Garuda das : Prabhupada chanting in the temple room in front of Radha-Kalachandji. I’ll never forget this. Prabhupada got into chanting the Maha Mantra over and over and over, and the devotees absolutely went wild. It didn’t start off wild. It started off as normal chanting, we were all sitting down. But it got to a point where it was building up to such a fervor, everyone was running back and forth between Radha-Kalachandji and Prabhupada at the other end because it’s a big temple room. We went back and forth, and it seemed like it went on for an ecstatic eternity. Then at one point I stopped and looked at Prabhupada chanting, over on the side so I wouldn’t get trampled because it was a rather wild group. But I remember looking at Prabhupada and I said, “This is the whole reason he has come, simply to chant the Holy Names.” I have this picture in my mind of Prabhupada chanting. I’d like to die with that picture.
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Rupa Vilasa das : There was a garden off to the side of the temple that had been made quite a nice place with a little fountain and a lot of Tulasi plants, and he used to have evening darshans out there and the devotees would read from Krsna Book. At one point, Brahmananda was reading from the Krsna Book the kidnapping of Rukmini. And in the middle of the story in the part where Krishna actually grabs Rukmini and makes off with her, Prabhupada suddenly sat upright and his eyes got very big, he said, “Yes! And as they were driving away, she was driving the chariot!” and he made this gesture like holding the reins. “She was driving the chariot. Not that she was just some weak woman not able to do anything. She was actually driving the chariot.” Because he got so excited about that, I went and looked it up in the Krsna Book to see if there were any details like that but there weren’t any. So apparently he had some kind of inside track on this particular pastime. #jayasrilaprabhupada #jagadguru #prabhupadamemories

Krishna Kumari dasi : One time when we had a big ceremony in the temple, the little girls that you see here…I had many of them, over 20, and they all had to behave properly and it was a bit of a chore to do it. One of them started crying, and I actually had to take her out of the temple room and put her in a classroom. Then later after Srila Prabhupada finished his program in the temple room, he was headed to his own quarters and usually he went directly to his quarters. But instead he stopped in front of one classroom, the classroom that I’d put the child in, and there was no way that he could see through the door to see that there was anyone in the classroom. It was a solid door. But he opened that door particularly; and when he opened it, it bumped right into the child who had fallen asleep in back of the door. Then she quickly got up and paid her obeisances, and I’ll never forget that compassionate look on his face seeing this child’s tear-streaked face and frumpled clothing from laying on the floor. She sat up with her hands folded, and he touched her head. And that one gesture of Srila Prabhupada giving love to this child who I’d had to have removed because of her behavior taught me more than anything because Srila Prabhupada was so warm and so personal. Then I realized that if I’m following in his footsteps, I better at least try to become a little like that myself.
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My sister Sita @rememberkrishna is so talented I’ve always admired her crafting ability! (Always said anything she touches turns to gold) So blessed to have such an amazing family! Background Track Live Recording of Chanting by my beloved spiritual teacher: #siddhaswarupanandaparamahamsa @scienceofidentity .
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Jayadvaita Swami : Once I was in the car with Srila Prabhupada when we were driving back to Henry Street after a walk near the East River in Brooklyn. As we pulled up to the temple, on the corner of the street we saw a man lift a little boy so the boy could put a letter in the mailbox. The whole vignette just lasted for five or ten seconds, but Prabhupada, seeing this from the car, became absorbed in the scene. His eyes got large and brilliant, and nothing else was on his attention. I thought, "Maybe Prabhupada is remembering something from his childhood in Calcutta . . ." Then the man put his boy down, and Prabhupada said, "On his own the little boy cannot do, but when the affectionate father helps, then it is possible." So on our own, what power do we, the living entities, have? But when the Lord or the spiritual master gives affectionate help, then it becomes possible.
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नित्य विहार करति वृन्दावन, कुंजनि प्रेम अगाधा। किमी 'कृपालु' तहँ रहि सकत सपनेहुँ , भुक्ति मुक्ति दोई बाधा। - जगद्गुरु श्री कृपालु जी महाराज, प्रेम रस मदिरा, श्री राधा माधुरी (35)

वृन्दावनेश्वरी श्री राधा (मानो प्रेम की अगाध समुद्र), जो वृन्दावन धाम में नित्य विहार करती हैं एवं नित्य विहार रस देती हैं अपने जन को, उनका कृपा पात्र जीव, सपने में भी मुक्ति और भुक्ति में आसक्त नहीं हो सकता। --en--
Nitya Vihar Karati Vrindavan, Kunjani Prem Agadha.
Kimi 'Kripalu' Tahan Rahi Sakat Sapnehi, Bhukti Mukti Doi Badha.
- Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, Prem Ras Madira, Shri Radha Madhuri (35)

Shri Radharani, the reservoir of unfathomable love, always enacts ever-new love play in the bowers of Shri Vrindavan. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji says that on being blessed even with an iota of Her grace, one can never be attracted, even in one's dreams, by worldly pleasures or to the salvation

