accuracy of ear thermometer – What to Look For
accuracy of ear thermometer : If your child is hot or seems to be under temperature, it is probably time to take the temperature. It sounds pretty simple – but if you’re new, you might have questions. Which type of thermometer is the best? Are the thermometer guidelines different for babies and older children? Here’s what you need to know to take your child’s temperature.
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I have very active kids, twins with severe sensory issues as well. It seems like someone is always sick and bringing home the “yuck” from school. My twins are non-verbal so asking them if they aren’t feeling well isn’t an option. Fevers are usually an indicator of an oncoming seizure for one of my boys so I need a quick and noninvasive way to get an accurate temperature reading. Even with them moving and pulling away, it just takes two seconds for this thermometer to get an accurate reading and will let me know if they are running a low grade fever or even worse. It runs on an easy 2 AAA batteries so they are cheap and convenient to replace. This model has an ear and forehead reading option but my boys aren’t having any part of an ear reading. I’ve tested it out on my teenager and found it to be just as accurate as the forehead sensor. Great buy!
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My husband is really into the Scouting program, and he enjoys camping and hiking along the Appalachian Trail. But of course, you can't find showers in the Great Outdoors. And boy, do those guys get stinky in the hot Southern summer! This handy battery operated shower by Produtrend/BornStylist is a super way for him to get clean while still enjoying his outdoorsy time. Make sure you charge the battery using the included cord and then off you go! It was super easy to set up. It even comes with a suction cup and hook system so you can hang it up from a flat surface (like my car) or from a tree branch or something like that. You hook up the tubes, turn on the pump, and plop it in any body of water available. We used a five gallon bucket, but you could also use a clean pond or stream. It has a filter than can be cleaned if it gets clogged or dirty. And as you can see, it's also fun for the kids to play in! Now my husband just needs to go on another campout!
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ProduTrend Portable Outdoor Shower for Instant Shower Stream, Battery Powered Handheld Shower Ideal for Indoor, Camping, Beach, Road Travel, and More, Includes USB Charging Plug; by https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTV3I9H?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

Okay so I know that this Wireless Audio Baby Monitor with Two Way Talk Back by BundleTumble is technically for babies but i use it for my teenagers. It makes a great paging system to keep from having to scream at the top of my lungs to get their attention. It will make a great gift for anyone expecting a baby or already have one. It has a nightlight feature that is great, it's not to dim nor to bright for a sleeping baby. It is easy to set up and has easy to use instructions. It has an alarm if the parent monitor goes beyond the range of the baby monitor. You can set it either for daytime or nighttime mode. In the box it includes the Two monitors, the cords to charge as well as the batteries and instruction manual. Check out the link below for more info https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N6JTP7N #Ad #Iwasinvited #BundleTumble #babymonitorwithnightlight #Canalsobeusedforpagingteenagers

I saved a lot of records from my early childhood. I have my Captain Kangaroo record where he sings songs with my name in it, and also a lot of Disney story records. It is so much fun to let my kids listen to them and use their imaginations in new ways. Of course, it's also nice to listen to some old school music like this Moody Blues record! This portable record player/turntable by Produtrend and Born Stylist is a fun way to revive those good ol' days! It can fit 33s, 45s, and 78s and even comes with the record size adapter. The battery is rechargeable, so if you can't have it plugged in the whole time you can still listen to those great tunes! It also has an aux input so if you want you can hook up your smartphone and play music thru the speaker in the turntable! And in case you don't want to share your jams with anyone else, there is a headphone jack too. Finally, it's all wrapped up inside a cute blue carrying case. We are gonna have so much fun with this!

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I like to get my daughter stuff to play with that isn't necessarily toys and these Kaleidescape glasses were a big hit! They really are like looking through a Kaleidescape and aren't super disorienting to use even for prolonged periods of time, though I still wouldn't recommend using them for long periods anyway. They are actually a lot sturdier than I expected. They're heavy, but in a good way, and the frame is really strong. My 4 year old has dropped them a bunch of times and they're still in great condition. These would probably be really fun to take to a music festival or to a rave.

