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...I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...unless I hide behind my box of #thirtyone goodies😄 Can't wait to see all the kool things @thirtyone sent me😍 A big thank you to @personalizeorganize for helping me stock up on birthday presents (for others AND for me😉) #lovethirtyone #lotsofgoodies

Isn’t this the cutest combo from my Jamsista. Just love her. ❤️❤️ #Repost. @jamminjules336 with @get_repost
With the weather being in the low to mid 80s lately, I couldn't bring myself to wear more snowflakes on my nails. So I went with these pretty icy blues/whites this week to try and stay with the winter theme. Loving these beauties! #jamminjules336 #catalinajn #copperascentjn #befearlessjn #itsthecatalinawinemixer

Holo Hearts! Alone or with color under, they are adorable. Which do you prefer? I can't choose! Snag these beauties for yourself, and don't forget: every time you buy 3 wraps, you get 1 FREE!


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I started with wraps but Gel Nails will always have a clean beautiful look! With a toddler I have no time for salons or the $45 price tag! I struggled at first to learn but its just like any skill. You get better every time. DIY is the way to go. Are you ready to make the switch and join me?
Check my previous post for a good deal!!!

Weekends = family time. Especially at this time of the year before all the usual weekend craziness (ie two daughters in a billion ballet classes!) recommences. This weekend our youngest is having her third birthday party and I’m off to a Jam training session with the one and only #barbarablock! I can’t wait to come home bursting with ideas and enthusiasm on Sunday night! #wraploveplay #jamfamily

Deal of the DAY! Calling all my GEL Lovers! Save money...Learn a new Skill...and Look Good! I can check off all your resolutions with this deal!! Are you ready to make the switch??? DM for DEAL Details!!

Another week, another Eagles mani. Used our #chromaticsjn #flarejn for the first time. GO EAGLES! #philadelphiaeagles #philadelphia #eagles #dillydilly

I am gonna take a minute and share something with you.... So take a minute and have a read.
I have been doing alot of thinking and have to share this because it was shared with me and if it hadn't been shared with me I would have 💯 missed out on being a part of something truly AMAZING and an opportunity at that.
I was reflecting today on how amazingly refreshing it is to work for a company where you’re a name, not just a number. Where your voice is heard and they care. Service is AMAZING and with such kindness! Wow! We are rewarded for achievements and I got some exciting goodies coming my way and am so excited!

I have worked for companies that could not care less about who I was, what I wanted or what my dreams or goals are in life. I saw co-workers treated with such disrespect and completely degraded, it was horrible!😳 When I started a family and approached my then boss about if I could somehow work a .75 as full time was not working out with school schedules, I was told flat out NO! Not a care in the world about me just the company, wouldn't hear me out even tho I worked for him for 8ish years. And to think they were surprised when I quit. Sorry family first and I was so done!!! For me I'll never return to that profession.
So here's something to seriously think about because I did and 💯 best decision I ever made.
If you have higher expectations from your job, and have $32 burning a hole in your pocket, talk to me, I can’t promise riches (those come on your own work ethic!), but I can promise friendship, support and an amazing community of women and a kick ass team that has your back. ❤️ There are soooo many other ways out there that I in a million year's would never have imagined existed but there are and this is why I share. Not saying go quit your job tomorrow but what if you could?! I am sharing this because you never know who has felt like me and needs to read this post. ☺

Might have a play with some Trushine today... but which colours to pick? 🤔

...do you know what AFib is (Atrial Fibrillation) or even heard of it? It is the most common form of irregular #heartbeat and can be diagnosed with an #ekg . The top strip is a normal heart beat, the bottom ones was my husbands heart. Pretty scary, huh? His heart would do this for hours, if not days sometimes. The abnormal firing of electrical impulses would cause the atria (top chambers in the heart) to #quiver . You would think this would be very noticeable, right? And hubby could feel his, but many have this, and don't even know it😞 So if you're feeling off, like having general fatigue, dizziness, weakness or confusion...PLEASE discuss your symptoms with your Doctor...it only takes a couple of minutes and is totally painless to get an EKG. #feelingoff #fatigued #confused #dizzy #seeadoctor

Our Chromatics powders are pretty magical! No wonder they sold out in one hour! If you missed out, stay tuned for the next batch! 😍 #chromaticsjn #flarejn

If given the choice, which item(s) would you love to receive? 🤷‍♀️ A Tory Burch Handbag, A Tory Burch Wallet, Tiffany Sunglasses, custom made jewelry, or a trip to Costa Rica.... Hard to choose right?? 🤔

What if I told you, you could earn one or all just by being the #bossbabe you are, sharing what you love on trend, in style beauty products with other amazing women? 😳

It’s true! YOU can join those of us in the Jamberry family who all love our nail wraps, lacquers, gels, hand and foot care products, lipsticks... and MORE coming soon! By taking a small $25 chance on yourself and this business, YOU, yes You, could be on your way to earning one or all of these and other beauties to come!! 💅💋❤️ Who’s with me? Who wants to have some real time talk about how to earn these and much much more?? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #jamminwithcharity
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New Valentine's Day wrap in the shop now!!! These holo hearts are everything!!

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