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lmao what? jacob only commented "🔥🔥🔥" on @shawnmendes recent and the donald trump's grandchildren attack him? mann dafuq he didnt even say a word. Can i just send all donald's grandchildren to their grandpapa back so they will know commenting an emoji doesnt j wants to steal it. bye :/ #instagram #jacobsartorius #jacobsartourius #milliebobbybrown #jilie #justinbieber #jelena #janna #jariel #zariel #charlieputh #strangerthings #mileven #shawnmendes #fifthharmony #riverdale #pitchperfect #camilacabello #zaynmalik #sia #dusktilldawn

Gm beautifuls got school today so won't be as active today 💕 @jacobsartorius @jacobsartourius #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfan #lifeofjacob


Y/n: Jacob was the only one that made me happy and YOU killed him!
Johnny: kill me if u want to!!
Y/n: I'm not like you
Johnny: Then I'll kill myself for you
Y/n: That's your loss!
Johnny: whatever...
He left the room and everyone was staring at him. He just walked confidently like nothing is happening. ??: omg he's the killer!
??: yeahh eww
(That's so weird 😂😂)
Johnny: any problems bitches? (Oww😣)
I'm telling ya'll!!! Issa happy ending bruhh 😁 I'm not joking comment for moreee #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #heyosartorius

For the past year being a supporter and being apart of this fandom I have noticed some fans except Jacob to be this famous person who has to be active for "us" he has to put "us" first he has too be active and don't get me wrong I understand that you are not used to the Jacob and you wish he was the "old" Jacob but I'm going to completely honest here he doesn't have to be "active" when you all want him to be or live up to anyone else's expectations. He's put this fandom first for a long time and it's not always going to be about us now. He can't fix the fandoms issues.. People choose to fight and Jacob can't fix everything it would put great pressure on him considering he gets anxiety. I honestly feel sorry for him and I honestly don't want him to feel sad or depressed from this fandom having to expect him to live up to everyone else's needs. At the end of the day he's a normal 15 yr old trying to live his life. I honestly don't understand why everyone expects so much from him? Just know I love you and I want you to be happy. This isn't your fault I promise don't listen to anyone. 😟 #jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius

hey babes, welcome to my fanpage! i made this fanpage for jillie because i ship them so much. i already had a fanpage before (with 5k) but it got deleted. so this will be my fresh start. hope y’all gonna like it!♡ #jacobsartorius #milliebobbybrown #jillie

| okayyyyy!¿ 🤤🤪
phew my first edit is hot [ turn up brightness it looks better ]

dt; anyone who tags him ig jsjsjsjsjsjsjsj


Me too J, me too😂💘 @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius

Good morning Potatos 😛
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius

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