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Missin you a lot J dawg can't believe your just gone it's been so rough on me and you were such a great friend and you were always there for me and you never put me In a bad mood when we were chillin and i hope your up there rippin the tracks above the clouds !! You are a one of a kind you meet so much to me and all of are friends I could always count on you to make me laugh!! I keep asking god why you were still so young J !! Miss you J DIZZLE !! Till we meet again !! Today your body is being laid to rest !! And I can't believe it it I just need to wake up from this dream!! Rip #jaisaacsloan #j63

I just want to let everybody know I've seen all the responses and posts and we are very great full to see the love out there for my son❤️j63 love and I haven't responded to many because it's a very emotional time right now but thank you everybody nothing but love always and forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️63 #jaisaacsloan

Jaisaac sloan was a young prodigy motorcross racer. Factory sponsored and top ranked nationally. He raced for years since childhood under the training of his father. He retired from racing to coach and train young new riders. And to pursue new ideas in MX gear. Loved by everyone who knew him big brother to so many kids. While still getting star struck to meet riders he looked up to.
He will be remembered always #jaisaacsloan #motocross #motorcycles

Who is going to race at Glen Helen this Weekend for the @twmxdotcom @twmxraceseries I am #jaisaacsloan #jaisaacsloandotcom #roadtolorettas #trainingtogopro #chasingdream

I wish I still had all my old hard drives to pull some crazy banger clips. Sorry I never kept in contact, but thank you, to you and your dad for giving me my first dollar for shooting. Rest easy bud. #jaisaacsloan

R.I.P Jaisaac , only talked to you once but always said what's up when you were mobbing the water truck at Perris or grooming the track. R.I.P homie 💔💔 #jaisaacsloan #gonebutnotforgotten

I miss u lil bro you were a great friend and trainer.....you always pushed me in all the turn track battles even tho the kids were better than me. my goal was to hold em off one corner at a time. I loved training under you. We had future training set up and now your gone....i love you lil bro @jais_63 #jaisaacsloan

Rest In Peace Jaisaac. It's hard to believe your gone! You were a big brother, best friend and mentor to me. Thank you for everything you did to help me get where I am today. Love you bro! You will never be forgotten. ❤️❤️ @jais_63 #jaisaacsloan #RIP #family #jv24


#Jaisaacsloan we miss you!! and will always remember you....#J63

Absolutely love having jaisaacs Spotify ❤️👼🏼 makes me feel like your in my back seat mobbing around with us just doing stupid shit to make eachother laugh and drawing dicks all over my back windows you always new how to make aj and I so happy love you jais forever and always 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 #myangel #jaisjams #jaisaacsloan #j63 #spotify #jaisracer #weloveyou @tech_ajo @jais_63

I still can't fully grasp what has happened and I didn't feel it was necessary to post about it because I know you knew how much we all loved you and it just doesn't feel real I think about you everyday I don't know why this always happens to the best people you made such an impact on so many lives you were such a great person and I have and always will love you jais you were a brother to me and my heart goes out to the sloans I love you guys thank you for everything @freethepeeps #jaisaacsloan 1995-2017 #63

A design for jaisaac 💙❤ #js63 #jaisaacsloan

This was one of the most fun days I've ever had on a bike. Got kicked out by the popo at Nuevo 2.0 and went to perris for some mud takeouts! I'll never forget your face when @albrecht_822 roosted you and you had to take your goggles off, looked back at me with the biggest smile on your face. Then went and cleaned Austin out 😂 I'll always remember how you went out of your way to help me out even when there was no reason or benefit for doing it. Rest easy J!
@jais_63 #j63 #flannelcrüe #jaisaacsloan #rideinparadise

Ride in peace #jaisaacsloan 🙏

Our final road trip with Jaisaac seeing his beautiful soul off to its next journey in time. Thank you Sloan family for sharing your life, your adventures, & your amazing playground with us. We love you J, until next time...❤️#J63 #63 #jaisaacsloandotcom #jaisaacsloan @jaisaacsloandotcom @freethepeeps @uhmilliee @hsloan75

Always in a happy place with a smile on your face 👼🏼❤️ miss you bud so so much. So hard to go on with my days at work right now but I know your watching over me and always here 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 #jaisaacsloan #js63 #j63 #myangel @jais_63

So sweet ❤️ Jaisaac Sloan absolutely made this little girl's world when he gave her this shirt in 2011...tonight I was putting laundry away with her and 6 years later she still wears it! He sure did touch her heart❤️
RIP Jaisaac 🙏🏻 #jaisaacsloan #jaisaacsloandotcom #teamabeyta

Slide to see all the photos👈👈👈It's been such a sad week.My heart is broken for The Sloan family. I loved when Jais would show up to my class. I coached him frequently ,along with his entourage of friends/riders. He must have not minded my crazy love of snapping pictures of my classes while they worked out. He always knew I would be making my class take a picture at the end. 😀I loved my little Moto Krew. He was extremely focused and dedicated. His mind set was stronger than most people who walk through our gym. He would push till the end to get that finish. 💔 The world lost a amazing guy. 💔 🏁🏁🏁We will be having a tribute WOD at CrossFit Uncensored May 27th, Saturday 9:30am to celebrate him. Our gym will be open to everyone that would like to join. His favorite movements and his mountain will be apart of the WOD.🏁🏁🏁 We have you in our prayers @freethepeeps @hsloan75 @uhmilliee. Rest Easy #63 . #JAISAACSLOAN

John 15:13 greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. ❤️63 #jaisaacsloan

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