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The Infrared Baby Thermometer from BornStylist is quick and accurate! I am a traditional naturopathic doctor (at least that is one of the hats I wear) and I take a lot of temperatures, mostly of family, but also of clients if necessary during the assessment process. During my testing, I found this thermometer to be easy to use, with only 2 buttons, easy to hear beeps, a clear and brightly lit display, and the option to read a temperature from either the forehead or the ear. I found the readings to be very close to readings from a known-accuracy oral thermometer. The ability to use it as a forehead thermometer means you don't have to wake a sleeping child to get an oral temperature or mess with his ear if he has an ear infection (which is a common cause of fevers in young children). The thermometer comes complete with a cloth bag, batteries, and easy to understand instructions (though you will probably not need them -- this is really quite simple to operate). The less invasive options of ear and forehead as well as a quick read time (1 second for the forehead, about 4 seconds for the ear) make this perfect for young, sick or generally uncooperative children (or adults for that matter). I have no problem given this product my seal of approval!

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Bundle Tumble’s Baby Nasal Aspirator. I’ve had three children, and was a pediatric nurse, as well. Nothing makes you feel more helpless, as when your kids are sick. Especially when they are having trouble breathing due to congestion. The nasal bulb aspirators work, but, the are large, clumsy, and hard to use on little ones. I am loving this one from Bundle Tumble. This one is compatibly manual, but instead of trying to squeeze that large bulb, you just need to hold the tube up to the nostril, and then use your mouth to suck the mucous up through the tubing. There are filters in place, and there is not way you are going to get mucous into your mouth, lol. You will get 24 disposable filters with this aspirator. So, it should last you a while. Being able to get rid of the mucous not only allows your baby to breathe easier, but it can also help to prevent a nasal infection, by not letting the sinus cavities get clogged up with mucous, thus allowing bacteria to grow and fester. You can clean this unit by using hot soapy water. Or, if you have a microwave steamer bag, you can use that too, according the directions. Throw the filter away after use, as well. Overall, I am very pleased by this product. I’m so glad there are other options on the market now! This product is available here for purchase: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C5GC3QY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 #Ad #InvitedbyAGleam #Baby #Family #Health #SinusCongestion #Aspirator #IWasInvited

Looking for some fusion of desi and western food for lunch ,you could give a try to firangi bake with some great offerings

Had ordered the following two items for lunch today
- Tandoori Kukkad pot rice (Pic-4 ) - Corn and Pimento Lasagne ( Pic 2&3 )
The food arrived well before time ,nicely packed and looked quite promising

Tandoori Kukkad Pot rise - A More like chicken tikka biryani covered with layer of cheese ,the chicknes pieces were tender and the dish tasted absolutely delicious.... Corn and Pimento Lasagne...One of the best lasagne i had after goa , cheesy and quite superb in taste
All in all a good option for lunch , although found the qty to be on a lower size for my apetite and price not doing justice to the qty served 😋...foodies should try this out and let us know your experience 😋

Food 4/5
Packing /delivery - 5/5
Price 3/5
Overall experience _4/5
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Do you love camping? Do you go boating? Do you have dogs? Do you need a portable shower to take care of an elderly person? There are soooo many uses for this portable shower! It's so easy to set up and use. I was so excited when I got this yall! I couldn't wait to review it. I plugged it in for a few hours to charge and voila ready to use. You can use it for up to one hour per charge. Best thing is you can charge with the USB cord. Would be great for camping because of this. It comes with a pump that has a plastic part to keep water out on it. You turn it to unlock and pull it off. The only assembling you need to do is put a rubber washer in the shower head before you screw the hose on, and then put the hose end on the pump. It literally took 3 minutes to set up or less. I put some warm water in a tub and laid the pump on its side (works best when on side) I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of water pressure this little thing has. We are going to bring it on our boat with us and use it to wash dogs. If you need a portable shower this is the way to go. When I was a kid we used the big hanging bag with solar panels on it to warm the water. This is a lot better . Check it out here : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MTV3I9H


