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Happy Anniversary Jackunzel!!!! 💕🎉

This is what happens when I get near fire...I'M SORRY I MAKE A MESS WHEREVER I GO! @sparrowatheart
#jackfrost #jackfrostcosplay #rotg #jackunzel #disneyland

Princess Eden and Nate 💕
THIS IS NOT RAPUNZEL AND EUGENE! These are my OC's, Princess Eden (Jackunzels daughter) and Nate (a man whom Eden meets when she leaves Corona to see the northern lights)
After the new comic, I was thinking of doing a mini comic of Eden becoming queen but she runs away and fulfills her dream before handling that huge responsibility. What do you all think? 💖
#rapunzel #tangled #jackunzel

"Mom and daughter time" 💕
Streaming tonight with some Q&A, hope to see you all there! ❤️
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I need a break. And acceptance. #jackunzel #jackxrapunzel

Ship nùmero tres (Three) Jackunzel! Jack and Rapunzel!☉❄
I don't ship I see them as friends to be honest but to those who ship it as a couple here you go! 💕 #jackunzel

Ah I had fun with this one. Especially editing his eyes. 😆💙 #jackfrost #jackunzel #jackandrapunzel #riseoftheguardians

Now will people believe when I tell them that #jackfrost is 14?

I'm so much a Jackunzel shipper I made a mood board on my wall #jackunzel


Chapter 10. I hope you like it! Like, comment and share so more people can enjoy😄
Elsa's POV

For a second my heart stopped. I could feel the blood drain from my face as I look at my old enemy. A man who once tried to kill me, and also played with my sisters heart like the scum of the earth he is. I always knew there was something off about him the minute I laid eyes up on him all that time ago in the castle.
And now he's here. Stood in front of me with a smirk on his face like he's just conquered the world and I'm powerless to do anything. Great. "Hans. You're right, it has been a long time, sadly not long enough though. What are you doing here?" I try to keep the worry out of my tone and I think I succeed as for a split second he looks taken back, but his smirk quickly returns to his face. "Elsa darling, do you really think you're in a position to be sarcastic?" He slowly steps closer to me and I back away. He notices this and a smile  forms. "What's the matter? Is strong fearless Elsa afraid of little old me?" "N-no"  Why did I have to stutter?? I mentally slap myself and refocus my attention on to hans who appears to have moved closer to me without me realising. "Well you should be"

I'm so much a Jackunzel shipper I made a mood board on my wall #jackunzel

Chapter 9-
"Anna! Anna can you hear me?" Kristoff's calls echoed through the dungeons. "Would you shush? Don't you realise that Hans is probably still down here too?!" Elsa urged, her huge hand gestures making Kristoff giggle a little "this is not a laughing matter kristoff" she rolls her eyes but smiles nonetheless.

They carry on wandering down the dungeons until they hit a section where there's two ways for them to go. "The dungeons are so big Elsie, maybe we should split up?" Suggested Kristoff. "First of all, I've already told you not to call me Elsie, and secondly is that really such a great idea? Whenever they do that in the movies it almost always ends badly" she thumbs the hem of her top as the prospect of facing Hans alone without her powers makes her want to cry . "This is reality ELSIE , not a film, we will be fine, look you go that way, I'll go this way" He gestures left and right before continuing "if anything just scream and I'll come running OK? "

She nodded in understanding and began her journey through the corridors. "Elsa wait"
Elsa stops dead in her tracks and turns around to face him. "It will all be OK won't it? " He looks anywhere but at her eyes and her heart melts at his concern. "Yes Kristoff, we are going to find Anna, we are going to get my powers back and everything's going to be fine hunny"
He smiles "thank you"  before turning and going down the corridor opposite Elsa's.
Elsa continues back through her corridor when she comes to the first door, she cautiously presses her ear against the door to see if she could hear her sister.

She sees the key in the door and checks to see if it's locked. It's not. So she pushes open the door and slowly walks inside.


The door is closed shut behind her.

She gasps and turns around to see Hans stood there with a smirk on his face. "Elsa. It's been too long" -_-_-_-_-_-_

342 words! Comment for more💕

Chapter 8.1
The stone walls are cold beneath Anna's hands. She stands up but a wave of dizziness sits her back down.When it all comes back to her-the man in the library and the cloth.

