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I'm slowly getting caught up on all of your Best Friend shoots! xo

#jenniferbatesphotography #jacksonmichigan #irishhills #brooklynmichigan

Walked in the office at Oasis of love church in #JacksonMichigan and Mother Arlene Smith made me thee most amazzzzing birthday sweet potatoes pie!!! And guess what y'all?! It was STILL hot when I got to it 😩😩😩🙌🏾 I haven't had a birthday cake or pie this year before hers! I am soooo special 🙈❤️ Thank you mother Arlene!!! This amazing!!!!

Filming in #jacksonmi #jacksonmichigan need building with seating and at least 50 people!

A charming edition to our home..by #jacksonmichigan artist @audralockwood peep her page, like her pics, buy some shut from her..prints and originals #Halloween #michaelmyers #killerart #fineart

Oh my gosh what a fun and lovable group of girls!!! 😍

#jenniferbatesphotography #jacksonmichigan #irishhills #seniorpictures #brooklynmichigan

#tbt spring 1970 in #jacksonmichigan . Picture taken from apt balcony. Foto en la primavera del '70 desde el balcón del apto cuando viviríamos en Michigan. #elhemi

Batman & Supergirl at the JSO summer pops concert


The architecture is so darn cool

Lovin the Michigan life... ☀️😎🇺🇸

At the county clarks office gettin our marriage license!! Woo hoo... xx 🇺🇸👍👌❤

Filming in #jacksonmi #jacksonmichigan need building with seating and at least 50 people!

Sometimes you just have to confront some things to change them. Whether it's your diet, relationships, finances, career, etc. To change it you sometimes have to take a clear inventory of where you are so you know the next step you need to take.

One of the many #historicmarker plaques peppering the city of #jacksonmichigan .

This one...is attached to a boulder, sitting on a street corner along Jackson Ave. I kid you not. Out of the blue, on a corner with little to no fanfare, not even a little park. A boulder. Just. A. Boulder.

Okay... One would think, the exact spot where the city was founded, would have historic markers and Oak trees (hello, "Under the Oaks") and perhaps something instilling a little more pride than a D.A.R. plaque treated with such discontempt.

#HoraceBlackman and #CptAlexLaverty AND #HistoricIndianGuides who were instrumental, deserve better.

#morningwalksundertheoaks #walkablecity

Divinity is so proud of our very own Kelsey Elliott who passed her final audition to become a John Paul Mitchell Systems National Educator! Her talent and beautiful soul will now inspire others! Congrats, Kelsey!!! @infinitedesignsbykelsey #paulmitchell #nationaleducator #johnpaulmitchellsystems #theskysthelimit #mydivinitydesign #divinitydesignstudio #jacksonmichigan #divinedivas

Time marches on. Over the course of say, one hundred winters, what was once painted to hide scars, tends to slowly peel away.

What was the allure of painting brick? Weathering? Vanity? #Bricks once prominent fixtures in towns such as Jackson, fell victim to asphalt and paint and vinyl siding.

Why not be proud of #masonry and its ability to survive maladies both natural and man-made?

Come on, #jacksonmichigan , strip that artificial vinyl off and show off those wonderful bones that have held your building strong for a gundred plus years?

In the west, it's that disgusting stucco. In the Great Lakes region, it's vinyl. #getridofit

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