Josiah & Jackson jet skiing! 🌊 | #JacksonDuggar #JosiahDuggar #Brothers #DuggarFamily |

#jacksonduggar ~may 23rd 2004~

Joys wedding and honey moon!!

The new babies name will be Samuel Scott!! (He hasn't been born yet and she isn't in labor!)

Comment if you're playing!!!!!
Rules: I will say something along the lines of "you're out if your favorite duggar boy is Justin" and if your favorite is Justin then you don't get a point. If your favorite is NOT Justin then you get a point. First one to 10 wins. PLEASE BE HONEST!! Game starts once 5 people comment!! DM me once you have 10 and if you have any questions!!

Question 1! Comment your points! (If she is your favorite you have 0 if she isn't you have 1)

Comment your points below!! (2/10)

Comment your points below! -

Comment your points below!!
Pictures 4/10

Comment your score! -
I accidentally posted this on my main😂😂😂

Comment your points!! -
I'm posting number 7, 8, and 9 5 minutes apart from each other and the last one an hour after number 9. Hurry and comment!

Comment below!
Next one in 5 minutes

Comment your points!!! -
Sorry it was more than 5 minutes! I was making a hashtag thing and lost time!

Comment your points!
In one hour I'll be posting the last one! The rule is if you have 10/10 points you have first place and get to vote on next game! If you have 9/10 or 8/10 points get 2nd place and might get to pick a game too. I haven't decided. If you have 7/10 points or 6/10 points you get 3rd place. 5/10 4/10 3/10 2/10 1/10 ams 0/10 get last place. If you get last place you won't be forgotten! Still comment! I'll mention all of you and your places in my next post. I'll either post it between 1-2 hours depending on how many people have commented on my others. After 2 hours of the post being up the game has closed! You can still comment but I won't mention you in my post

I just really wanted to post this! I will be finishing you're out if I'm sorry I have been cleaning and I haven't had time to make any more

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