Check out couplets from Prem Ras Madira here:

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Hama Chakar Kunja Biharini Ke,
Darata Na Dara Rukmini Vallabha Aru, Shri Rukmini Avtarani Ke.
Mukti Chara Manuhara Karata Pai, Jaun Na Dhimga Jagtarani Ke.
Nitya Vihar Lakhaun Gahavar Vana, Sarasa Raasa-Ras KariņI Ke.
Bani Alamast Nama Guna Gavat, Sharanagata-Bhaya Harini Ke.
Juthani Khaun 'Kripalu' Jaun Bali, Nita Nilambara Dharini Ke.
- Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, Prem Ras Madira, Shri Radha Madhuri (52) We are the servitors of Kunjabiharini (Shri Kishori Ji) alone. We are unafraid even of Shyamsundar and Rukmini, the incarnation of Mahalakshmi. The four types of salvation, that liberate bound souls from the clutches of the material world, eagerly wait to be accepted by us in their personified forms, but we do not go near them even by mistake. We continuously watch in Gahvaravna, the eternal evergoing loveplay of divine love performed by Kishori Ji with Shri Krishn (Nitya Vihar), who showers the sublime nectarean bliss of divine love. We are perpetually intoxicated singing the names and attributes of Kishori Ji, who eternally dispels all types of fear of surrendered souls. Jagadguru Shri Kripālu Ji says, "I feel beside myself with joy in eating the food-remnants of Shri Kishori Ji, who is ever dressed in blue." --hindi-- हम चाकर कुंज विहारिणि के |
डरत न डर रुक्मिणि वल्लभ अरु, श्री रुक्मिणि अवतारिणि के |
मुक्ति चार मनुहार करत पै, जाऊँ न ढिंग जग तारिणि के |
नित्य - विहार लखौं गहवर वन, सरस रास - रस कारिणि के |
बनि अलमस्त नाम गुन गाउँ, शरणागत - भय हारिणि के |
जूठनि खाऊँ ‘कृपालु’ जाऊँ बलि, नित नीलांबरधारिणि के ||
- जगद्गुरु श्री कृपालुजी महाराज, प्रेम रस मदिरा, श्री राधा मधुरी (52)

भावार्थ – हम निकुंज विहारिणी स्वामिनी ही के दास हैं | रुक्मिणी वल्लभ श्यामसुन्दर एवं लक्ष्मी की अवतार रुक्मिणी के डर से भी नहीं डरते | संसार से तारने वाली चारों प्रकार की मुक्तियाँ खुशामद करती रहती हैं, किन्तु भूलकर भी हम उनके पास नहीं फटकते | सरस रास-रस बरसाने वाली किशोरी जी की नित्य विहार लीला गह्वर वन में नित्य देखा करते हैं | शरणागत के भय को दूर करने वाली लाड़लीजी के नाम एवं गुणों को गाते हुए मतवाले बने रहते हैं | ‘श्री कृपालु जी’ कहते हैं कि मैं तो नीलाम्बर धारण करने वाली वृषभानुनन्दिनी राधिका की जूठन खाकर बलिहार जाता हूँ |
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Following is a translation of a story, that was shared by devotees in glorification of HDG Srila Prabhupad. The story was told by Mataji Purnamasi, from Russia, who was imprisoned by KGB in Soviet times for practicing and preaching Krishna Consciousness in the Soviet Union.
Though she was in jail, and they were threatening to kill her, she was still preaching in jail nonstop, so prisoners started chanting the Holy Names. KGB wanted to stop her, but nothing worked. They really did not want other people to become Krishna Conscious. So finally they did something very unusual for KGB. They brought a real evil witch to the prison to stop her or deprogram Mataji Purnamasi.
They tied Mataji Purnamasi to a chair. The evil witch entered with her assistants and KGB officers. The evil witches and her assistance started hexing, they started doing passes, chanting spells, with their eyes rolled. They were trying to infuse some dark creature into Mataji Purnamasi. She could feel all these. The creature started entering her body from the head, all around was covered with fog, Mataji was losing control of herself. *She started chanting the Maha Mantra, but the process did not stop, the creature was going inside. She was losing consciousness. She started chanting Narasingha Mantra, but the process was going on. Finally, she started chanting Srila Prabhupad pranama mantra. Right away the witch stopped hexing,* she went out of the trance, stopped all her activities and said: "I'm leaving". KGB officers did not let her go, they told her to finish her job. But the witch insisted: "No, I am leaving, I will not go on any longer!" "Why? What happened?" asked KGB officers. *She told them: "You simply do not see, but I see: there is a very strict old man standing over there wagging his finger on me. I cannot do anything against him". Srila Prabhupada ki jay!!🙌🙏 Srila Prabhupad - mercy personified 🙌
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