@elenahudan caught video of me n hubs doing a little tango practice at the @debbiesteingesser and @daiglebrthsfire wedding party.

Get off work early on Fridays? Come by @spsgym and get your glute burn on!

Welcome to @spsgym
Where our community makes working out as fun as you are.

Lift majestically.
Getting set up for the Olympic lifts is more than just getting tight. It’s a mindset. I tell my athletes to set up like majestic unicorns: chest up, shoulders back, chin lifted, proud, and ready to kick ass.
Whens the last time you saw a slouchy unicorn, huh?

“You’ve never climbed a rope before? Welp, let’s just dive right in.”
@yoga_lifter tried to do a workout with Big Mike a few weeks ago and realized there’s a lot to learn around fitness and skill. So she’s coming to SPS a few times a week to learn new things and try out new training styles.
I’ve never seen someone go from “never climbed a rope” to “Why am I not faster yet?” in the course of 30min.

TFW the @usapowerlifting posted on IG asking for captions, then closes comments when a mirror is held up to them.

Photoshop collaboration between Big Mike and myself. Behold: @lyncoronado15 @jkbambii @mikebodymechanic @kcsjay @brandon_chien #bigmikejenkins

Dad, husband, me at Napa Valley Distillery

Thanks to @jennnnnsy and @h00bajangles for joining today!
Every Friday at 5:15pm, complementary, informal Butt Stuff class at SPS. Building that booty shelf.

TFW your head cold makes valsalva feel even worse than normal.
TFW yesterday you did a bunch of Oly lifting and your hands already raw.
170kgx5 top set. Deload-ish from last cycle that ended at 180kg.

Replace “specialize in football” with anything.
Do all the things. Follow what tickles your soul. We only have this one life, and none of us are making the big bucks working out.
Just get moving.

#BigMike, @bigmanmedia, and I had a lot of fun putting this together.

I’m posting this mostly because apparently holding wine glasses makes me looked JACKED. Hooray, wine! 🍷
📷: Yasmen Mehta
@suppleleopard @julietstarrett @paddygriffin @savaki

How many biceps can you count?
Beautiful wedding for @debbiesteingesser and @daiglebrthsfire and so good catching up with the old @sfcf crew.
@kimmybeee @lrwarren88 @mobilitywod @elenahudan @paddygriffin @julietstarrett @diane_fu

I ate this, all of this, yesterday.
For some reason, this deload week has be SO HUNGRY. I still stuck with my normal eating regiment for most of the week, but Thursday I decided, “Fuck it, I want some MF cookies!”
This isn’t a falling of the wagon.
This isn’t a trip up.
This isn’t saying eat whatever you want whenever you want, either.
This isn’t saying kowtow to your cravings regularly.
This is me deciding that I’m willing to deal with the trade off of eating 1,040 Cals in a sitting with the knowledge that it’s not directly towards my physique or training goals, but also knowing that I only let myself do something like this once in a blue moon.
I can feel okay about doing this once in a while because it’s truly only once in a while. And that once in a while splurge is important for treating yourself like a human (aka: cucumber with emotions).
I did this not alone and hiding, but as a coordinated splurge with my husband. We made an event of going to the grocery store, scouring the isles, looking at the baked goods, and talking about how silly we feel about it. It was fun.
Again, its occasionally and it’s okay.

A series of photos of my 3rd deadlift at states last weekend. Love the support from the @es_barbell crew. Would not have been able to grind that last deadlift without you.@joshtait @matt_stenzel @critta_ @brettto @sarah_jaide84 @odingeorge85 @jaydentermine @alittlebitofpretty @ash_milla @drbradm @bjaeschke @_konz828 #jackedandginger #oldmanofeastside #OMS #grind

First letter of name from column A, second letter for column B, and so on.
I’m cackling over here.

National Sibling Day! .
Here is a pic of me and @salsa_sommelier

Masters camp at @spsgym with @zsmalcerz and @coachoscar18.
1) Snatch complex at 70kg,
2) C&J complex at 95kg,
3) me with Coach Zygmunt,
4) the whole Masters gang.

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