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Cannot believe its been a year already... "Here's to many years to come"...#loveyou#iwillalwaysdo #29/08/2015#happyanniversarytous #nargesdanial 😍😍😍😍😍

From My Family to yours we say thank you to all our well wishers. May God bless you all and grant all of your heart desires💋💋💋 #WeddingAnniversary #Tijanis #Blessed #IWillAlwaysDo 📸📸 @inijephoto

Ilovekitty ❤️❤️❤️ #iwillalwaysdo #kittyfilter #happysaturday #peaceandlove 🔴🔴🌍🌏🌎✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼💋💋❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

I celebrated you when you were alive, I'm still celebrating you and will always celebrate you. I was shocked when I saw it this morning.
RIP DEAR (Return if possible). May God console your family.
Rest well.

And they lived happily ever after...#tbt #myprincecharming #iwillalwaysdo #googleyeyes #purelove

Pumkin its better late than never, sweetheart your beautiful from the insideout not average but special and extraordinary one of a kind indeed, may happiness , peace ,joy and love always be with you and your family.....I truly miss you dear#amproudofyoumylovelygranddaughter#iwillalwaysdo#distanceisnotabarrier#Majwit#

Is the end of Valentine month but not the end of love, #IWillAlwaysDo....

Ibarat kucing hitam..dalam pekat malam..
Kau berlalu pergi membawa seribu satu cerita..telan walaupun dalam kepayahan.. biar rasa itu tenggelam dek riak muka yang kau pamerkan..pujuklah hati..ini realiti sayang..tak semua benda itu indah penuh bunga2 dan rama2.. tampal senyum plastik di wajah and move on.. May allah bless all of us..


Today, being the 10th day in the month of August marks the 17th year you, Otunba Titus Adedeji Ishola Otenaike dropped your sword. I did not really have that father-daughter experience with you tho, but I remember a lil about us cos I was just Thirteen at your passing
Yes!!! I remember the very first time you made me have a sense of belongingness was the day you showed up at my school (Jamaltul Islamiyat Primary School Ikorodu). I don't really remember much now but I remember you and mum weren't together and I was struggling with parental love. I was living with mum and she did everything she could for me not to bear it in mind cos she understood how sensitive I could be but naaaa I knew there was so much more. Every other pupil had their parents around on a reg but mine. That day, you showed up and not only did you show up, u came bearing gifts that included clothing and provisions AND you showed up in a Benz 230 car with the plate number AT-470-KTU YES!!! I saved it in my head till now cos for your 'daddy' to have driven a Benz car back in the 90s,damn... he was rich and I was so proud of you to the point that I told everyone who cared to listen that my dad came to my school and he didn't use a public transport. U were sweet but death didn't make me enjoy the best of you.
Yesss... I also remember we (your children) spent most our holidays at granny's house (iya agege; your mum) and when we were to return to school, you'ld provide everyone with their needs. Uncle Akin, your younger bro would leave the house in the morning and come back late in the evening with goody bags with everyone's name written on each lol.... And he'ld say "boda nipe skirt and blouse meji meji fun Aanu(me) jumoke (my first daughter) ati kehinde( my sister twin). I still wonder how I still manage to have this in my head cos this was like umm 22-23 yrs ago but the Bible records how pleasant it is to remember the righteous. He loved all his children to a fault. We were 10children altogether from three wives as at then and the love was not partial. He later married one more wife who bore two more kids that makes us a football team with an extra. Most importantly we represent the twelve...

Love of my life 😍
Now I'm tested by the situations that we've been facing for years. But let me show to the world how persistent is my love for you.
Thanks to God and our mentors for helping us discover a lot of treasures in our marriage.
#covenantmarriage #Marriedforlife #pernikahanseumurhidup #tildeathdouspart #unconditionallove #iwillalwaysdo #fireproof

Maybe we can just walk along, without talking, together?
#psiloveyou #iwillalwaysdo #meh

Minor setback. I know it will never go back to how it was... but I wish it could so badly sometimes.
#thistooshallpass #illbefine #missingyou #iwillalwaysdo #meh

I never stop loving the people I have loved, even if they're no longer a part of my every day life.
Knowing they're healthy, happy, enjoying their existence brings me joy. Even if I have to acknowledge that maybe my presence isn't going to bring that to them.
#lostfriends #iwillalwaysdo #peterpanandwendy #grateful

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