true nature of being a lawyer.
Kevin Lornax, a ruthless young Florida lawyer that never lost a case, even the most disgusting cases. After all his successes, a NewYork big law company giving an offer him. He went to with his wife to NY. Actually, he went to demons world without knowing. Company owner, everbody is turning around him. Is he center of this demons world? I don't know. Just watch it. Have a good watch!
Rastgele 3 Efsanevi Hukuk Filmi: Part.2
Film hakkında azbuçuk yazacağım ama ne kadar az olduğu o denli sağlam olduğuna işaret edecektir.
Kevin Lornax, Florida'da yaşayan ve hiç dava kaybetmeyen acımazsız bir avukattır, hemde en iğrenç davaları bile... Tüm başarılarından sonra, Newyork'lu büyük bir hukuk firması ona bir teklif yapar. Lornax, bunun üzerine eşiyle birlikte Newyork'a gider. Aslında o iblislerin dünyasına gitmiştirde haberi yoktur. Şirket sahibi, herkes onun etrafında dönmektedir sanki. O tüm bu iblislerin merkezinde ki kişi olabilir mi? İzleyinde görün o zaman. İyi seyiler!

A Movie by #TaylorHackford : #TheDevilsAdvocate (1997) - Şeytanın Avukatı

#KeanuReeves #AlPacino #CharlizeTheron #JeffreyJones #JudithIvey #CraigTNelson #JamesNewtonHoward #50thFloor #WallStreet #Manhattan #NYC #NewyorkCity #Warner #Diabolos #Lawyer #LawFirm #HolyBible #Demons #Court #BlackMagic #SevenDeadlySins #BasedOnNovel #Antichrist #Suspect #Cultmovie #Jury #Lucifer #babalarsinemasi

🎼🎶 _Are you, are you coming to the tree?
Where they strung up a man they say who murdered three
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree

_Are you, are you coming to the tree?
Wear a necklace of_* hope_ , side by side with me
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree
song by #JamesNewtonHoward

Arrival - Heptapod B by Jóhann Jóhannsson
This is absolutely amazing, I love the layering of voices with the constant back beat, it is just such a work of art. This piece is very warm, uplifting even. It genuinely feels like "connection", "understanding" distilled into song form. That sense of "I have been understood by someone else". The vocals throughout just highlight how absurd the noises we make are, the sounds and cries and vocalizations that are inherently meaningless until we have ascribed meaning to them. How we bridge the gulf between ourselves and the people around us, how we are dependent on that connection, that understanding in order to exist. Jóhann Jóhannsson is a totally different Music Composer. I have been listening to Horner, Newman, Shore, Newton Howard, Desplat, Giacchino, Vangelis & Zimmer for around 10 years. With no comparison i get different sounds from Johann which I haven't heard off late. A true composer whose music can be embraced by people of very diversified backgrounds across the planet. New waves and New Sounds ! His music is so contemporary and so influential! I'd say Tom Holkenborg(Junkie XL) too is on the verge of that music too! But still needs an improvement! I'm excited for his music on JL! Thanks Jóhann Jóhannsson...... for inspiring musicians for new and intuitive ways of making a music! That it can be evolving too! I'd recommend his own made albums of soundtracks! They're so brilliantly beautiful! 😍 #arrivalmovie #dennisvilleneuve #amyadams #jeremyrenner #bradfordyoung #jameshorner #thomasnewman #howardshore #alexandredesplat #jamesnewtonhoward #vangelis #michaelgiacchino #tomholkenborg #junkiexl #hanszimmer

"as a musician, you are nothing but everything you've heard before" -- a great class today with James Newton Howard, a film composer that I've always admired for his music (Pretty Woman, Prince of Tides, Hunger Games, Fantastic Beasts, etc) AND for working really hard (4-5 movies/year since 1985…+130 movies so far).
// "como músico, no eres sino todo lo que has escuchado antes" -- una gran clase hoy con #JamesNewtonHoward, un compositor de cine que siempre he admirado por su música (Sexto Sentido, Maléfica, Diamante de sangre, Batman Inicia, Batman El Caballero de la Noche, etc) Y por trabajar muy duro (más de 130 scores de películas en 32 años).

Such an honor meeting James Newton Howard tonight for @lacmofficial's Conversations with Composers! Turns out he shares my Hunger Games opinions and love of Beethoven. Such a great night!! ☺️👏🏻🎶#jamesnewtonhoward #lacmmasterclass #lacmofficial

#jamesnewtonhoward was awesome!!! Great Q&A! Awesome #composer #lacmofficial

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