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Been a while since I've posted a leviwanding video! This is from Saturday at Momocon, it was so fun. I met so many cool people because I brought this!
I'm getting so much better with the long string, its so much easier to control than the short string!
Character: Jaina Solo
Source: Star Wars (Legends)
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Star Wars: Rebel Dawn
The Han Solo trilogy book 3
Author: A.C. Crispin
Timeline: 3-0 BBY
Release: 1997
Rebels Dawn is the third and final book of the Han Solo trilogy, and also the longest. The book starts up with Han traveling to Bespin where an intergalactic Sabacc tournament is being held and Han intends to win big bucks. Eventually he beats everyone until it's Han against Lando, and before you know it, Han has the Falcon.
There's a lot the book has going for it. You are able to see the Rebel Alliance take shape into what we see in A New Hope, you get to see more of Lando and Boba Fett (Can't get enough of these guys!), and lastly you get a lot of Hutt politics going on.
Han after winning the Falcon leaves for special modifications out in the Corporate Sector and he's out for the 2/3rd of the book, and that section is mostly filled with the Hutt rivalries. This I thought was really boring and I never really cared about the Hutts at all. There's a cool Shadows of the Empire cameo, and you see two Hutts fight to the death, but that's it.
When Han returns, he goes back to Nar Shaddaa where he meets Bria again after 10 years. Han temporarily joins the Alliance and forms a raid with the Rebels and his Smuggler friends against Ylesia, not only for the money but to free slaves too for recruitment. Han and Brian get romantically involved again which I wasnt a big fan of, as Han gets betrayed by her again when She takes all of the Smugglers' and Han's cut for the Rebel Alliance when they hear about a Planet Killer (Obviously the Death Star). The book ends with Han saving some Corellian slave children, and a ton of spice, eventually doing the Kessel Run and Bria with a group of Rebels steals a portion of the Death Star plans with Bria dying on the way. The story ends very nicely on Tatooine only minutes before his fateful encounter with a Farmboy and a Hermit.
Overall, this book really suffers from Pacing, and suffers from Han disappearing in the middle. But it's good Sci-fi and a great Pre ANH rebellion story.
Rate: 7/10

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