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Happy birthday brother! Ride in paradise. I'll see you soon🙌🏻🌞🌤 #jaisaacsloan #JS63 #livelikejaisaac #flannelcrüe

Cool to see @williams102 show up today with one of #jaisaacsloan bikes from back In The day. He completely rebuilt it right down to the matching graphic kits💯 #livelikejaisaac #perrismx

I wish I still had all my old hard drives to pull some crazy banger clips. Sorry I never kept in contact, but thank you, to you and your dad for giving me my first dollar for shooting. Rest easy bud. #jaisaacsloan

Who is going to race at Glen Helen this Weekend for the @twmxdotcom @twmxraceseries I am #jaisaacsloan #jaisaacsloandotcom #roadtolorettas #trainingtogopro #chasingdream

Jaisaac sloan was a young prodigy motorcross racer. Factory sponsored and top ranked nationally. He raced for years since childhood under the training of his father. He retired from racing to coach and train young new riders. And to pursue new ideas in MX gear. Loved by everyone who knew him big brother to so many kids. While still getting star struck to meet riders he looked up to.
He will be remembered always #jaisaacsloan #motocross #motorcycles

Huge shout out to @freethepeeps and @perrismx2 had a blast out at the #jaisaacsloan ride day, beyond thankful I was able to get back out there and show my support for #Js63❤️ #Rip 🙏🏻 #livelikejaisaac

Rest In Peace Jaisaac. It's hard to believe your gone! You were a big brother, best friend and mentor to me. Thank you for everything you did to help me get where I am today. Love you bro! You will never be forgotten. ❤️❤️ @jais_63 #jaisaacsloan #RIP #family #jv24

You've always been a joy to be around, and your kindness towards others was incomparable. You will be missed, J! #jaisaacsloan #RIP 💛


Happy birthday brother! Ride in paradise. I'll see you soon🙌🏻🌞🌤 #jaisaacsloan #JS63 #livelikejaisaac #flannelcrüe

This is the last photo I have of jaisaac Austin Aj and kahlua all in one photo together, may be scattered but it was the funnest day I have ever had and one of the last days I got to spend with all of you guys together and I feel so blessed and greatful for these times 👼🏼❤️ words cannot describe how much I miss you and feel so lost without u. I don't text anyone back anymore, I don't call anyone anymore. I've lost myself loosing you. I don't care about anyone or myself anymore. The only one I seem to care about is u and I just can't get thru this hump. Climbing out of this hole feels nearly impossible it only gets deeper and narrower. Time does the opposite of heel. Your spirit has been stronger then ever lately. Constantly moving things and making noises. Hope your having a trill time up there 🙏🏻👼🏼❤️❤️ #true #jaisaacsloan #js63 #blessed #memoriesforever @jais_63

30+ racers i got 5 place start , 6months riding over all, 2months training under @jais_63. I love you bro and I miss you. Bro I look at this video and look at how u helped me a lot. #jaisaacsloan forever

Solid day here at the @evergoodco open!! Had a rough start to the weekend, I took a big rock straight to the nose but I’m all good thankful that I had my @magari_wear on for sure!! I came away with a 3rd overall in 250b and a 4th in schoolboy 2. Looking forward to some more racing tomorrow 💪🏽 #forjs63 #livelikejaisaac #jaisaacsloan @freethepeeps @mxproparts @flyracingusa @perrismx2 @milestonemx @billspipes @meta @magiksc @magari_wear @mobiusbraces @6dhelmets @tractionmx @tbtracing @invousa @niagarabottling @motoolmx @ridedunlop @mcmxmikec @vertexpistons #flyracingfamily #hookIt

Rolls and rolls of flooring. Getting ready to lay it DOWN. On another note....remembering our Jais. Weather is changing making me think about riding which in turn makes me miss #js63 . #jaisaacTRUEsloan #JAISAACSLOAN

On #smallpoxawarenessday I want to #thank all my #surviving #family. And give a #moment of #silence to those who have #passed. Never forget to #resist #live #fight and #die for #what's #true in memory of #j63 aka #jaisaacsloan and a the others who gave up life for other to progress

Dope lil edit of the lil homie @jammin_24 getting ready for #mosterenergycup coming up !!! Stocked to see how far he's came up in the game ! I watched this kid grow since he was on 65's #js63crew #jaisaacsloan.com #mxproparts @milestonemx @mxproparts @jv24mechanicdriver @brandy_varize @grindstonecompound vidcredit_|| 🎥 @take_action247sportstv 🤛🏻

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