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the definition of deserves better.
my audio.

Why you are so HOT and TALL😂😍😍❤️❤️🔥 @jacobsartorius @jacobsartourius #hiplikejacob #jacobsartorius #jacobsessed

all over the 🌎
remake of an old collab💕
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I SHIP SO HARD HONESTLY😍😩🔥 please just date already!! @jacobsartorius @jennaortega (or are you already?🤔😏) LOVE YOU BOTH💕💕💕
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hiplikejacob :’)

Happier :,)
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(i found this in my camera roll and have no clue if its mine but i added some stuff so yeah)

~~Chapter 2~~
Y/m: we’re moving
Y/n: omg mom what about all my friends in school
Y/m: you’ll make new ones at your new school
Y/n: where are we moving too
Y/m: we’re moving to Virginia
Y/n: omg yes (your happy since you know that Jacob lives there)
Y/m: why are you happy
Y/n: oh um..because I’m excited to meet new friends even though I’ll miss my old ones
Y/m: awh hunny it’s okay you’ll do so well trust me
Y/n: wait also how comes we’re moving all the way to America?
Y/m: because your dad and I have found a job which offers better money and working times which means we’ll get to spend more time with you and Loren
Y/n: yay that sounds good when are we leaving
Y/m: Sunday so today will be your last day at school (it is Friday)
Y/n: oh 😔
Y/m: anyways you better get going since you don’t want to be late for your last day
Y/n: okay mom love you see you later
Y/m: see ya
~ (Your POV)
I’m really excited about meeting new friends and moving to where Jacob is but I really will miss my old ones. I hope we keep in touch
*Skips school till after your last lesson*
Y/n: hey Kasi (your bestfriend from school)
K (Kasi): hey wassup
Y/n: I need to tell you something
K: sure what about?
Y/n today was my last day at this school
K: omg how comes
Y/n: I’m moving all the way to America
K: that’s so far away how comes
Y/n: my parents found better jobs out there and we’re moving on Sunday
K: awh 😭 well I’ll miss you so much y/n
Y/n: I’ll miss you too *hugs her*
K: maybe we can meet up tomorrow
Y/n: yeah we should but I’m gonna need to help my parents pack a bit
K: okay what time
Y/n: 6pm maybe
K: sounds great
Y/n: see you then *hugs again*
K: byeee
Y/n: byee
(Your POV)
I’ll really miss Kasi but we’ll defiantly keep in touch and I’m sure I’ll see her again soon
*skips to your house**
You go up to your room and decide to post and edit on your Jacob fan account
After a few hours you decide to go to sleep since your really tired and you have a long day of packing ahead of you
Do you guys like it?
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~~Chapter 1~~
Y/n: your name
L: Loren (your sis)
Y/m: your mom
Y/d: your dad
(Your POV)
It’s 7am and you have just woken up. You walk over to your bathroom and have a shower and brush your teeth. You pick out your school uniform (black blazer, grey polo shirt, black tights, black skirt and kickers) and walk down stairs. (Yes you wear uniform lol😂) Y/m: good morning y/n
Y/n: good morning mom
Y/m: what do you want for breakfast sweetie
Y/n: I don’t really fancy anything today I’m not very hungry
Y/m: okay hun
Y/n: I’m gonna go upstairs to my room and do my makeup now for school
Y/m: okay ~
You walk upstairs and you start putting on your makeup. You decide to go more natural today with a hint of eyeshadow, black mascara and some highlighter. You put on your clear lipgloss and then put your makeup away. You pack your bag and walk downstairs. On the way down you see your mom in the kitchen. ~
Y/m: oh y/n before you go may I talk to you
Y/n: yeah sure what about?
Y/m: have a seat
What’s your mom gonna say?
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john is finally as tall as jacob 😛

Who wants to buy them? I don’t want them anymore✌🏻☺️#jacobsartorius #jacobsessed #mothafreaka @jacobsartorius

Your a 14 year old girl who’s from London and is majorly fan-girling over a 14 year old singer who is called Jacob Sartorius and lives in Virginia. You have brunette hair with a blonde ombré and your family is quite rich seeing as your parents have good jobs. Your sister is called Loren (@loren) and she is 15. Your dream is to meet Jacob one day...
Do you like it?
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@jacobsartorius #jacobsessed #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob #gainpost #world #cute #smile #like4like #js

Last post before fanfics hehe (yes I’m starting them early)
@jacobsartorius #jacobsessed #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob #gainpost #cute #smile #world #like4like #js

My old edit I forgot I had from august whoops... but enjoy it it's kinda bad I know but I love this boy and the love we share is so unexplainable😍💖 #fangirl #jacobsessed #fav #saviour #jannasupporter #inlove @jacobsartorius @jacobsartouarius @jennaortega @feedmezach @tonytalz 😍😍

Guys I’m just gonna start the fanfics now I cba to wait any longer I’m so excited ahaha😂😂
@jacobsartorius #jacobsessed #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob #gainpost #world #cute #smile #like4like #js

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