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Jaisaac sloan was a young prodigy motorcross racer. Factory sponsored and top ranked nationally. He raced for years since childhood under the training of his father. He retired from racing to coach and train young new riders. And to pursue new ideas in MX gear. Loved by everyone who knew him big brother to so many kids. While still getting star struck to meet riders he looked up to.
He will be remembered always #jaisaacsloan #motocross #motorcycles

I just want to let everybody know I've seen all the responses and posts and we are very great full to see the love out there for my son❤️j63 love and I haven't responded to many because it's a very emotional time right now but thank you everybody nothing but love always and forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️63 #jaisaacsloan

R.I.P #jaisaacsloan 🙏🏼

This was one of the most fun days I've ever had on a bike. Got kicked out by the popo at Nuevo 2.0 and went to perris for some mud takeouts! I'll never forget your face when @albrecht_822 roosted you and you had to take your goggles off, looked back at me with the biggest smile on your face. Then went and cleaned Austin out 😂 I'll always remember how you went out of your way to help me out even when there was no reason or benefit for doing it. Rest easy J!
@jais_63 #j63 #flannelcrüe #jaisaacsloan #rideinparadise

At this moment, words cannot describe how heartbroken I am. We had some crazy fun times with riding and just hanging out together. You were such a great rider, friend and person. I couldn't believe it when I was told what happened to you, it was like being in a nightmare and I just wanted to wake up. I'll pray for your family to be strong and I'll miss you so much. You're gone but you'll never be forgotten. See you in another life, love you dude. RIP🙏💔 #jaisaacsloan

This Saturday 6/3/2017 is my big brother Jaisaac's ride day @perrismx2 from 9am-2pm! Everyone is welcome and rides for free. Love you #jaisaacsloan #livelikejaisaac #JS63 #true

Who is going to race at Glen Helen this Weekend for the @twmxdotcom @twmxraceseries I am #jaisaacsloan #jaisaacsloandotcom #roadtolorettas #trainingtogopro #chasingdream

I wish I still had all my old hard drives to pull some crazy banger clips. Sorry I never kept in contact, but thank you, to you and your dad for giving me my first dollar for shooting. Rest easy bud. #jaisaacsloan


God I miss racing...#jaisaacsloan #js63

Your always with me 👼🏼👼🏼 having such a rough day thinking bout you today. Idk why I feel so much grief I hate it. Miss you dearly I swear it gets harder by the day.. I dont think it'll ever get easy just have to learn how to live in pain 👼🏼❤️❤️❤️ #js63 #jaisaacsloan #missyousomuch #ithurts #true #myangel

I feel so empty without you. So lost and just so weird still. You used to text me so much and my daily DM and snap buddy I feel like a lonely without your laugh and just hearing your voice. I see you in my dreams but that's just not enoughz I've never felt such a void in my life before. I wish I could just come to peace with it and except it but I just can't get theu this anger I have. Your middle name sure does represent the man you where, true to yourself and everyone around you. You wanted nothing more then to help all your homies and would literally give a bum your shoes when we where in Perris I'll never forget the true amazing man you where. Rest easy j 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 #true #livelikejaisaac #js63 #jaisaacsloan @jais_63

Really nice to have all the homies back together again 👼🏼😎🔥 such a fun weekend in San Diego with everyone rest easy jay hope your journey up there is lit 🔥 #js63 #true #jaisaacsloan #weloveyou #toreypines #thehomies #yourestillhere #neverforgoten

San Diego was amazing with this man, so glad we got to celebrate jaisaacs life with everyone it was great closure. #true #js63 #oceanbeach #jaisaacsloan @tech_ajo

Thrown back to 2 summers ago in az at lake pleaseant good times j was allways down for an adventure went to az 3 weekends in a row #jaisaacsloan #js63

Dope weekend with the old crew glad to catch up with everyone even tho we brought togeather in remembrance of jaissaic went down to San Diego this weekend and left a little mark on the beach for j #js63 #jaisaacsloan

Well here's #project63 shining up all pretty for #jaisaacsloan ride day. @westen.102 killed it with not only the idea but the amount of work he put in to make this 2004 look like she just rolled off the showroom floor. I'm glad I was able to be a part of it. #mechanicmagic #dunlop #fmf #63 #livelikejaisaac #js63 #freethepeeps #armaenergy #jaisaacsloandotcom #www #2stroke #2strokemotocross #2strokelivesmatter #cr125 #2004 #honda #hondacr125

I don't even know what to say. But all I know is that no bike has ever meant this much to me. The past couple weeks @anthor222 and I have been prepping and building this bike into the machine it is now. I wanted this bike to be Jaisaac's dream bike I built it how he would've wanted it not how I would've wanted it. #livelikejaisaac #jaisaacsloan #project63

It was an honor to do this piece for @freethepeeps & @spokeskins in memory of Jaisaac Sloan. So grateful for @spokeskins and all the support. #RideInPeace #JaisaacSloan #js63 @perrismx2

#mx #moto #motocross #racing #motoart #drawing #rip #neverforgotten

Huge shout out to @freethepeeps and @perrismx2 had a blast out at the #jaisaacsloan ride day, beyond thankful I was able to get back out there and show my support for #Js63❤️ #Rip 🙏🏻 #livelikejaisaac

Yesterday at #jaisaacsloan ride day, good to see everyone yesterday #791 #perrisraceway #rideday #63 #js63 @freethepeeps photocred @the_real722

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