This baby thermometer from ProduTrend is quick and accurate and simple to use. There is a button for the forehead reading and one for the ear reading. Just a push of either button you are using and hold it down while either running it across your forehead or holding it in the ear. When using the ear option you twist off the end cap piece to expose the ear tip to use. Simply snap the end back on after using. The LED screen lights up and is easy to read. It comes with a soft bag to use for storage when not in use. It uses 2 AAA batteries that come with the thermometer. #IWasInvited #Sponsored #ProduTrend #Digital #Thermometer #baby

Bundle Tumble's Infrared Thermometer is the perfect thermometer for the family, especially if you have kids! Back in the day, BK, (before kids) we used to have a basic under the tongue thermometer. To be honest, I’m not sure we were even aware of forehead or ear thermometers. Then AK (after kids) we ended up getting every type of thermometer imaginable. Obviously we needed to do a rectal temp when the kids were tiny, but then we graduated to the ear thermometer. That was ok but we kept having to buy those little covers. Then we got the temporal thermometer but just because it cost a lot, didn’t mean it gave off an accurate reading. I felt like I was using both thermometers to see if they matched up. Such a pain! This Bundle Tumble is genius because it combines both temporal AND ear options, and with the infrared (that’s fda approved and safe to use on anyone) technology, we get a quick and accurate read every time! The display lights up bright enough to be able to see and there’s no annoying loud beeping, it’s just a simple beep after a second to let you know you’re done. You can change between F and C easily, and the simplicity of the 2 buttons means you don’t even have to be fully awake when someone needs to be checked in the middle of the night! I wish I would’ve had this when brought home the first babe, because my life would’ve been much easier! #IWasInvited #ad https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B077F4Y27B?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_yo_pop_mb_pd_t1

Kids = mess. It's a fact of life. And what once started out as a nice, clean tile floor is now kinda grungy looking, especially in the grout. This steamer by Produtrend and BornStylist is very simple to use and extremely effective! It came with an assortment of nozzle types to clean anything from windows and doors to upholstery, carpet, and tile. So pretty much anything! After filling it up, it took about 4 minutes to get heated to the correct temperature. I then attached the appropriate nozzle and aimed it at the grout. Push the button to emit the steam and just watch the grime blast out! It's noticeable in the pictures but they don't really do it justice. If you stood in my kitchen and saw where i had done it, you can TOTALLY see a huge difference between that spot and the other grout. I'm looking forward to using it on the bathroom tile and grout - make it stop smelling like pee in there! Lol

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Portable Handheld Steamer - 9 Attachments and Accessories - Pressurized, No Chemicals, Garment, Fabric and Surface Steam Cleaner - 12 ounces - Miracle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H2KYCVS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_6AkUkZYRw5Lbz

Chad grew up camping with Boy Scouts. He used to come all dirty and sweaty and his tent and shoes were filthy. I found the perfect solution. A portable shower. It’s runs on an ion lithium battery that can be charged at your computer or a car adapter, so it’s perfect to take with you anywhere. The battery will run for an hour so you can take a good shower. It’s also perfect for washing your dog outside, or those beach trips so you can wash the sand off your body and feet before getting in the car. We live in Florida so it’s perfect if a hurricane hits and you can’t use your own shower. It’s very light weight and portable. It comes with a suction cup and a hanger so you can set it up to use anywhere. It’s simple and easy to put together.
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I dont have any babies or toddlers left running around my house. But what I do have, are three teenage boys who act like toddlers and babies. They are always complaining about being sick, or not feeling well, and every time I try and take their temperature, they act even more like babies and toddlers because they have to keep the thermometer in their mouth without talking. This thing is super easy. Press and hold a button, run it across their whiney little foreheads, and I'm done. Literally 5 seconds and we have a temp. You can also pop the top off and use this in their ear too, which is great for babies and toddlers, not so much for teenage boys who probably haven't washed inside those things for weeks. Also comes with a handy carrying case. #iwasinvited #ad #thermometer #worksonbigbabiestoo

