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#JamesMangold doesn't get enough credit for this masterpiece. 😢😭💔 #Logan
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Finally finished this piece, happy with how it turned out...Thanks to everyone for their support throughout the process! ✍🏼 Graphite, Black Colored Pencil, and White ink on Stonehenge Polar White 90lb paper. 11"x14" #logan

Logan [2017]

DID YOU KNOW: Hugh Jackman originally didn't want Logan's death in the movie. He envisioned an ending similar to the movie Unforgiven (1992), the story of an assassin who just can't leave behind his violent lifestyle; that film concluded with the assassin killing numerous more people but surviving himself, forcing him to live on with this dark side of him. Howeverm director James Mangold was always committed to kill off Wolverine at the end. He convinced Jackman that Wolverine, who is plagued with immortality and a violent past, had finally deserved his peace in death. Mangold wanted Logan dying next to X-24 - the younger version of himself - as it was something "interesting on numerous psychological levels".

"Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still. Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still. Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still.
Listen to the words long written down.
When the man comes around." ⌛️
🎥: #Logan
✍🏼: 9/10

I've been totally neglecting to post my movies lately. Been waiting a while for this steelbook. That did a great job on it. Can't wait to check out the noir version! #logan #steelbook #hughjackman #jamesmangold #patrickstewart #dafnekeen #marvel #bestbuyexclusive #wolverine #xmen

Two of the very best films of 2017 came out today!
#logan is my favorite film so far this year. I am excited to watch the black and white version included here. And this nifty #targetexclusive comes with a photo book as well.
#getout is one of the biggest suprises of the year; it is hilarious, smart, suspenseful and damn original. Check it out!
#jamesmangold #jordanpeele


MOVIE REVIEW - Logan (2017) (R)
LOGAN is the best film of the year (so far). I'm not sure what else will come out later in the year, but right now, I think Logan deserves best picture at the Oscars. No, it will not win. But it definitely deserves a nomination.
This is the Wolverine film I've always wanted. It's violent, emotional, exciting, and heart-wrenching. It's not only the best X-Men film, but the best film of 2017.
Hugh Jackman gives what may be the best performance of his career. In his ninth time playing the same character, he still gives us something we've never seen from him before.
Patrick Stewart is fantastic as an older Professor X. But that goes without saying, I mean, Patrick Stewart is one of the greatest actors ever.
Daphne Keen gives a simply extraordinary performance. Her first film role, and she is able to act along with and against greats like Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. She's gonna be around in this business for a long, long time. That's for sure.
James Mangold has crafted a masterpiece. This film is a neo-noir science-fiction dystopian western epic. It feels like an epic, but also feels like a smaller and more contained story. It's so brilliant. I love what James Mangold did with Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, and The Wolverine. But Logan tops each film he's done so far.
Logan gave me everything I ever wanted from a Wolverine film. It's violent, beautiful, heart-wrenching, and epic all at the same time. It's the best X-Men film, and the best film of 2017 so far. I can't wait to check out the black and white version of the film.
LOGAN deserves a 10/10.

Today's Blu-ray Tuesday pickup is Logan! I wasn't originally going to pick this up, but I'm curious about the Noir edition and I had a $5 reward certificate for Best Buy lol. I have never been a fan of the Wolverine standalone films, but this one was really good. Please don't ask for digital copies if I don't know you. Thanks! #Logan #HughJackman #JamesMangold #PatrickStewart #Charles #DafneeKeen #Laura #Bluray #BlurayCollection #BlurayCollector #MovieCollection

Am I too late to send in my audition tape for Logan? I'm goingfor the role of Donald Pierce. #Logan #loganmovie #hughjackman #jamesmangold #boydholbrook

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