Placing a hand over her head she scans the room.  It's dark and cold, but recognisable.
I'm in the dungeons, that bastard has kidnapped me and is holding me in my own dungeons, who does he think he is?
Anna attempts to stand for a second time and this time she was successful, she walks towards the door and reaches for the handle when it's pulled open from the outside, she instantly retracts her hand and backs away. Awaiting the site of her kidnapper. "I see the chloroform's worn off then, wonderful" the figure in the doorframe speaks before stepping into the light.
Anna gasps "Hans what are you doing?" He smiles and adjusts his white gloves, "I'm here to make a deal with Elsa, her Kingdom for her sister, simple." "She's not just going to give up her Kingdom without a fight Hans, you're stupid to think-" Anna was cut off by Hans hand wrapping around her neck and pushing her against the hard stone walls. She struggles against his grip but is too weak to fight him off. "Do not underestimate me Anna, I haven't just been sat about planning some deluded idea, I have been across the world's, I have gained knowledge and power and I will gain your sisters Kingdom too" He releases his grip on her and walks back towards the door and closes it.

Anna can hear the lock being turned from the outside and sighs. She's alone again.
Tracing her neck with her fingers she can still feel Hans hand around her, and she shivers before sitting back down on the bed and waiting.

Chapter 8-_
Elsa continued to stare into the mirror until what she saw was nothing but a distorted array of colours and blurred shapes.

What am I going to do? I don't have time for this, Anna needs me. She quickly hid the few strands of brunette hair amongst her royal white hair and left the bathroom.

On her way back to the library she spots Kristoff rushing up the hallway, his eyes catch hers and he runs up to her. "Elsa , Elsa look, the cloth, the one covered in chloroform, it's got a monogram on it!" He explains as he waves this wet cloth in Elsa's face. "Wait, wait , stop waving it I can't see!" She reaches for the cloth and reads the letter out loud "H". Shaking her head she takes a step back "no it can't be" Elsa whispers more to herself than Kristoff. "What Elsa ? What is it?" Kristoff grabs Elsa's shoulders trying frantically to get her to tell hi k what she knows. "Remember Hans?" Elsa starts. "But I thought he was banished from the kingdom? How would get through the guards?" Kristoff reels his questions off all at once. "I don't know! But if it is him, as you said he might be able to get in, but he would find it a lot harder to leave the castle with Anna in arms, which means he must still be here" Elsa explains, voicing her train of thought.

Kristoff's eyes widened at the realisation, his hands balled into fists at his side's. "Let's split up" Kristoff suggests, as he turns to walk away.

Elsa reaches and hold Kirstoffs wrist "Wait no! I don't have my powers, I wouldn't be able to do anything, we have to stick together"
He furrows his eyebrows taking in what she says "Fine, but where should we look?" "Start with the dungeons," she bows her head "that's where he held me before"
Kristoff nods and holds out his hand for Elsa who gladly holds it. "Don't worry Elsa, we can handle him, Anna will be fine. I promise"
Elsa looks into his eyes and can see nothing but sincerity, which warms her heart and lifts her worry just a little bit. "Let's go" she gestures towards the dungeons, and off they go. -

Chapter 7!😜 let me know what you think in the comments! Check out my Wattpad for a follow back : NiceOrbs
"Kristoff wait!" Elsa called as she tried to catch up with him, he stops mid-step and turns around before storming back to Elsa. "Wait?! Wait for what exactly huh? Wait for the kidnapper to kill your sister? Wait for them to return? Well?!" He spat. His arms flying everywhere in a state of pure anger. "Look, running around worrying everybody isn't going to help. We need to go back into the library and see if we can find any clues as to who has her, or even where she is" trying to remain calm but also calm down Kristoff was tricky for Elsa since deep down inside she was in panic mode. It seemed to work though as the red in his cheeks decreased and he nodded, making his way back into the library. "I'll be there in a minute Kristoff, in going to the loo" she called, he simply raised his hand without turning back, as acknowledgement of her. And with that she made her way to the bathroom.
When she arrived, she looked in the mirror that hung on the wall, but what she saw worried her, she had dark circles under her eyes, her skin was not so soft, her hair was a mess and - was that a strand of brunette hair?! Her hand shot to the strands of brunette in her otherwise ice white hair. "What is happening" she whispered to herself, her hands started to shake.

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