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I drew this last night instead of doing homework I really should've done 🙂 @graysondolan

I think he gets taller every time I see him 😶

@shawnmendes relatable!😂

I'm so bad at this game lmao
Btw, look at young Jack J 😭😭❤
🇫🇷 Swipe for the french version 🇫🇷
#shawnmendes #jackjohnson #jackandjack #mendesarmy #illuminateworldtour #illuminate #handwritten #shawnmendesmeme #meme

@ClaudiaTihan via Instagram with @MadisonBeer in Mexico 👊🏻 Madison had on the `Alani Tank‘ ($14) paired with the `Lisette Velvet Shorts‘ ($16) both from @brandymelvilleusa ☁️

your first three frequently used emojis describe your idols reaction to meeting you!✨

Got a feeling that I'm going under, but I know that I'll make it out alive. @shawnmendes#STITCHES


I'm so close to 300 :')

I'm so excited for the tour to start

I'm so in love with him its crazy ❤
#jackj #jackjohnson #jackandjack @jackj

This is pretty hot

He's so cute omg


"The echo always said get real. Mostly I just go by feel. Kick it first if it don't start. Don't need tools I got my heart" #jackjohnson #aglaonema #plants

Here lads listen to this hahahah I had my cooking exam today and during it I cut myself with a sieve like a fucking SIEVE and I cut myself with it??? Honestly I'm an eejit😂😂😂

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