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Happy Birthday Mama ❤️❤️ Love you Forver#SweetMother#CaringMother#54likeSweet16#ForverYoung#IyaTeacher#❤️

Slaying is in d blood....

Words alone can't express our joy as u add another year. D Good GOD will renew ur strength and u shall continue to witness and testify to d goodness of GOD in dis life.Thanks mum for always been there for us and we can tell it on d mountains dat you've impacted of life's.we love u mum.#wura#mamuzy#iyateacher.hapi B'day mummy mi.proudly#omoiyateacher.

Mum and son goals.. Singer, Small Doctor helping his mum with her glasses. We are so much in love with this picture 😘😘😘 #smalldoctor #mummy #iyateacher #singer #music

This Woman With Her Transistor Radio.... Choi! I Buy Batteries Wo....😂😂😂😂 I Love So This Woman.... Her Prayer Keeps Me Going.... Just Keep Up That Smile For Me Ehn? I Will Still Buy You The Ferrari But Before Then Oya Chop Kiss Baby💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 #IyaTeacher #MySweetMama #FirstLove #MyBaby #NoOneLikeYou

Happy birthday my jewel of inestimable value, grandma awon boys..I wish u more fruitful years on earth...Love u always.

When @iam_smalldoctor comes you can tell the fake from Real #smalldoctor #iyateacher #afro #afrobeats #music #dance

No amount of words can express the feelings i have for you mom. Today is your Birthday. I always pray to God to give you sound Health, Prosperity, joy, peace, happiness and Long life to reap the Fruit of your labour. You have been so wonderful to me. My angel, my one and only, i can't and will never stop loving you. #Irreplaceable #IyaTeacher

Mama! Mama! It's your birthday today mum, you're the most selfless mother, you almost gave your life for the life of your children, you've taught me and my brothers how to be responsible and to endure, manage whatever comes our way, you are my first example of Christ love and discipline, you've laboured so much for your family, there's no impossibility with you, I envy your strong faith and level of optimism, your level of sensitivity to the needs of others, your labour of love and sacrifice for your children and husband is beyond comprehension, every blessed day u wake us up with your prayers for your children and your husband, you are a role model and the best mum I can ever have, you've always believed in me and never doubted me for once, I cannot sing ur praises enough. This is my prayer for you may ur seat on ur children's celebrations never be occupied by someone else neither will it be empty, may you live to enjoy the fruit of your labour, may God's grace on ur life never diminish, may your anointing never dry off, may your era of laughter never come to an end, may you forever have a cause to dance for joy, may you enjoy long life with perfect, sound health and may all ur heart desires be fulfilled in your own eyes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IYA MI, EJIKA MI. Love you MAMA!! @damylola_
#Iyateacher #wifetoaking #motherofthreekings #motheroftwoqueens #mamanononsense

Small Doctor has gifted his mom, who he fondly refers to as "Iya Teacher," with brand new Toyota car Corolla.

The singer shared photos of the new gift on social media on Sunday, October 15. The brand new whip spotted a plate number that read, "'Mummy Mi." He captioned the snap: "Got Iya Teacher a new car today. I'm excited we did this". Big congrats @iam_smalldoctor on the new achievement.

#SmallDoctor #IyaTeacher

Nigerian entertainer small doctor got mum #iyateacher a new car.. Small Doctor aka Omo Iya teacher shared the photos of the car as prayers were being poured on it by spiritual leaders.

The excited son referenced God as the source of his being able to buy another car for his mother within a short period of time.

In his post, he said: "God made me add another car for Iya Teacher, which is a popular name for his mother. Doctor also customised the plate number and it reads "Mummy mi" meaning "My mummy.


M happy 4u @iam_smalldoctor 4d new car u bought for #IyaTeacher
May u eat all wat u labour for
May u live lonh to witness ur children n grand children #GoodDeeds

#The word of God is our mirror to life✔✔✔✔💡
#NosaObami 👑.

Maami,my everything #iyateacher #missing her

Nana ❤️ #IyaTeacher
Barka de sallah

Happy Birthday to my QUEEN, my Gold, my everything...Allah bless the day I first met you and the very first time I called you Mommy. May Almighty God bless you with all your heart desires😘😘❤ I LOVE YOU Mom#VirgoQueen#iyateacher#Myworld

#fineboi #Small doctor
#Keep wining bross

#God gave me LOVE,I wasn't use to that because so many people that show me love ended up taking it back
#bayernfamily ⚽⚽

#do Good to others, it will come back in unexpected ways. .
#oba mi👑

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