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Do you trust the maker of your medication? I do... #cannacaps #fuckadispensary #growyourown #iwouldlovetohelp

HEY WONDERFUL FRIENDS!!🌸 I'm just a woman with a Dream who wants help YOU make your dreams come true!!😉 Would you be interested to know how I started a company for only $13, when it originally costs $99?! I WOULD LOVE TO SHARE WITH YOU HOW I DID!!☺ I seriously can NOT explain in words how amazing •It works• has been to my husband and I so far! If I can help you reach your goals, whether it's •saving money to travel, •purchase things you want and are not able to have right now, •have financial freedom, •help others in your life financially, •help yourself and others health wise, •or to simply have the luxury of working from your phone, that would absolutely make day!! Thank you for reading and for taking the time!! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!☺ #reachyourgoals #liveyourdreams #financialfreedom #iwouldlovetohelp #chellsiesjourney

OBHS kick off to Black History month brunch. Sharing my real estate knowledge with the community. #OBHS #ontarioblackhistorysociety #natalielewin #selling #torontorealestate #thinking of #selling or #buying #callme #emailme #textme #iwouldlovetohelp #remax

How much weight would you like to lose? I am always here to anwer any questions about our Herbalife products 🙂. Lets do this togther and feel amazing!! Summer is right around the corner! 📲Text 860-961-4243 or DM me here ☺️ #askmehow #letsgetstarted #looseweight #iwouldlovetohelp

Live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick, and kill for each other💄

Happy National Black Licorice Day (April 12th)! What do you know about Fennel essential oil? Did you know that it is the constituent Trans anethole that makes Fennel sweet?

What is your favorite way to use Fennel essential oil?

#doterrascience #essentialoilsbybarb #IWouldLoveToHelp


My second home ❤ loving this life I live. Thoroughly enjoying this journey and am constantly amazed by our bodies and what they are capable of.
2 days ago I cleaned up my diet a wee bit more (I do that alot, it's intentional 😜) and have seen nearly instant results and 5lbs leaner.
I'm considering creating a private facebook page of only a few people for a 3-4 week challenge. I'll help you learn what to eat and when and assist with workouts as well (and offer a nice personal training discount for those in the group). I'm still just considering this because I'm not sure how many people would be interested or will stick with it...
If this is something you think you would like or benefit from, let me know, comment!

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Good night world 🌎 here I'm sweating 😅 🏀 haha but hey, I Rather die trying, than just being comfortable with my excuses‼️😒 It's never too late to change. Get out of your own way 🚧🚦🚨 get in there and fight back! 🤼‍♀️🤺 When I lost my excuses and become friends with the word consistency. Gosh that freaking word. I swear that word hunts me hahah anyways, through all the struggles I still manage to stay positive and I just keep reminding myself you didn't gain all the weight over night so keep moving towards who you truly are. It really feels good when you are slowly finding your way out to becoming a better version of you❤️ !😌🙏🏼 Thank you God for helping and giving me the courage and self love to keep going... guys if I can do this you can do this too 💋 #amalytakavesover #teamFearless #joinmyteam #iwouldlovetohelp #askmeanything #weightlosstransformation

Could you say LAUNDRY !! Washed my bedding with our Luna washer whiffs and Luna laundry Soap Sample and my let me tell you it's smells sooo good! #lovelyessencescentsy #yourscentsyconsultant #canibeyourscentsylady #laundrydetergent #washerwhiffs #scentsy #luna #bedding #smellsyummy #orderyourstoday #iwouldlovetohelp #haveaquestion #ihavetheanswer #dontbeshy #visitmywebsite #linkinbio #thankyou

First Day of summer !!! Who's excited ! 😁 Check out our funny sunny Days! These items are going fast we are sold out of the washer whiffs and bundle we have also sold out of the scent circle but we still have the wax bar, room spray , Emoji warmer, and Emoji buddy clip ! #lovelyessencescentsy #yourscentsyconsultant #canibeyourscentsylady #getyoursbeforeitsgone #theyaremovingfast #happysummer #staycool #scentsyon #scentsy #canigetyouanything #iwouldlovetohelp #surfsup #emoji #visitmywebsite #linkinbio #thankyou

The world is going coconuts so do I 🌺 #TTland

If Plexus has taught me anything, it has taught me that people will #suffer in silence instead of reaching out for help.... 💚FB doesn't tell us about the person that is secretly suffering from dark thoughts or #desperation. 💚Or the person that secretly loves winter because the clothes can cover their #skin conditions. 💚Or the momma that is just too tired to keep going and wondering when she'll catch a #break. 💚Or the person that plans their day around trips to the bathroom because their #stomach is always fighting them. 💚Or the person that can't post a *workout picture because their joints ache when they just try to walk up the stairs. 💚Or the kid that is so #anxious they don't want to leave their parents side. 💚Or the person that has battled with their #selfimage their entire life and think it's something they should just be able to fix. 💚Or the woman that only has a few "good" days a month because her *period symptoms are more than she can bare. 💚Or the person that can't #sleep at night because the burden of their financial state is more than they can handle. 💚FB shows us highlight reels. But it doesn't show us the other 23 1/2 hours of a person's day where they earn the real battle scars of life.

THAT is why I share Plexus daily. Because most of the struggles of others are things they don't post online. I was one of them! I was struggling on the inside but tried to hide it. We don't know who needs help or when.

Treat your taste-buds to Spearmint chocolate chip cookies tonight! Check out the doTERRA blog for the recipe and message me with details on how to purchase oil! http://ow.ly/n8LV30ckCrD

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My friend shared this and I had to share...... People don't like truths and there is a lot of bad info going around lol
Just Bc it comes from nature doesn't mean it's for weight loss!!! Comparison of left and right !
Sugar is sugar !
Once you are where you wanna be moderation is key but until then be mindful that even if it's healthy doesn't mean it's for weight loss !

Side note
With every meal you need a protein source and that protein should be higher than carb intake !
So if there is 15 carbs and 6 protein not the best ratio !

#proteinproteinprotein #enjoybeinghealthy #toomuchofanythingisnotgood #iwouldlovetohelp #youcandoit

and so the ADVENTURE begins!

Sometimes you just have to choose adventure. Join us on our journey, to get your journey started.

Contact us at barb@IWouldLoveToHelp.com for more details on how we can get you started TODAY with essential oils!
#essentialoilsbybarb #IWouldLoveToHelp it

YOUR Journey Begins at The Door!

Where will it take YOU? Contact us at barb@IWouldLoveToHelp.com for more details on how we can get you started TODAY!

#essentialoilsbybarb #IWouldLoveToHelp


Enough is Enough!
Is this you month after month, on the couch curled up in pain.
TRY Clary Calm it is an all natural solution for women. Apply topically to bottoms of the feet, back of the neck, and on the temples as needed.

#essentialoilsbybarb #IWouldLoveToHelp

Finally decided to throw out all my old creams, cleansers & potions (including my foundations & concealers!)I've tried with no success. That bag was one of two😬 All I use now are the Rodan & Fields products in the top picture🙌🏻🙌🏻 some not even every day & my skin is the best it's ever been! #whatareyouwaitingfor #loveyourskinagain #iwouldlovetohelp #getyourconfidenceback #60daymoneybackguarantee

It is warming up outside which means all of the summmer pests. Arm yourself with the best outdoor all natural remedy. TerraShield is natures outdoor protection.

#essentialoilsbybarb #IWouldLoveToHelp

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