Forever grateful to all the small things in my life that turned out to be big things ❤️💋#mymainmen #myboys #grateful #forever #iwonthejackpot

My humans. ✨ #iwonthejackpot

You know you hit jackpot of a husband is when you find a small bottle of home made ginger garlic paste in your freezer because
1. He's travelling to London for 10 days
2. He knows you hate the smell that ginger garlic paste making leaves on your hand
3. He knows that you being through and through Indian you won't even attempt dinner if you don't have ginger garlic in your side dish.
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When you win the Jackpot at the gaming zone and get a 1000 tickets, you can’t help but wonder how long the train of tickets will be!
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THIS MAN! Oh this man. Just the sight of him STILL makes me swoon. He works SO hard for our family. He GETS me! He truly understands me better than I understand myself.(Thanks @npualumni psych degree!) And even though our love languages differ (I’m gifts and words of affirmation, he’s quality time and acts of service, that’s just my best guess, we still have yet to read the book/take the quiz/etc), and even though it can be frustrating, I see EVERY DAY him showing us love in his language. And I cannot thank God and his parents enough for the amazing man that has blessed me and our children so richly!

Tonight some random guy I’d never met messaged me on IG TWICE “hey pretty ❤️” I told him I was flattered, but that first and foremost, I’m happily married and fiercely devoted to my husband. Then I blocked him. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The reason I’m sharing this side note is that I realize I don’t post a lot of pictures of Ben. Mostly because he’s simply not a fan of social media or having his picture taken. He’d rather just be in the moment. I love that about him, even if I struggle to do the same. And I realized that despite my bling post from the other day, maybe I haven’t been clear enough that he is still the man of my dreams, after “all” these years. (Can I say phrases like that when we’ve only been together for 13 some years? It still feels like just yesterday, and yet he is so engrained in my heart, that I can’t even remember what life was like without him, even in my memories from before him.) Ben checks in on FB maybe once a year at best. So as much as I’d like to think I’m doing this for him, I’m not even sure if he’ll see it. But all this to say, next time you see him, would ya give him a kind word? A pat on the back? Don’t like or comment here, because, like I said, even with tagging him, he probably won’t see it at all, or the very least, it’ll be months at best. But this Godly, handsome, kind, tough as nails, stubborn as an ox, and strong as one too, man after my own heart who gives us so much love, and I wish I was better at showing him love the way he receives it, because he deserves so much!

It. Has. Happened.
Travel Goal Achieved; Cheese Attained.
I actually struggled to find a decent shop- and here I walk in to what ended up being the very first salumerie I ever discovered, back on my first visit to Rome years ago. Just like the first time, the beautiful man behind the counter greets me and I struggled to catch my breath. The universe certainly does throw us blessings once in a while.
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#iwonthejackpot!!! Holycow!!! @gretzkyestates I feel spoiled rotten!! #mywalter

I have sister bday twins! 👯‍♀️ Lissa, if we can make it through yellow/Mexican/Spanish/whatever rice we can make it through anything 💁🏼‍♀️💓 AC, I would never have groceries or my sanity while making a grocery list if it weren’t for you 👌🏼💗 I mean I think we all know sisters are pretty much the bomb. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YALL BIG! #bdaytwins #sisters #iwonthejackpot

TYTAN BRAE ✨❤️✨ A whole decade has passed since you came into my life and ROCKED my whole world! I didn’t know what life was all about until this day 10 years ago. You showed me what God’s perfect Love REALLY feels like because it’s the same love I feel for you! A LOVE SO DEEP, SO UNCONDITIONAL, SO PURE, SO SELFLESS, SO SACRIFICING, SO IRREPLACEABLE, SO WHOLE.
Today is YOUR birthday sweet boy but it’s your mama who got the world’s most precious gift! I love being your mama more than anything else.
#HappyBirthday #mywholeworld

Happy Father’s Day to the best one out there! Sending lots of good vibes over to Italy today since I’m not there with you...love you!! #fathersday #iwonthejackpot

I like to call my husband a 'richly charactered individual' haha. He's a carpenter, a footballer, a computer gamer, a singing-french-loving-piano player, a Lego collector, an affectionate and playful Dad and an amazingly supportive, hard-working and devoted husband. How lucky am I! It's his birthday today so I am celebrating HIM that little bit extra! 😊😊 Don't ya just love love! xox

On the very last net run at Wehle's MAPS station, we meet back up with Eric Soehren (one of the states leading ornithologists) and he says hes extracted a bird we rarely catch. We all put in our guesses for what it is AND GUESS WHO WAS RIGHT IT WAS ME. (Black and White warbler, Miniotilta varia)
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So, I’m super lucky. It’s #nationalbestfriendday and I have two of the best, most amazing best friends in the world. One pretty much lives in my phone but even after all these years we haven’t gone more than a week without talking, and the other, I couldn’t have made it through the last few years of my life without. So thank you both, @shannon_swaggerty and @schaf.ferg, you people make everything better.
#thebestfriends #iwonthejackpot

So cheesy 🧀 #iwonthejackpot

Har du plåster? Självklart har jag Ⓜ️- plåster att bjuda på 🤣 One of my favourite people in the world 🌍 💕 #svåger #iwonthejackpot #family

Still counting my lucky stars when it comes to you 😍😍😍 #iwonthejackpot #rig #nothingbutlaughsandlove

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