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When it gets really hot in the summer, my fingers swell. And it makes my wedding ring really tight and uncomfortable (maybe I need to drink more water 🤔) Anyways, I ordered this pearly white Qalo ring to solve my summer ring woes. Does this happen to anyone else?

#manimonday 💅🏼
When I'm not spending my Jamberry wages on tattoos,cute bowls or lipstick I'm buying new wraps 💜 🙈 ... These are the premium Jamberry/SoNailicious Collab wraps in "Geo French twist"
#jamberryuk #sonailicious #jamberryconsultant

Gimme all the blues! #sundaysneakpeek

Spot the difference!
Ok the gem has gone but that's my nail glue's fault 😣
When's the last time you paid roughly £3.50 for a mani to last this long and still look this good?
#jamberrynails #Jamberry #jamberryuk #nicenailsnotime

I've been wearing these gorgeous #chantillyjn nail wraps for 11 days now and they're still lush and lacy! They were perfect bridesmaid nails too! 💅🏼#jamberrynails #jamberryuk #jamberry

Saturday sleepover!
#jamberryuk #meghanmcewenjamberry

This is the view from my hotel room at Airth castle Hotel & Spa on Friday evening. What a great night it was!
#christmasnightout #christmasparty #jamberryuk #jamberryscotland #jamberryconsultant


This utterly perfect pastel lilac hue, 'She's Unavailable' is sure to be your new found favorite.
*TruShine Gel Enamel Colors are best used with TruShine LED or ColourCure UV/LED Curing Lamps, Base Coat and Top Coat. #shesunavailablejn #trushinegelenamel #mommybusiness #naillover #treatyournails #jamberry #jamberryuk #jamberrybyelisetaylor #taylorednails
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Love this wonderful lady! #mymum She came to visit and we got chance to do her nails! Swipe to see 💅🏻 She chose #seameetsshorejn #colourcure and #cherryblossomsjn for her #accentnails. She had such good taste! In fact she loved ColourCure that much she's only gone and ordered some. She now likes it more than wraps! So tell me - do you like her style?

Some subtle nails this time ! One of my favourite #stylebox wraps and #dontmindmejn #colourcure, check out the #octoberstyleboxjn wraps( swipe to see ) last chance to configure your stylebox tomorrow !! Get the amazing #exclusivewraps
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Gimme all the blues! #sundaysneakpeek

This is so true. Don't let your emotions control YOU. And if you haven't read "The 5 second rule" then DO!! #nailwrapsandmore

What will it be?
Do you want to be the trailblazer that people will remember or do you want to just be the cog in the wheel?
It's up to you!

Very foggy dog walk this morning in Meinweg. Bit erie among the trees but we saw lots including these mushrooms. They were huge! We checked for fairies but none hiding 😗

I love getting outdoors at the weekend. What are you up to today?


Pssst.... I'm going live at 3pm over on my FACEBOOK Business Page and I'm talking about what effects every one of us at some stage in life (or the week) them pesky 'Mind Monkeys'. Come over and say hello and share with me what is your biggest fear in your network marketing business (or in any business)
What does your own monkey say to you?
The link is on my bio 🦄

Tea and toast in peace. Lovely start to this sunny Sunday. What are you up to today?

I can't get enough of our new release jams & I honestly think this is our best catalog yet! I thought I'd try mixing it up a bit, and while these two awesome luster wraps don't technically "match", I'm really loving this combo. What do you guys think?
#bethsjamsoceangrove #bethanysjamberryaustralia #bethanysjamberrynails #jamberry #jamberrynails #jamberryaustralia #jamberrynails #jamberryoceangrove #jamberrygeelong #jamaddict #jamberrynailsindependentconsultant #jamberryindependentconsultant #jamberryuk #jamberrymexico #artedeuñas #jamberryespañol #jamberryuñas #manicuras #confessionsofajamaddict #nosuchthingastoomanyjams #berryfizzjn #undercoverloverjn

YAS! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 ..
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One of the biggest mistakes we make is assuming everyone thinks like us or sees the world in the same way we do. This may sound obvious but this disconnect is often at the root of much of conflict and intolerance in the world.
The more you travel to different countries or read about different cultures and time periods, the more you realize that your way of thinking is just one of many. There are many assumptions about good and bad that are not universally held. That's the reason we have wars-- because one person's idea of good is someone else's idea of bad.
For most of us, the belief systems we use to navigate our world are based on our culture, gender, economic group, assumptions, and time period into which we were born. But here's the kicker: most of these things are completely out of our control. We do not choose them, at least not initially.
This is great news! It means that we are not stuck with any particular set of beliefs or assumptions about the world. It means we can change them if we wish, and by doing so, change how we interact with others and the world. It also means we can work to understand other people's belief systems to cultivate more harmonious relationships.
Book: "Thirty" by Emily Maroutian
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