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Happy weekend يا أحلى عالم🌺🌼🌸
#iwasntreadyforthepic 😝

If you got your ice cream from any other place during the fair, what were you thinking?? #iwasntreadyforthepic

I am counting down the days until I can be your shot gun rider again 😩❤️ #iwasntreadyforthepic #16moredays it's already been 17 days

Memories that last forever.... Raggae overload 💃🏽 #iwasntreadyforthepic #mylegsweretho lol #seemytan

I am not an option, I am a priority. 💎♥️ #lifeaslizzyy #iwasntreadyforthepic #itwashotaf #curlsfordays photo creds: @michellerdzestrada 📸

Go bestfriend that's my bestfriend 💃 @gwendolynfinsy #LoveThisGirl #IWasntReadyForThePic

SHOUT OUT to gunnery sergeant Drum! Congrats on the reenlistment! #iwasntreadyforthepic

I don't think Vegas was ready for us!!! #IwasntReadyForThePic #YoungAbudhabi Aka Jose


I was killin the game with the white blazer and the handkerchief at a young age. I think I was in the middle of closing a huge Legos deal with a kid at a nearby table. Look at the old dude in the back looking with hate in his heart and giving me ice grills like George Foreman. I was somebody's MCM before I was even a grown man lol. #YoungGQ #MyMomLooksProud #iWasntReadyForThePic #YoungScarface #HatersGonnaHate #FBF
Old pic courtesy of my cuz @j_spuz

I am not an option, I am a priority. 💎♥️ #lifeaslizzyy #iwasntreadyforthepic #itwashotaf #curlsfordays photo creds: @michellerdzestrada 📸

Soaking up all the morning snuggles before mommy has to go back to teaching ❤️ #bedjowl #iwasntreadyforthepic #gomatergo #theadventuresofelectraandmater #thepolarbearandmrpink

Work Summer Goal 🏃🏻‍♀️ #5k5days #iwasntreadyforthepic #topright

Meeting Ron Kauk
It was crazy I just woke up, went to buy some food and as I was walking out with my hands full; Guess who opened the door? Ron Kauk! I stared at him in amazement as I walked out thinking "Holy shit! Ron Kauk just opened the door for me!" He said "Have a great night." I was too shy to even reply. I came back to my senses then put everything away in my empty backpack, to free my hands. I ran back inside and found him. He noticed that I noticed who he was. I walked up to him and said "Are you Ron Kauk?!" He replied "Hey you got my name right!" I was so happy. I was meeting an old timer who put up some of the classics up here in Yosemite! I asked him questions about training and school. He explained how simple it is to find yourself outdoors, and it's true! It's inspiring to meet someone who stands for not having an ego when it comes to climbing. Someone who not only cares about himself, but others as well. Playing it safe! Another thing he kept saying was to enjoy life, life is good! We have to use our time wisely. The world is a big place! #IWasntReadyForThePic#RonKauk #YosemiteClimber #Climbing #RockClimbing #TrainingAf #StoneMaster #TheOriginals #TheClassics

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