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Swedish bbq with the boys
#warofages #jackdrecordings

These @lifebydeathband tracks are really starting to come together! Thanks so much to those dudes for trusting me with their music. And @k_lueby has been absolutely slaying the drums the last couple days. Can't wait to mix this bad boy! Also @kingsoundstudio is one of the sexiest places to track. You just can't beat that mood lighting

Finishing up vocals for the new #fleshkiller album today! @elishamullins91 is killing it! #producer #engineer #studio #studioporn #recording #musicstudio #jackdrecordings

Back to the studio build grind! Had an amazing few weeks working with the @lifebydeathband boys but now it's time to knock out this studio and hit the mix. All the rockwool is up and mostly covered in fabric now. I'll be posting more updates!

This @positivegrid bias amp is killing it on my bass tone! I've yet to really find a go to bass chain that I reach for every time but this is starting show up more and more as my "mid" bass track. I'll typically blend 3. 1 low only DI through the Neve. 1 mid/hi through sansamp or bias. And then 1 hi raunchy guy through the kemper or guitar head. This gives me complete control being able to automate certain parts of the bass independently throughout the song.

Bought all of the rockwool in the world today. Now it's time to finally build that big bounce pit I've been wanting. Also huge thanks to @joshditto for letting me borrow his manly as hell truck. #producer #engineer #studio #studiobuild #jackdrecordings #musicstudio #recordingstudio

Prepro with @heyitsfcc. You know we're channeling our tone with the Game of Tones Kemper pack. The EVH 5150iii is probably, most definitely my favorite.
You can snag just it or the entire bundle by hitting that link in the bio.

Studio vibes today! What are all you guys working on?!


Mix vibes this week! Sending off the @nocompany_official mixes and starting on the @iskaldofficial full length! Stoked to being working on another record all the way from Norway on @indierecordings 🤘🤘🤘

Studio vibes today! What are all you guys working on?!

Mixing the @nocompany_official record this week! Super stoked on how this stuff is turning out can't wait to share it with you guys!

More reamps today! I woke up super stoked to go down into the studio and get to work. Blessed to call this my career and thankfull for all the bands out there that have trusted me with their music.

@nocompany_official jams already sounding slamming!

The boys made it back to Utah today! This is definitely one for the books. Super proud of this project can't wait to get it edited and start mixing! Make sure to go like @nocompany_official and keep an eye out!

Had a blast spending the last few days tracking at King Sound Studio! I know I say this a lot but if it wheren' t for @rickkingmusic opening up his sweet space for me to track drums my productions wouldn't be near where they are. Drums in that room have become such a huge part of my mixes and the overall sound. Also having another bad ass producer in the other room to pop in and give a fresh perspective on things is always nice! Rick just had some spots open up for the end of this year so hit him up and crank out some jams!

My boy @jackdrecordings in here making magic with @nocompany_official. I'm just here taking a break from Destiny 2 checking in on dem boys. Sounding spectacular per usual.

Bass tone is stoked! This thing sounds insanely good on this @nocompany_official record. A special thanks to @rickkingmusic for one of the best birthday presents a boy could ask for 😁

Guitars are done! Super pumped with what me and the boys worked up on this record. Going to be a banger for sure! @nocompany_official

Finished tracking guitars for the new EP with @jackdrecordings now on to drums and vocals! #nocompany #newmusic #jackdrecordings #kieselguitars #ltdguitars #metal #rock

D A Y 3 / / G U I T A R S

#jackdrecordings ・・・
Wrapping up some masters for the night! Got my boys in #letthewolvesspeak coming down tomorrow all the way from Milwaukee, WI to start tracking an EP. Can't wait to make some more sweet sweet metal happen 🤘🤘🤘

Hitting some reamps with mine and @rickkingmusic GOT Kemper profile pack! Band is @lifebydeathband and it's a track produced by my good friend @zombiejerrod that I'm re working into the album they just finished with me. Stuff is sounding sickkkkkk

Highwayyyy tooo theee danger tone! Having a blast recording some phat drums this weekend. Non metal so I can actually boost a crap ton of low end and not hate my life 👍👍👍

Swedish bbq with the boys
#warofages #jackdrecordings

Life is diffusing

Game of Tones Kemper Pack finally, FINALLY out. @jackdrecordings and I put minutes, maybe even a full hour or two into putting this pack together.
9 Amps
90+ Profiles
All for the low price of about 200 gum balls.
Link in bio!
Thanks to @jimofhughes for the play through vid.

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