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(Just incase it "disappears")..proof
Lord knows I have no words. 😍😍 #jaele #jaeleexposed
#jacenorman #rieledowns #iwillgodownwiththisship . [Ella took the pic] They planned the matching?

None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith. -Paulo Coehlo #songsongcouple #goodnight #iwillgodownwiththisship 😂

When Hara and BM were a thing. A hot thing. A thing of hotness. #neverforget #throwbackthursday #iwillgodownwiththisship #BM #HaraGoo

I just have to say that #iwillgodownwiththisship.

If you don't get why derek says so, check last part.
This part took a lot of time but i'm proud of every single manip and I honestly love this so much. I know I did it myself but idc i love it.


Apparently that's the face I pull when Richmond are losing by 90 points 🐯😣#tigerland #iwillgodownwiththisship

crackship poST. okay, y'all i have dove in deep to a crackship and i caNT FIND MY WAY OUT. i spent my whole day making this TRASH (im sry pyper :( ) but i hope y'all like it. i couldn't manip the scenes together so i went with a simple picture edit. anywhOoo, this complicated pair of capitols are AMAZING. i love em and their love/hate relationships #pleasehelpivefallenandicantgetup #iwillgodownwiththisship also half these manips dont match but WHATEVER

She's still mesmerising me nearly 20 years on @kerriefowke #wife #iwillgodownwiththisship
#hikingadventures #tehenga #mudding


When Hara and BM were a thing. A hot thing. A thing of hotness. #neverforget #throwbackthursday #iwillgodownwiththisship #BM #HaraGoo

GO READ MY TWENTY SOMETHING PAGE UPDATE OF "More Than Friends" on wattpad. Username is: localtrashcan103 #rieledowns #jacenorman #jaele #henrydanger #bwwm #nickelodeon #iwillgodownwiththisship

Chapter 2
Two years had passed since the battle of New York, and it was easy for Tony to recall the events given the constant nightmares. He also remembered that this man lying in his arms had been the same one that had tried to conquer the planet, even though he looked nothing like himself at the moment. So when he stared at Loki lying innocent and limp in his hold, he felt a kind of pity, but pushed that away when he remembered all he'd done.Without a real plan, he carried him over to the couch, lying him down carefully to avoid causing him any more pain. “Jarvis, scan his vitals,” he said as he placed his hand on Loki's forehead. He immediately pulled away when he felt it burning, and he hopped up to get a cool cloth. When he put it up to his forehead, he noticed the uneasiness in his breathing, and it began to startle him. “Scan complete,” Jarvis replied after a moment, and words began to appear on the screen that had been pulled up. “Temperature is 40 degrees Celsius, signs of recent blood loss; Shall I read off the rest?” Tony peered up at the screen, shaking his head. “Nah. I can read it.” He looked over the words, eyes widening as he saw all that was wrong with the god. If Loki were human, he would have been dead long ago. In fact, it was a miracle he was breathing right now. The broken ribs, the gashes, the open wounds; it was all too much for Tony to believe that he could still be alive.
Loki whimpered, shifting in his sleep, and Tony jumped a bit, wondering if he were waking up or not. But when he pulled the cloth back to check how warm it was, it was terribly hot, and he went back to cool it down for him. Where had Loki come from? Tony thought. And why was he so badly beaten?  As he studied the god, he wondered how long he'd been going through this torture. He wanted to call someone, anyone, so he wouldn't have to understand this alone, but with Loki's history, their main objective would be to kill him or lock him up. He looked over him a bit, noting his lethally thin appearance. He finally settled on having Jarvis contact Bruce.
At least it was a start.
#frostiron #frostironfanfic #iwillgodownwiththisship #marvel #loki #tonystark

right so these two had the most beautiful and devoted relationship ever and they both deserved better
i love them 💕

years on and i still get emotional when i think of these two 💕
i grew up adoring these two so they mean more to me than anything

"There will be no white flag up on my door" It's been a hard week to say the least. I've lost people, found people, befriended strangers, and I've been hurt to deeper depths than I thought imaginable. I'm learning it's not always about the outcome but the way you approach it and how you find the strength to stand in the eye of the storm. The pain validates the effort and nothing is ever left in vain. So, from this day forward, I will wear Love on my arm. I will weaponize my actions with acceptance, truth, and, to the best of my ability, bravery, even when death dares show its teeth again. And I will remember, for the rest of my days...#freshink #loveinarabic #iwillgodownwiththisship #existentialism #nowhiteflag #alwayslove #therapist

Gotta another thing comin' 'cause I have a mind and I thought I'd better let you know
I'm no punk I can't get down, I don't give a damn about who's around
That's worked just fine 'til now #strongwoman #iwillgodownwiththisship #anastasia #paymydues #thiswomanrocks

What was the first tv couple that resonated with you?

My first big ship! Spuffy forever! This was actually my MySpace thanks for the add pic...showing my age now!
#spuffy #btvps #buffy #spike #vamp #thewb #williamthebloody #buffysummers #jamesmarsters #smg #sarahmichellegellar #nostalgia #myotp #tvcouples #ishipit #iwillgodownwiththisship #IamOld #josswhedon #whedonverse #buffythevampireslayer #slayer #walkthroughthefire #eternalflame

El triángulo amoroso es intenso #spoileralert #got #gameofthrones #iwillgodownwiththisship

lol srry i haven't posted in a while, i was a lazy little shit and spent my time reading all these vkook fanfics
ughhh i ship these two so much, kookie is my bias and tae is my bias wrecker lol 😂

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