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i love donald sm

Who did it better?

I'm definitely happy with the Target exclusive version of #Logan I picked up today!

I'm looking forward to diving into the special features! (and yes, I use my digital codes!) #LoganNoir #Wolverine #OldManLogan #JamesHowlett #X23 #LauraKinney #XMen #TheXMen #XMenmovies #TheNerdTruth


AAAHHHH!! 😄😄😄 I just bought #Logan 😱😱😱 It came with 9 mini movie posters that change pictures from front to back!!! 😱😁 I Love This Movie So Much!!!! 😁😁😁😱 #HughJackman #Logan #JamesHowlett #Wolverine

Sayonara PT1
Japan, Kyoto 1964, Tsumi club. .
She swung the black suitcase in front of him, it landed on the wooden bar table that was stained with old stains of alcohol. He knew who she was... Minako /Mina/ Nakamura, an attractive Japanese female, in her mid twenties, former CIA agent who he was going to work with. At the view of the suitcase filled with classified information, money and bank checks men in black suits like his stood up from their bar chairs and stools. "They were already here. This jus' made 'em come out t' have fun, darlin'." The faint sound of tunes from the piano playing at the bar/club didn't stop filling the background of all of the movement. He could also hear the sounds of guns being pulled out and loaded in his ears. In seconds they were shooting them from across from the bar tables. The sharp bone claws tearing slowly at the meat of his knuckles, red blood pouring down his forearms. Logan took the suitcase from the table, bullets beginning to hit him. He grunted, and the feral took a half full glass of Japanese Sake from a table, downing all of the alcohol. Slamming the empty glass on the table next to him... It burnt down his throat, the blood pouring from it on the inside making it sting more than usual. He was covered in bullets. And the ones on the chest didn't hurt, the ones in the neck didn't either, face, legs, he is too angry to feel. Logan stabbed the man attacking nearest to him... He stabbed him through his forehead,
the brains spilling out of what remained of the mans head, falling with down onto the floor with blood. The Canadian agent took the gun and started shooting. Whoever that stood in his way of getting the suitcase out of the building. She gave him a red stained smile "You can't always brings bring knives to a gun fight" Logan grunted at her. Minako smiled again, and shot the last man inside of the bar, he knew there were more outside waiting for them when they walked out the front door. Logan took a motorcycle, her arms wrapped around his blood covered torso tightly, holding the suitcase, he left the bar, being followed by the men waiting for them outside. She turned around, //CIC//

Logan Nior!!! This version is amazing had the pleasure of seeing it at the #Eygptiantheater for a one time special screening!
Amazing work @wponx

#logan #logannior #wolverine
#weaponx #jameshowlett
#laurakinney #x23 #hughjackman #xmen
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Logan comes out today on Blu-ray and DVD! In addition, all of today's posts are inspired by the movie. Enjoy!
Art by Gabriele Dell'Otto @gabrieledellotto
#LauraKinney #JamesHowlett #X23 #Wolverine #Logan #DafneKeen #HughJackman #Mutants #XForce #Xmen #ProfessorX #Marvel #Comics

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