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I just found this picture i had taken and forgotten until now of of excellent political shirt pop-up at International Women's Strike #iwd last week.

What a great #TBT from #IWD where our *brilliant* members visited the @unitednations to let leaders know that #GirlsCount ❤️

U kno that we came from the ground! 🔛🔝#IWD™🌐

Widows dance to praise God at the 9th National Widows Alliance Conference #NAWAC2017 ongoing at Trade Fair Center. www.mamazimbi.org #InternationalWidowsDay #IWD

International Widows' Day was declared by the United Nations and first celebrated on June 23, 2011 in an effort empower widows and help them to regain their rights, which have long been ignored and violated.
#iwd #widows #globalgoals #SDGs #women #nigeria #africa

Anos se passam, objetivos são conquistados, novas metas são traçadas, outros projetos se iniciam em novas cidades, mas continuamos de alguma forma juntos nesses caminhos... Da medicina pra vida 💚 #ucbmedXII #iwd #sp

Girl power 💪🏻🌹@claudievicso

Setelah perdebatan panjang, akhirnya ..
Mission completed !


@Regrann from @raredebby - Say hello to the future Minister for Women Affairs.
Say it , work towards it, get it.

In life, we can take a million moments picking apart ourselves in images, in the mirror, in our mind. We pinpoint areas of our biggest insecurities and hope that no one finds them. We peel back and analyze situations to the point where the memory is deluded even a false reality. Maybe I shouldn't say we. I did these things; I know I'm not alone. Sometimes I still do, but I've gotten 110% better.
I chose to spend my million moments living. Deciding what I want to do and not what the past demons in my mind want. I do what I want and don't do what I don't want. Find out who you truly are. Find out what makes you, you. Gain the independence and be undeniably you. 🦄

@Regrann from @nnekaiwunna - "For many women, becoming a widow does not just mean the heartache of loosing a husband but often loosing everything as well" - Cherie Blaire
International Widows day June 23rd is a day we are reminded of the misery of widows and their children and why we must do something about it now. I joined GoldCrest centre to mark the day.
Working on my series 'Left Behind' which examines the plight of widows in Nigeria.
With support from @magnumfoundation
#photography #Lagos #IWD #Internationalwidow'sday #widow'sday #widows@ipajadeanerycyon - #regrann
@youngandcatholicng that video was a Thanksgiving.

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