From the moment today is St. Patrick's Day, let's remember the visit that Brian did last year in Northern Ireland , mainly in Coleraine. Here a repost from 'Jesus At The Door' (also JAD 3:20). Jesus At The Door is a Christian evangelism initiative birthed on the streets of Coleraine, developed by Mr. Scott McNamara. In this photo, Brian and Scott.
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GR8 day hanging with my bro. Love this guy. Was privileged he came to my #JAD320 training day then we got to hit the streets together and catch some apples. 🍎

Whilst training a young man In JAD Evangelism y'day @okiloves116 - we stopped a gentleman as he was walking into a local store! The Holy Spirit broke into his backsliden heart of 15 years, with one touch. He began to cry and re-committed his life to Christ after 15 YEARS in the wilderness!! His resolve was so great he immediately followed us to home group. Where he again encountered the sweet touch of his Fathers presence. #Weshareheshakes #appletreeevangelism #JAD320

I'm forever hearing reasons (excuses) as to why people won't respond to the Gospel, instead of ALL the reasons why they will! I've heard it said, "young people ain't interested in God"! Yet time and time again I see multitudes of young people accept Jesus. Then I've heard it said London is a difficult place to do evangelism as people aren't open to the Gospel, AND they're too busy to stop and talk. Again and again the Holy Spirit is seeking to reveal to the body of Christ, just how powerful partnership with Him and armed with the Gospel really is. It has the power to save! If you will step out and believe in it! Within 10 mins of being on the streets of London in Kings Cross today, a 20yr old couple received Jesus! Made more special as when I stopped them the lad said, "I never pray and don't believe"!, but as I shared JAD with his g/friend I got to pray for them both & he was fighting back the tears as the Holy Spirit broke through his hard exterior. By the end he was hugging me, smiling from ear to ear and thanking me, as was she. Giving me his phone number and saying how he wants to take his next step towards this relationship with Jesus. #Dynamitegospel #Lightthefusewatchitblow #JAD320 #weshareheshakes

‪Super excited to partner with @KXChurch @PeteJHughes for #JAD320 Training tomorrow! ‬#weshareheshakes #appletreeevangelism

#JAD320 Training tonight in Banbridge 2group of youth leaders from various Church's!Equipped to catch!🍎&Got2 take this babe #Wesharehshakes

Still processing and feeling encouraged by the message of @scott4jesus Last night, I learned about evangelism, Christian B.O. 😂, and that I need to share and God will shake. Check out his ministry!

26 people open hearts today on the streets of Nottingham after #JAD320 Training at the Mothership! @trentvineyard @cjohnwright

Nottingham let's do this! #JAD320 Training Part2 at the Mothership! @trentvineyard 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

In May this year @scott4jesus came and showed us how to use his 'Jesus at the Door' evangelism tool. We’re so pleased to invite him back on Saturday to run another training session.

Listen to Scott’s talk from May: trentv.org/JADtalk
To find out more and to sign up visit trentv.org/JAD

It was great to have @scott4jesus from @ccvchurch visit us and share with us all about Jesus at the Door (JAD) earlier this year. He is coming back this Saturday. To find out more or to sign up visit: trentv.org/JAD

We are so excited to have @scott4jesus from @ccvchurch (Northern Ireland) coming over next Saturday 9 September to run his Jesus at the Door (JAD) evangelism training. Scott has a huge heart for evangelism on the streets and has had the privilege of leading thousands to faith over the past few years. He is extremely gifted in this area and this is a great opportunity to learn practical tips on sharing our faith.
For more details visit: Trentv.org/JAD

Beautiful new believers getting baptised in Pakistan 🇵🇰 3 woman gave their lives to the lord using the #JAD320 tool and then we got the previlege to baptise them the next day glory to God! (Got this message today) love how individuals like these guys, are applying their 'BO' (Boldness/Obedience) to faithfully share the Gospel and make disciples wherever they go! #weshareheshakes

Great day meeting and working with some wonderful people!Recorded a JAD320 Training video at CAP head office in Bradford, that will be used to train some 2,000 CAP Evangelists from all over UK. Went to the Church Smith Wigglesworth used to minister at, where he also raised his wife from the dead twice on the steps!😳I stopped a lady & her 2 kids who walked past while I was there showed her the PIC & they all accepted Jesus, 30 mins later she messaged me asking for the directions to Church as wants to come on Sun! 🍎God is good! #weshareheshakes #JAD320

Increasingly encouraged by folks who have been inspired by what God is doing through #JAD320 that they are independently taking our JAD tool to the nations! Received this message today!#WeShareHeShakes #appletreeministry

Great few days working with young people from various Churches in Surrey and beyond. Training them in #JAD320 They broke through their fears in order to share the gospel with complete strangers! We seen some beautiful moments of people giving their hearts to Jesus. Well done everyone! 👏👏🍎 Thanks to @davewright50 and all the team for making us feel so welcome.

Thanks to the wonderful @_bathcitychurch for having me back to speak ''tis Morn. Love these guys! Delighted for those that stood to accept Jesus at the end of the service this morn!! Esp excited that the gentleman (Mack) who opened his heart to Jesus y'day came this morn, he also attended the #JAD320 Training this ave, and went onto the streets to share the Gospel! Showing us mature Christians if he can do it we're without excuse? #howitshouldbe #weshareheshakes #appletreeevangelism #jad320

Time to hit the road again. My eldest daughter Sienna's first trip away with me. She will be 10 on Sun so I brought her with me so I can spoil her and spend some special Daddy/daughter time together. Bath until Mon then Mon-Wed Surrey. SO blessed I get to give away what Jesus has given me. The lords awakening His Church to her original mandate!
The fruit of the righteous is like a tree producing life, and the one who wins souls is wise.(PROV 11:30) #Appletree #JAD320
#Disciplemakers #Soulwinners

‪Here it is!Samsung owners No more green eyed monster-As the wait is over! #JAD320 phone cases have arrived!SEE: www.jesusatthedoor.com‬

‪God sometimes puts the favour for your future in the hand of your foes. #JAD320 @brianheadwelch @ryanlennon_ccv

Loved being back on the streets of Coleraine Y'day doing the JAD! Ended up having a little impromptu reunion with some of our original GodSquad New Believers guys. Reminiscing with thankful hearts how in this exact spot Jesus in his kindness crossed our pathways. So I could make the introduction. By putting Jesus' hand in their hand. #JAD320 #WeShareHeShakes #ryanlennon_ccv

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