battle scars.. 不不不 stinging like crazy.. but on the upside, she kinda carved it stylishly.. sorry.. i have this knack to crack a joke during inappropriate moments.. got that from my mama.. THE FIGHT :
1 princess kitty is detested by 2 kittys (1 large, 1 small). So they we being kept separated. as i was about to do the regular poop cleaning, didnt realize the princess was in the room. heard hissing.. the large and small kitty was about to attack my princess. i grabbed both attacker to save my princess.. Large cat just pushed my hand away.. believe it or not, the small kitty was the one who caused this much damage. Bitten, scratched, clawed, kicked.. u know the regular catfight...Managed to get both kitty and put them safely aside (dont worry, the only one who got hurt was me.. the rest was handled with care despite the clawing) while i get the traumatic princess out. i thought it was just a small scratch cos the sting wasnt that bad.. until i take a good look at it.. 不不不 Fuh! like tattoo lah.. 不不不 blood was streaming down non stop.. but thank god nothing too deep.. thats what i am hoping for though.. i am definitely gg to go with @_the.kraken_ 's suggestion to head to the doctors after this.. just in case.. #lifewithcats #istilllovethem #battlescars #ilovecats #pawparent #iwontgiveuponthem #justanotherday

Let her go - Passenger賅毋蛤 Since many people told me to post this here...
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I often get asked; How can we get more people involved in the 2A lifestyle and break the thought process its only for Old White Men? What can we do? See people like this dont help the cause. WE understand what Freedom is and it doesnt include leaving a child behind! But when someone has this point of view and some of these young people encounter them how are they feeling? What do they sense? Sure, some people can't be saved, but surely we aren't about to turn our backs on the ones who can be saved, right? As I always say to the GUN COMMUNITY/CULTURE. Guys/Gals, we can't preach inclusion and practice exclusion. They are not all HOOD RATS, as this man implies. What's the difference between these comments and someone who is anti gun? I thought the GUN was a physical representation of love and freedom. I thought we all are suppose to fight for all our citizens as long as they can be saved! Am I wrong? Please <Swipe>
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My one and only helper and moving buddy "Jase", on our way with the first truck load of our stuff putting our whole life in a storage unit. #lifeishard #familyfirst #iwontgiveuponthem #bekind

I get frustrated when my students say they can't. No, you can't do it this way, but we will find a way you can. Never let a child give up on them self. They need one person to believe they can. Watch the magic that takes hold of them when they start to believe your words. That is where the true magic of the world lies. #FutureTeacher #IWontGiveUpOnThem

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