who’s your favorite actor besides jack?

It disgusts me how much hate Jack is getting. If you follow me and hate Jack I would like it if you would get off my page! What would you do if you were getting all of the hate Jack's getting! He's a 14yr old boy just let him live!
@jackdgrazer @jackdgrazer @jackdgrazer @jackdgrazer @jackdgrazer #jackdylangrazer #stophate #stophatingonjack #istandjackdgrazer #stopbullying btw creds to @angelgrazer

those skills boi.

a duo i miss.

lmao, this is me, creds to the owner.

i posted a jack edit i made on my main acc @hxmarti.a :) tag jack pppllleeeaaassseee #jackgrazer #jackdylangrazer #jackgrazeredit

jackie boy!

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