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TNHMB or Bad Reputation?

Not my best cus it was one of the first made but it was requested. #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #jackandjack #camilacabello #laurenjauregui #fifthharmony

just a little throwback because I'm reminiscing on how far our boy has come 💜
{@shawnmendes #shawnmendes}

the only part of this movie I actually liked

Hey booo❤️

when do you guys start school?

idk why i find this attractive

Shawn is a vampire 🤤❤ credits to @teddymendess 💕


the screen of my cellphone screwed up so I will not be able to be very active here 😔 I love Camerin and I will always support him

Awwwww there so talented:)))💓 #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #jackandjack 🖤 :)(;

Team 10 or banks ?

whoa that's HOTT😻😂💞 #jackgilinsky #jackandjack #jackjohnson :) (; 🥀🖤

i'm honestly so bored out of my mind right now

What the fuck is this, they were matching today??? Can someone explain to me?
Photos credit : @gilinsky.y
@madisonbeer @jackgilinsky @jackandjack #jackandjack #jackgilinsky #madisonbeer

I really hope posting pics like this isn't disrespectful to g or Madison cus that's the last thing I wanna do. but YALL IM EXCITED FOR THIS FUCKING TOUR IF G AND J DONT FU KING COME TO TX IMMA FIGHT THEM FR. #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #jackandjack #madisonbeer

how can someone be this attractive 🖤 #jackgilinsky

Imagine Shawn bringing you on a date and he looks at you like this😍😭❤️ -
{also I know this edit sucks, but I tried🖤}

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