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Ooooh now dis really challenging!! Jerk chicken VS Jerk pork? #jerkpork #jerkchicken #thechallenge #jamaicanfoodies #TeamFluffyDiva

Jah know is long time I doe eat some fritters! 📷 @crotchethookr
#Fritters #JamaicanFood #JamaicanFoodies #TeamFluffyDiva

For God so loved the world he created food.. Lots of it too.. (Stolen from M10) 😁😁#foodies #food #yumyum #jamaicanfoodies #fooddelivery #foodgrams

Got your copy of #IndulgeMagazine Issue 4? Available at coffee shops, pharmacies and other retailers island-wide, including:

F&B DownTown
@cannonballcafe (Sovereign North, Loshusan and Manor Park)
24/7 Cafe at @jamaicapegasus

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Morning, had breakfast yet? #@JamaicanEntrepreneursMagazine from @jamaican_veganchick - Tofu bowl.
Loaded with brown rice, fried plantains and BBQ tofu with peppers and onions.
I entered this dish in a competition. So if you're on Facebook. Please go like my dish.
Here's the link. Thanks in advance.
https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=679013255622492&substory_index=0&id=212164868974002 ↩ #Jamaicanfoodies #Vegans #JamaicanVegans#JamaicanEntrepreneursMagazine we are #TeamBuildingABetterJamaicaDaily ♠We at #BNVirgoEnt is asking you all please to support @Jamaicanswithdiasbilities@classhasnopricetalentscount @CameletasClosetBoutique @BNVirgo . Each person that follows above pages enjoy our JacuzziPoolParty@jacuzzipoolparty in Jan 27th 2018 with Shenseea, TheRealVi JahRain , MyniMo from Kings&Queens AvanteMusic & JohnIMusic▪Thank you from #JEMag. This month features are #RasJasTours @rasjastours and #JaGiftPay @JaGiftPay.
If you want to invite us to do #JEMagReviews on ur #SmallBusinessJamaica. ♠ We randomly choose a business review it by shopping,eating or by its services,then give other #JamaicanEntrepreneurs and customers to see what you have to offer, thereby creating a relationship. ThankYou♠Shalom - #JEMag

#umamiPar🍻 Chinese for 3 for my birthday!
Beef Chop Suey, Pork Rib Tips in Black Bean Sauce | Chicken & Black Mushroom, Chicken & Sweet Corn and Chicken Wonton Soups.
Taurus Garden Restaurant
Estimated 5,475 Inc tax (I wasn't allowed to see the bill 😁) So this place has been around for a while now; upstairs in Sovereign North.
Pork Rib Tips are one of my fave pork cuts ever. You're playing Russian roulette with nuggets of tender, flavourful pork and the same nuggets but with a bit of that tough white gristle hidden inside. Why on earth would anyone want to risk biting the tough gristle?! Cuz I'm the type that leaves no bones on the average plate that's why! Yes, my close friends get to stare in horror as they literally hear me attempt to chew the gristle with the most self satisfied upturned eyes. Bad table manners aside... It's all the goodness of ribs without the long bones and u can easily discard the gristle because you're probably a better person than I. As for this meal, I like my rib tips in Black Bean spicy. This was very VERY mild, but otherwise as soft and flavourful as you can wish for!
I love vegetables. I really wanted Beef in szechuan sauce (super spicy) but then there'd be no veggies on the table. So the compromise was Beef Chop Suey with an order that it came spicy... Now, there were three Asian (ish) ppl at the table and somehow they seemed to feel like we were bluffing about the spice. A side of pepper was verily requested. But the EXCELLENT news about this place is... The Chop Suey did not skimp on the good veggies. A respectable amount of broccoli, snow peas and straw mushrooms were in the mix to my absolute, yes I did not get ripped off by a sit and behave nice restaurant, delight!
The soups were standardly executed. No complaints there (we added pepper soy mix to our hearts content). So all in all, the veggies were the highlight of an otherwise solid meal. Though I didn't see the bill, the menu prices are reasonable for dine in Chinese, definitely not on the too high end of the scale. Give em a try! 👅
#chinesefood #jamaicanfoodies #umamiKingston #RibTips #ChopSuey #PorkRibs #Mushrooms #BirthdayTreats

@jamaicanswithdisabilties from @jamaicanentrepreneursmagazine - #JEMagReviews eating at @terracebarandgrill #JamaicanFoodies. ♥ Whilst #Jemag #JamaicanEntrepreneursmagazine @jamaicanentrepreneursmagazine is doing a Review of #terracebarandgrill, #foodism #staff and products.
#RestaurantReview #magazinereviewofRestaurants ✳① bread/garlic bread dry or over cooked thank you #JayDreka for confirming.
②▪ Loads of chicken and shrimp we ordered #alfredopasta with
③▪Wrong drink
④▪↙ Food kept hot an belch gas off chest,haha
✴replacement #garlicbread still nope
④▶ more coming#JamaicanEntrepreneursMagazine we are #TeamBuildingABetterJamaicaDaily#BNVirgoEntities supporting @Jamaicanswithdiasbilities@classhasnopricetalentscount @CameletasClosetBoutique @BNVirgo Come enjoy our JacuzziPoolParty@jacuzzipoolparty Jan 27th 2018 with #Shenseea,@shenseea #TheRealVi #JahRain #AvanteMusic & #RasJasTours @rasjastours #JEMagFoodReview#JEMagRestaurantReviews

Good morning, hun, how are you? I hope this message reaches you well? The picture you just received is an exclusive invite go chill ,network and party with @JamaicanEntrepreneursMagazine and the beauty queens from @MissDistrictJamaica and Miss Pan Asia Pageant and other business owners and entrepreneurs. EVERYTHING INCLUDED:-) 3K JMD covers it, should be fun., enjoy the private island. .♥ ♥♥ get
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plus More information to be updated

Time for the versus challenge again! Stew chicken vs stew peas.. wah unnu seh? #StewChicken #StewPeas #JamaicanFood #JamaicanLife #JamaicanFoodies #VersusChallenge #TeamFluffyDiva

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