Goodmorning seeing this realy made me smile I'm so proud of those boys ss!!! Because this event is realy a biggg thing and it s alll about love.. YESS like they sing we gonna rise rise rise till we fall) I HOPE YOU WILL ALWAYS RISE 😍 😍 😍 You guys will shine at the Macy's thanks giving parade.... (video instastory @davidgilinsky) @jackj @jackgilinsky don't forget to 👋 at allll those fans that willl be watching from home..... #jackj #jackgilinsky

I'm so exited for tomorrow I will be watching with some tea and some delicious selfmade thanksgiving muffins (made with sweet potatoes 😍) .... Hopefully not from the hospital but just at home 🙏 #rosejohnlinskyedits 🦋 🎹 #macysthanksgivingdayparade2018 #jackj #jackgilinsky

good morning. it's always so good when he notice us. it makes me happy that he notices my support for him 😊💖

So.. who got a bigger dick? You or G?🤔 || @jackgilinsky @jackj @jackandjack

Ladies & Gentlemen lemme introduce to you the future kings of the music industry #jackandjack #jackj #jackgilinsky @jackandjack @jackj @jackgilinsky


"Now I see your face and I just don't know you" #beautiful #jackgilinsky

i look over you and see sunshine

hi these pictures make my heart happy💓💘💖
@jackgilinsky #jackgilinsky #jackj #jackandjack

I want to meet this two people so freaking much 🥰❤️😂😍🔥😘 #lovethemsomuch❤️ #mybbys #jackandjack #jackgilinsky #jackj @jackj @jackgilinsky @jackandjack

i want too take a break but i’m scared no one will be here when i come back

We Ship Jiara❤️🤫 @jackgilinsky #jackgilinsky

Thank you for inspiring me not to give up on my dreams and to always think positive and know that I can do it that no one is going to stop me❤️ @jackgilinsky @jackj #jackgilinsky #jackjack

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