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The photos are in, and the vacation envy is in full effect. Here's our top pick from the Iced Coffee + Nature photo project! #StarbucksOnIce #IWantToGoToThere Regram: @lbtoma

It's important to know your peaceful place. Mine's right here and I got to go there today. #serenitynow #iwanttogotothere #notsosecretsecretspot

um can we has summer now plz


When I find things like this, I think to myself, "This was made just for me.". And then I think that no matter how normal everything looks on the other side, it's really a magical land where brownies have the nutritional value of broccoli, but i just can't see it until I cross the threshold. Then I think, "This is gonna be so great!!" Also... I'm not really interested in changing any of my thoughts on this issue. #brownies #magic #iwanttogotothere

#oneofthosedays #allofthefeels #iwanttogotothere #mentalhealth #keepbreathing 💜
#Repost @nois7
✨All my dreams and all the lights mean nothing without you.

Yesterday's #SoulCareWednesdays included a trip to the @thedallasarboretum with my best friend @moniq246. I am so rested from seeing this magical garden come to life in the spring. I have NEVER seen tulips this big before in my life. Also in bloom were the cherry blossoms, azaleas and pansies. I kept over 200 of the good pictures. Fantastic day!!!! #iwanttogotothere #botanicalgardens #dallasbotanicalgarden #ladybugsighting🐞

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