This is the coolest little record player. My mom was always playing records when I was younger and I wanted my kids to experience that as well. I picked this record player because it was light weight and easy to move. The carrying case looks like a small suitcase and keeps the player safe from damage and can be easily stored when not in use. It also can play in three speeds, has an adapter for 45 inch records and has built in speakers. I can move this player anywhere in the house, plug it in and we have an instant dance party. I bought a few records to start with and look forward to introducing my kids to older artists and music.
You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Portable-Turntable-Headphone-ProduTrend/dp/B01BLR8S3Q/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&ref=yo_pop_d_yo_pop_d_pd_t2

There’s nothing worse then trying to take your temperature when your nose is stopped up and you can’t breathe through it and you have to keep your mouth closed to keep a thermometer in your mouth to get an accurate reading and it takes about three minutes. I bought a new infrared thermometer that you can either swipe over your forehead or you can take the top cover off and put it in your ear. It only takes about one second and gives you an accurate temperature and you never have to put in your mouth. This is perfect for babies and children that won’t hold still. It uses three AAA batteries and those are included when you get it. You can tell by the sound of the ring and flashing light if you have a fever or not. It keeps the last 20 temperatures in memory, so no more having to write it down to keep track. It’s light weight and portable and so easy to use you can take a baby or child’s temperature while they are sleeping. It also has a back light so you can read it in the dark. To swipe over the forehead you press the button that says head and swipe. To use the ear, you remove the cover and press ear and put it in the ear canal. It’s very easy to wipe clean after use. It comes in an easy to carry draw string case. It’s called a Bumble Tumble Infrared Thermometer. Best thermometer I’ve used. This is the link to order one. https://smile.amazon.com/Baby-Thermometer-Fever-Forehead-Temperature/dp/B077F4Y27B/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1526962719&sr=8-1&keywords=Bumble+tumble+thermometer

I know everyone hears the words nasal aspirator and either wonders what it is or says eww. 🤢 I used to look at these things as nasty but they truly work. All three of my kids suffer from nasal congestion or sinus infections. I have tried the bulb things you take home from the hospital but they are hard to clean out and don't really work well. This one can be taken apart to be cleaned or soaked and also provides a larger area for suction.

This nose aspirator works quickly and is really easy to use. The small red part goes in your mouth to create suction and purple part goes in the base of the nose. I personally suck in deep to only have to do it once or twice. It's comfortable for them and it really feels like they're just blowing their nose with your assistance. Yes, contrary to what everybody hears it does come with a filter!
I highly recommended it if you have a child that is 6 years old and under that cannot blow their own nose.

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I have not owned a record player in eons! I saw this one and just couldn’t resist! It has a built in battery that will run for four hours, plus you can use the cord to both charge and play when it’s not charged. It also has auxiliary in so you can hook up your phone and play digital tunes. The back (see pic) also has line in and out so you can hook up to larger speakers or your surround sound or whatever to make it louder or part of your entertainment system. Also has a headphone port. No Bluetooth on this baby, we’re keeping it old school. Will play 3 sizes of records, has auto play and auto stop. 20 watt speakers with really good sound! My favorite part— it all closes up nice and snug in a little turquoise suitcase! I am so in love. And so are my daughters who are already fighting over it because I forgot to hide it before they came home lol. That all being said now that I have it I totally can’t find my record stash!! So there is a video on here, playing a book on record from like 1975 because those are the only records I can find in my house at the moment. Laugh it up but it still proves the speakers are good and that it can play a vintage record😜. #iwasinvited #sponsered #record #recordplayer #oldschool #greatsound #produtrend #gottafindmorerecords https://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Portable-Turntable-Headphone-ProduTrend/dp/B01BLR8S3Q

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